Adult Learning and Instructional Design Models for Trainers

Essential Adult learning principles for Training Design
Adult Learning and Instructional Design Models for Trainers
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Adult Learning and Instructional Design Models for Trainers

What you’ll learn

How to analyze your audience effectively to tailor your program to their expectations?
Start your training with a clear purpose which your audience relates to
Structure your training in accordance with the moods and energy levels
Assess the length of content to be delivered scientifically
Use the experiential model of delivery to make your learners remain engaged in your training
Assess the outcomes and continuously improve your training

Adult Learning and Instructional Design Models for Trainers


Any trainer or wanna be trainers can take this course


This course focuses on explaining Adult Learning Principles and why it is important to use these while designing training programmes. It also explains varied Learning Styles and Instructional Design Models to help apply Adult Learning Principles in training design. The course takes you through practical implications of adult learning learning and helps you to use appropriate instructional design models to plan training, choose learning delivery options and to predict sharper learning outcomes.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Tutor Profile

Lecture 3 Career in Instruction Design ILT Course

Lecture 4 About this course

Lecture 5 Critical elements of Training effectiveness

Lecture 6 Learning Effectiveness

Section 2: Understanding Adult Learning

Lecture 7 Adult Learning Principles

Lecture 8 Motivating the Adult Learner

Lecture 9 Tools of Transformative learning

Lecture 10 Adult Learning-Training Execution

Section 3: Theories of Instructional Design

Lecture 11 Theories and their role in Instructional Design for Adult Learning

Lecture 12 Behaviourism Theory of Learning

Lecture 13 Applying behaviorist thought in Training

Lecture 14 Cognitivism Theory of Learning

Lecture 15 Application of Cognitivism

Lecture 16 Constructivism Theory of Learning

Lecture 17 Applying Constructivism in Adult Learning

Lecture 18 Connectivism Theory of Learning

Section 4: Instructional Design in Adult Learning

Lecture 19 Planning Training

Lecture 20 Use cases for Instructional Design in Adult Learning

Lecture 21 Training Methods with effective Instructional Design

Lecture 22 Using Technology to enhance learning

Section 5: Models of Instructional Design

Lecture 23 Bloom’s Taxonomy and Instructional Design

Lecture 24 Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to write Learning Objectives

Lecture 25 ADDIE Model

Lecture 26 Dick and Carey Model

Lecture 27 Gagne’s Nine Events of Learning

Lecture 28 KEMP Model

Lecture 29 SAM Model

Lecture 30 ARCS Theory of Learner Motivation

Lecture 31 Understanding by Design Model

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 32 How to choose the theories and models for use?

Lecture 33 Evaluating the effectiveness of training

Beginner, intermediate level trainers, experienced trainers who wish to add a scientific basis to their training

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Created by: Shanath Kumar

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