Advanced AC Drive VFD Servo Stepper Powerflex Delta

Learn programming and PLC Interfacing of Allen Bradley & Delta AC Drives – VFD and Servo by LIVE Examples
Advanced AC Drive VFD Servo Stepper Powerflex Delta
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Advanced AC Drive VFD Servo Stepper Powerflex Delta

What you’ll learn

To program the VFD and Servo with customize parameter suitable to the application
To design turn key circuit for VFD’s and Servo Drives
To interface VFD’s and Servo with PLC for intelligent operation

Advanced AC Drive VFD Servo Stepper Powerflex Delta




This course will teach you to step by step How to Install & program AC Drives i.e. VFD- Variable Frequency Drives and Servo Drives in any control system. AC Drives are used to control the Speed, Operation, Torque & direction of the Motor.  This course includes High-Quality AC Drive Video Tutorial on various Programming parameter which makes the motor control Operation Intelligent. We have made an explanation by Real-Time LIVE Camera & Designing Software to understand the concept clearly.  Course Outline  Learn how to wire the VFDLearn how to select various modes of VFDLearn how to write Parameters on the VFDHow to connect I/O to the VFD for frequency control Reading feedback from the VFD as Analog outputLearn how to control VFD using Analog I/Os of PLCLearn how to control Servo drive using high-speed outputs from PLCLearn how to control Stepper drive using high-speed outputs from PLCIncludes PresentationsVFD and Servo Circuit Diagrams  Explanation of PLC programming to control VFDUsed Ladder logic as PLC Programming languagePLC-VFD and PLC- Servo Interfacing ExamplesHardware which is covered in this course are:  Delta PLC 14SSDelta PLC Analog cardsAllen Bradley PLC Micrologix 1400Allen Bradley PLC Analog I/OsDelta VFD M Series    Allen Bradley- Powerflex 4MDelta B Series Servo driveStandard Stepper drive and motorCircuit diagrams & Manuals are added in the supplement material. For any help, pop me a question! 


Section 1: Understanding VFD & Start up Parameters

Lecture 1 Understanding VFD- Variable Freq. Drive

Lecture 2 Selecting the source of VFD

Lecture 3 Selecting the source of Operation in VFD

Lecture 4 Join our student community

Section 2: Auxiliary Parameters in VFD

Lecture 5 Acceleration & Deceleration Time Setting in VFD

Lecture 6 Jog Mode of Operation in VFD

Lecture 7 How to select the Multiple Sources of Frequency in VFD

Lecture 8 How to Disable the Reverse Operation of Motor?

Lecture 9 How to Secure/Lock your Parameter?

Lecture 10 Multi-step Speed Commands in VFD

Lecture 11 Updates in Industrial Internet of Things

Section 3: Internal PLC Mode Operation in VFD

Lecture 12 Internal PLC Mode – I

Lecture 13 Internal PLC Mode- II & III

Lecture 14 Internal PLC Mode- Direction Control

Lecture 15 Join our Telegram group

Section 4: Other Special Parameters in VFD

Lecture 16 Acceleration & Deceleration Time 2 & Speed Inhibit

Lecture 17 How to Bound the Frequency of Drive (Upper Bound & Lower Bound Function)

Lecture 18 How to Reset the External Fault in Drive?

Lecture 19 Internal Counter of VFD

Lecture 20 How to change External Control of VFD?

Section 5: VFD Feedback Signals

Lecture 21 VFD Operational Feedback (ON/OFF) – How to read Feedback in PLC

Lecture 22 How to read VFD Fault Feedback?

Lecture 23 Reading feedback of getting Desired Frequency in VFD

Section 6: VFD Biasing – Voltage & Frequency Curves

Lecture 24 VFD Biasing Introduction

Lecture 25 Exercise 1: Biasing the Frequency

Lecture 26 Exercise 2: Biasing the Frequency with Pot. Freq. Gain

Lecture 27 Exercise 3: How to Double the Pot. Freq Gain?

Lecture 28 Exercise 4: Biasing the Voltage

Lecture 29 Exercise 5: Biasing the Voltage with Pot. Freq. Gain

Lecture 30 Exercise 6: Controlling Frequency (0 ~ 50Hz) by 5V ~ 10V signal

Lecture 31 Exercise 7: Using full Pot. Scale to Control Speed, Operation & Dir. of Motor

Lecture 32 Delta VFD Synchronization with Analog Output Gain Setting

Lecture 33 PLC-VFD Modbus Example

Lecture 34 PLC- VFD MODBUS Communication Presentation

Lecture 35 HMI-VFD Modbus Communication

Lecture 36 Delta VFD Circuit Diagram

Section 7: VFD Supported Documents & Supplementary material

Lecture 37 VFD- Delta M Series User Manual

Lecture 38 Allen Bradley VFD Presentation for Download

Lecture 39 Delta VFD Presentation for Download

Section 8: VFD Questionnaire with Solutions

Lecture 40 VFD Test 1

Lecture 41 VFD Test 2

Section 9: Allen Bradley VFD- Powerflex 4M Video Tutorials

Lecture 42 Understanding the VFD- Power Flex 4M

Lecture 43 Understanding the Wiring & Circuit Diagram

Lecture 44 How to Reset the Drive & Enter Start up Parameters

Section 10: Allen Bradley VFD- Various Source of Operation

Lecture 45 How to Run the Drive from Local Keypad

Lecture 46 Programming the Drive for 3 Wire Control Mode

Lecture 47 Source of Operation- 2 Wire Control

Lecture 48 Stop Methods in VFD

Section 11: Allen Bradley VFD – Various Sources of Speed

Lecture 49 How to change the Speed from Drive Pot?

