ADVANCED 90 Second INSTANT Manifestation Course Certificate

Apply My 5 ADVANCED SKILLS To My Proven Technique To Become a SUPER MANIFESTOR
ADVANCED 90 Second INSTANT Manifestation Course Certificate
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Marc Wynn


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ADVANCED 90 Second INSTANT Manifestation Course Certificate

What you’ll learn

A manifestation technique that can be tested (SELF-VERIFICATION) so you know it works
5 ADVANCED SKILLS that turbo charge your manifestations into something special
How manifestation works at a spiritual level AND how you can tap into this super power
5 Reasons why manifestations fail because people BLOCK them from working
6 Principles you require to be a SUPER MANIFESTOR
Proven exercises and a daily practise to implement everything you have learnt

ADVANCED 90 Second INSTANT Manifestation Course Certificate


A desire to achieve more in your life – that’s it 🙂


WELCOME TO A LIFE CHANGING MANIFESTATION COURSE … SERIOUSLY IT IS !!                         If you have ever wanted a super power the best one is to be able to think about something and it happens.                                That is called MANIFESTATION and it is a SUPER POWER and is what YOU learn in this course.Everything in this ADVANCED course is based on my personal knowledge and experience.[As opposed to other courses that repeat the same old nonsense].I created this ADVANCED COURSE because I have 1,000’s of 5 star reviews for my earlier manifestation course and my students said they wanted to learn EXTRA SPECIAL SKILLS that allowed them to become SUPER MANIFESTORS.                                             Now YOU can become a SUPER MANIFESTOR TOO !This ADVANCED course INCLUDES 5 ADVANCED MANIFESTATION SKILLS that TURBO charge the manifestations to help make them happen. BOOM 🙂 Other courses are ‘intellectual knowledge’ because you learn something. My course is ‘SELF-VERIFIED KNOWLEDGE’ , which means you get to TEST everything I say and therefore KNOW that my stuff works.                         >>>>>>>>>> This is important and is why so many people love my work <<<<<<<<<<<<<


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: What Is Manifestation?

Lecture 2 Definition of Manifestation

Lecture 3 Two Types Of Manifestation

Lecture 4 5 Reason’s Why Manifestations Fail : Reason #1

Lecture 5 5 Reason’s Why Manifestations Fail : Reason #2

Lecture 6 5 Reason’s Why Manifestations Fail : Reason #3

Lecture 7 5 Reason’s Why Manifestations Fail : Reason #4

Lecture 8 5 Reason’s Why Manifestations Fail : Reason #5

Lecture 9 Why Visualisations Are A Waste Of Time

Lecture 10 Why Your Thoughts Must Be Organised

Lecture 11 Exercise : Pyramid

Section 3: Essential Knowledge

Lecture 12 Spiritual Knowledge

Lecture 13 Who Controls Your Life

Lecture 14 Exercise : Control

Lecture 15 Two Types Of Thoughts

Lecture 16 Universal Laws

Lecture 17 Your Life Is A Movie

Lecture 18 The Biggest SECRET

Lecture 19 Exercise : What Excites You?

Section 4: What 6 Things Make Manifestation Work

Lecture 20 Knowing What You Want Already Exists

Lecture 21 Being In Control Of Your Life

Lecture 22 Being Excited About Your Life

Lecture 23 Physical Doors

Lecture 24 Being Awake

Lecture 25 Ignoring The Thing That You Want

Lecture 26 Exercise : How Does It Feel?

Section 5: The Manifestation Technique

Lecture 27 The Technique

Lecture 28 What Stops The Technique From Working

Section 6: ADVANCED Skills

Lecture 29 Everything Is About Your Spiritual Connection and Skill 1 : Concentration

Lecture 30 Skill 2 : Observation

Lecture 31 Skill 3 : Control

Lecture 32 Skill 4 : Excited

Lecture 33 Skill 5 : Spiritual Connection

Section 7: Putting Everything Into Practice

Lecture 34 Complete All Exercises

Lecture 35 Practice 5 Skills

Lecture 36 Daily Recognition

Section 8: Summary

Lecture 37 Summary

This course is for everyone who has an open spiritual mind and wants to know the truth about manifesting their thoughts.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 49m | 4.99 GB
Created by: Marc Wynn

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