Adobe XD Mega Course User Experience Design

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Adobe XD Mega Course User Experience Design
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Adobe XD Mega Course User Experience Design

What you’ll learn

Everything About Adobe XD and Ui Design
Basics of XD Design Mode
Basics of XD Prototype Mode
Adobe XD Advanced Techniques
How To Use XD Professionally
How to Make professional Mobile App UI
How to Make professional Website UI

Adobe XD Mega Course User Experience Design


Adobe XD 2020 and Above And A Computer


Hi everyone welcome to Adobe XD mega course.Before I jump into the details of the course I want to quickly tell what adobe xd is used for.Adobe XD is a simple easy to use application dedicated to UI UX design we can call it user interface or user? basically, we use adobe xd to design mobile apps and websitesJust like our other mega courses this course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to advanced level in UI design.This course is divided into 4 main parts, basics of design mode, basics of prototype mode, advanced technique and finally working with real projects.In the design mode basics. We will start with downloading Adobe XD and installing then we will open it for the first time.I will show you how to work with artboards, shape tools line tools, I will teach you how to use text tools, how to use images easily and effectively. After that, we will cover alignment tools and boolean operations. Then I will show you how to work with components and assets inside XD. later, we will cover a very exciting feature in XD which is a repeat grid. After that, we will cover responsive resize I will show how to use it and how to get an advantage from it for your designs. The last thing we will cover some free Plugins, we will cover the most useful ones. When you finish this part you will have a complete understanding of Adobe XD design tools, you will be ready to use what you have learnt to create some professional design. Together we are going to design two screens of a finance app, we will use all that we learnt in the design mode basics part.After we covered and practised everything about design mode we will move to the prototype model. We will start with the basics and then we will cover all of the tools and settings in the prototype mode. We will cover time transition, component states, scrolling groups, overly animation, drag animation, sound, voice and keyboard triggers and much more. At the end we will cover an exciting prototype feature which is auto animate, we are going to animate the design we made in the design part with auto animate.After we covered both design and prototype mode we will cover some advanced techniques. Like 3D transform and animation, Glassmorphisms, input prototype, scroll number scroll colours.At the end of the course, we are going to create two projects together, the first one is a website homepage for a financial company, we will create it from scratch, we will start with the brainstorming and written form then we will design and prototype it.The second project will be an e-commerce app, we will start this one from the brainstorming to the design and then to prototyping.After you finish this course you will have a full understanding of Ui design and Adobe XD. You will be ready to use Adobe XD effectively and professionally. You will be ready to start your carrier with UI design.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Facebook Group

Lecture 3 Difference between UI and UX designer

Section 2: Basics Of XD Design Mode

Lecture 4 Basics – Design Mode

Lecture 5 Download Adobe XD, First time opening it

Lecture 6 Working with Artboards

Lecture 7 Working with Shapes and Lines

Lecture 8 Working With Text

Lecture 9 Working With Images

Lecture 10 Alignment Tools & Boolean Operations

Lecture 11 Assets & Components

Lecture 12 Repeat Grid

Lecture 13 Responsive Resize

Lecture 14 Plugins

Section 3: Design Mode Homework

Lecture 15 Finance App Homework

Lecture 16 Background and Credit Card Design

Lecture 17 Buttons And The Rest Of The Screen Design

Lecture 18 Second Screen Design

Section 4: Basics of XD Prototype Mode

Lecture 19 Everything About Prototyping

Lecture 20 Basics and Time Transition

Lecture 21 Component States

Lecture 22 Overlay, Scroll and Drag Prototype

Lecture 23 Voice, Sound, Gamepad Key Prototype

Lecture 24 Auto Animate

Lecture 25 Prototype Homework

Section 5: Some Advanced Techniques

Lecture 26 Some Advanced Techniques

Lecture 27 Color & Number Scroll Effect

Lecture 28 Character Input Prototype

Lecture 29 Glassmorphism

Lecture 30 3D Transform and Prototype

Lecture 31 Advanced Section Homework

Section 6: Wallet X Website Design

Lecture 32 Wallet X Website UI

Lecture 33 Menu Bar and BG

Lecture 34 Landing Page P1

Lecture 35 Landing Page P2

Lecture 36 Benefits

Lecture 37 Credit Card And More

Lecture 38 Prototype

Section 7: E- Commerce Mobile App

Lecture 39 E Commerce App

Lecture 40 Onboarding screen design

Lecture 41 Login and Signup Screen Design

Lecture 42 Nike Home Screen Design P1

Lecture 43 Nike Home Screen Design P2

Lecture 44 Puma & Adidas Home Screen Design

Lecture 45 Single Product Preview Design

Lecture 46 Favourite Screen Design

Lecture 47 Profile Screen Design

Lecture 48 My Cart Screen Design

Lecture 49 Search Screen Design

Lecture 50 Prototype – Onboarding, Sign in & Sign up

Lecture 51 Prototype – Scrolling Effect

Lecture 52 Prototype – Single Product Preview

Lecture 53 Prototype – Between Nike, Adidas and Puma Screens

Lecture 54 Prototype – Favorites Screen

Lecture 55 Prototype – Profile Screen

Lecture 56 Prototype – My Cart Screen

Lecture 57 Prototype – Search And Finalize

Lecture 58 Prototype – Running your App on Mobile

Section 8: End

Lecture 59 End

Beginner who wants to start their UI design carrier and Advanced who want to expand their knowledge in UI Design

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 42m | 4.03 GB
Created by: Alan Ayoubi

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