Lecture 50 Internal Frequency Speed source

Lecture 51 How to use 0 ~ 10 VDC to change the speed?

Lecture 52 Using 4 Present Frequencies to change the speed

Section 12: Acceleration & Deceleration Time Settings

Lecture 53 Acc./Dec. Time 1 (Default)

Lecture 54 Acc./Dec. Time 2 (Conditional)

Section 13: Auxiliary Functions in VFD

Lecture 55 Jog Mode in VFD

Lecture 56 How to switch to Local Control (Start/Stop/Speed from VFD Buttons) Immediately

Lecture 57 Auxiliary Fault in VFD

Lecture 58 How to Override 0 ~ 10 VDC in VFD (Conditional)

Section 14: VFD Scaling – Playing with Voltage & Frequency Curves

Lecture 59 Introduction to Scaling – Example of Frequency Scaling

Lecture 60 Voltage Bias Exercise -2

Lecture 61 Voltage Bias Exercise- 3

Section 15: Feedback Signals in VFD

Lecture 62 How to read Feedback Signals from VFD?

Section 16: VFD Wrap Up

Lecture 63 Allen Bradley VFD Circuit Diagram

Lecture 64 Allen Bradley Powerflex 4M Slides

Section 17: Introduction to Servo Driver and Motor

Lecture 65 Introduction to Servo Motor and Drive

Lecture 66 Circuit – Simple Motor Control Circuit

Lecture 67 Understanding Servo Wiring, Pin Configuration, PC Communication and Strart up

Lecture 68 Auto Tuning in Servo

Lecture 69 How to Turn ON Servo.

Section 18: Velocity Control Mode in Servo

Lecture 70 Understanding Wiring and Programming- Running Servo in FWD/REV by 0 ~ 10VDC

Lecture 71 Circuit – Servo Velocity Mode

Lecture 72 Circuit for Forward/Reverse Motion in Velocity Control Mode

Lecture 73 Circuit Diagrams for Forward/ Reverse 1

Lecture 74 Circuit Diagrams for Forward/ Reverse 2

Lecture 75 Analog Scaling in Velocity Control Mode

Lecture 76 Internal Velocity Control Mode in Servo

Lecture 77 Circuit – Servo Internal Velocity Mode

Lecture 78 Understanding Acceleration and Deceleration Time

Section 19: Servo Position Control Mode via High Speed PLC Output

Lecture 79 Understanding the Wiring and Parameter

Lecture 80 Circuit – Servo Position Mode

Lecture 81 Example 1: ON/OFF control using PLC

Lecture 82 Example 2: ON/OFF and Direction control using PLC

Lecture 83 Example 3: Understanding servo feedback bit to make loop of logic

Lecture 84 Example 4: Indexing of Servo at 45 degree with time delay

Lecture 85 Example 5: Indexing of Servo at 45 degree using Sensor

Lecture 86 Example 6: Indexing of Servo at 90 degree FWD and REVERSE

Lecture 87 Example 7: Indexing at different Position and direction in loop

Section 20: Servo Dual Control Mode

Lecture 88 Programming and Wiring the driver for Dual Mode Control

Lecture 89 Dual Mode (Position/ Velocity) Example

Lecture 90 Circuit – Servo Dual Mode – Position and Velocity

Section 21: Servo Torque Control Mode – Wiring Programming and Example

Lecture 91 Understanding Torque Control mode using 0 ~ 10 VDC

Lecture 92 Circuit – Servo Torque Mode

Lecture 93 Internal Torque Control Mode in Servo Drive

Lecture 94 Circuit – Servo Internal Torque Mode

Section 22: Digital Output Feedback Signal in Servo

Lecture 95 Digital Output – Servo Ready Feedback

Lecture 96 Digital Output – Servo ON Feedback

Lecture 97 Digital Output – Zero Speed Feedback

Section 23: Digital Input Auxilary Signal

Lecture 98 Digital Input – SERVO ON

Lecture 99 Digital Input – Command Inverse – Running Servo in Reverse Direction

Lecture 100 Digital Input – Pulse Inhibit Input

Lecture 101 Digital Input – CWL and CCWL – Limiting the position at Fwd/Rev Direction

Lecture 102 Digital Input – Emergency and Alarm Reset Function

Lecture 103 Circuit – Digital Input/Output Signal

Section 24: AC Drive – Wrap Up

Lecture 104 Presentation of AC Servo Drives

Lecture 105 Servo Drive Manual

Lecture 106 Servo Questionnaire 1 Solved

Lecture 107 Servo Questionnaire 2 Solved

Section 25: Stepper Motor Control

Lecture 108 Introduction to Stepper Drive and Motor

Lecture 109 Basic Stepper motor control – ON/OFF using PLC PWM output

Lecture 110 Controlling the position of stepper motor using DPLSY

Lecture 111 Indexing of Stepper motor using DPLSY

Lecture 112 Stepper Motor Control using PLC and HMI

Section 26: Course related Project Reports

Lecture 113 How to save the course via Mobile application?

Lecture 114 How to download Udemy Certificate?

Lecture 115 Congratulation and Bonus

Maintenance Technician,Application Engineers,PLC Programmers

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Created by: Rajvir Singh

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