Adobe Spark Video Free Video and Course Creation Tool

Create Motion Graphics Videos Fast And Free With Adobe Spark Video an Apple Device or the Web.
Adobe Spark Video Free Video and Course Creation Tool
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Paulo Andrade, Ph.D.


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Adobe Spark Video Free Video and Course Creation Tool

What you’ll learn

Create professional courses, in video, quickly and efficiently, using Adobe Spark Video.
Create exciting educational videos, holding the attention of your students.
Create explainer and marketing videos to captivate your customers.
Create fun videos to teach things to your children or share stories with your friends.
Share your videos as public or private links.
Master all the features and functionalities of Adobe Spark Video.

Adobe Spark Video Free Video and Course Creation Tool


Download Adobe Spark Video in the App Store or acess Adobe Spark website


This course uses the latest version of Adobe Spark Video (previous know as Adobe Voice).
All the videos in this course were created using Adobe Spark Video, a free IPad, IPhone App from Adobe. Spark Video is also a Web Tool. Videos are coming !
No more beautiful and boring presentations. Create dynamic and attractive videos, narrated or not, easily and quickly using only your iPad / IPhone and Adobe Spark Video (Free!).
Create videos in Adobe Spark Video is faster than creating presentations using PowerPoint or Keynote!
Create Videos or Whole Courses To:
Help in online or face to face classes;Explain something;Introduce products and services;Present ideas;And much more!

Why use videos instead of traditional presentations?
People consume videos daily in TV ads, on billboards in shopping malls, for fun (YouTube) and even to study!Videos can be easily published on the Internet, allowing your students or clients to watch the videos as many times as they wish, and anywhere.The mix of sound and moving images improves the retention of information.Good videos are engaging.
With this course, anyone can learn to create videos!
Unlike traditional presentation tools, Adobe Spark Video is designed to create videos fast and without the complexity of tools like PowerPoint or Keynote. With Adobe Voice, the whole process is simplified so that you can focus on the content and the message.
Objectives and Course Content
In this course, you will learn how to plan and create videos and entire courses, quickly and efficiently, using only your iPad / IPhone and Adobe Spark Video. You can create your videos wherever you are.
In addition to cover all Adobe Spark Video´s features, this course guides you on how to plan your videos and courses using a methodology that fosters speed. Adobe Spark Video itself was designed for speed.
This course also provides guidance on the various ways to share your videos. You can even create your own YouTube Channel!
IMPORTANT! You are not alone on this journey, use the Discussion feature to ask me questions. I will help you on this journey to transform your content in interesting and enjoyable videos. And I included exercises for you to try and share.


Section 1: Welcome to the course! If you want to cut to the chase, you can go to section 4

Lecture 1 Five reasons to use Spark Video to create educational and promotional videos

Lecture 2 What do you need in order to create videos using Adobe Spark Video

Lecture 3 Explaining the sections of this course

Lecture 4 Who I am and how I can help you

Lecture 5 Introduce yourself. I wanna know how can I help you

Section 2: How to plan the creation of a course at light speed using Adobe Voice

Lecture 6 Step 1: Define the course focus and objectives

Lecture 7 Step 2: Pencil and paper in hand, you will create the mind map of your course!

Lecture 8 Step 3: Create the Advanced, Special and Bonus Topics of your course

Lecture 9 Learning Activity: Planning a course

Section 3: How to plan the creation of videos at light speed using Adobe Voice

Lecture 10 What are the keywords associated with your video?

Lecture 11 Creating the script of your video

Lecture 12 Short videos are better! Do not pass the 5 minutes rule

Lecture 13 Learning Activity: Plan a Video

Section 4: Using Adobe Sark Video. Interface and Key Features

Lecture 14 Main Options: Settings, Explore and Projects

Lecture 15 Creating a “Story”

Lecture 16 How to include icons, images and text

Lecture 17 Managing Pages, the Page Layout and its contents

Lecture 18 How to change the theme and the background music of your Story

Lecture 19 Font and Color Customization options for all Themes

Lecture 20 How to customize the theme of your Story

Lecture 21 Learning Activity: Create a Story

Section 5: How to record great audio for Adobe Spark Video

Lecture 22 How to record high quality audio using only the IPad

Lecture 23 Learning Activity: Record your Voice

Section 6: Sharing and exporting your videos

Lecture 24 How to share or export your video

Lecture 25 Learning Activity: Publish and share your Story

Lecture 26 Final Words

Section 7: Answers to Students Questions

Lecture 27 Copyright

Section 8: Bonus Section

Lecture 28 Simple

Lecture 29 Wander

Lecture 30 Dayglow

Lecture 31 Flight

Lecture 32 Watercolor

Lecture 33 Swing

Lecture 34 Snap

Lecture 35 Slideshow

Lecture 36 Signal

Lecture 37 Geometric

Lecture 38 Spotlight

Lecture 39 Colorful

Lecture 40 Lights

Lecture 41 Blueprint

Lecture 42 Chalk

Lecture 43 Film

Lecture 44 Playful

Lecture 45 Ginger

Lecture 46 Valencia

Lecture 47 Argyle

Lecture 48 Candy

Lecture 49 Satin

Lecture 50 Schoolbook

Lecture 51 Da Vinci

Lecture 52 Opportunity

Lecture 53 Relaxed

Lecture 54 Bullseye

Lecture 55 Impact

Lecture 56 Tradition

Lecture 57 Vivid

Lecture 58 Grunge

Lecture 59 Technical

This course was designed for all the people who wants to create high-quality videos, but do not have time, money or expertise to do this.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 38m | 710.93 MB
Created by: Paulo Andrade, Ph.D.

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