Advanced Arduino and Python Programming Interface Apps

Learn to Develop Interfaces for Arduino and Embedded Systems!
Advanced Arduino and Python Programming Interface Apps
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Advanced Arduino and Python Programming Interface Apps

What you’ll learn

Creation of Interfaces,
Using varios sensors and components with Arduino,
Controlling port of computers,
Serial communication between Python and Arduino and
Data transfer to interfaces,

Advanced Arduino and Python Programming Interface Apps


Work hard,
Tenacity and


Hello,With the “Advanced Arduino and Python Programming: Interface Apps” course, we will learn how to develop our own interfaces, how to control the port of our computer, how to communicate embedded systems and Arduino with the interfaces we have created. The course content was created step by step, without boring the student. First, we will learn our basic information, and then we will communicate the Arduino and Python programming language. Afterwards, we will control the components connected to the Arduino together with the Python programming language and display the sensor data in the Python programming language. Moreover, we will create our own interfaces and control the components connected to the Arduino board with the interfaces we have created. In addition, we will create both Arduino codes and Python codes of 2 different advanced projects together in the course. Let’s learn about the projects.Advanced Project 1: Relay Control InterfaceDescriptionTogether with you, we will learn to connect a relay to the Arduino board and develop a project where we can turn our relay on and off with the interface we have created. Thus, we will learn to assign various tasks to the button in the interface we have created.Advanced Project 2: Sensor Information InterfaceExplanationTogether with you, we will learn the use of DHT-11 and Rain sensors and display the data on these sensors in the interface we have created. We will instantly display the temperature, humidity and rain data in the sensor on our interface.Welcome to our way of developing ourselves and writing code on the technologies of the future.”Continuity in work conquers all difficulties.” -Anthony TrollopeLearn by coding!Regards,Yılmaz ALACA


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Python?

Lecture 3 Requirement Modules

Lecture 4 Installation of Python

Lecture 5 Installation of VSCode

Lecture 6 What is Arduino?

Lecture 7 Installation of Arduino IDE

Lecture 8 Installation Libraries to Arduino

Section 2: Serial Communication -1

Lecture 9 Installation of Module

Lecture 10 Serial Port Definitions

Lecture 11 Method to Send Data

Lecture 12 Extra -1 (Serial Port)

Section 3: Project 1: Controlling LED Using Python

Lecture 13 Python Codes

Lecture 14 Circuit Diagram

Lecture 15 Arduino Codes

Lecture 16 Result of Project 1

Section 4: Project 2: Getting Datas from Arduino to Python

Lecture 17 Python Codes

Lecture 18 Arduino Codes

Lecture 19 Result of Project 2

Section 5: Project 3: Getting Datas of Sensor from Arduino to Python

Lecture 20 Python Codes

Lecture 21 Circuit Diagram

Lecture 22 Arduino Codes

Lecture 23 Result of Project 3

Section 6: Creation of Interface

Lecture 24 Installation of Module

Lecture 25 Creating a Interface Window

Lecture 26 Shapes -1 (Line)

Lecture 27 Shapes -2 (Circle and Rectangle)

Lecture 28 Example (Shapes)

Lecture 29 Changing Background Color of Window

Lecture 30 Adding Logo or Icon Images to the Interface

Lecture 31 Adding Background Image to the Interface

Lecture 32 Printing Text (Reaching Default Fonts)

Lecture 33 Printing Text -1 (Default Fonts)

Lecture 34 Printing Text -2 (External Fonts)

Section 7: Project 4: Creating an Interface to Display Arduino Data

Lecture 35 Python Codes -1 (Definitons)

Lecture 36 Python Codes -2 (Interface Loop)

Lecture 37 Arduino Codes

Lecture 38 Result of Project 4

Section 8: Project 5: Creating a Button

Lecture 39 Mouse Operations

Lecture 40 Python Codes -1

Section 9: Extra

Lecture 41 Keyboard Controls

Lecture 42 Background Music

Section 10: Advanced Project 6: Relay Control Interface

Lecture 43 Introduction: Advanced Project 6

Lecture 44 Circuit Diagram

Lecture 45 Python Codes -1 (Definitions)

Lecture 46 Python Codes -2 (Interface Loop)

Lecture 47 Arduino Codes

Lecture 48 Result of Project 6

Section 11: Extra -2

Lecture 49 DHT-11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Lecture 50 Rain Sensor

Section 12: Advanced Project 7: Sensor Information Interface

Lecture 51 Introduction: Advanced Project 7

Lecture 52 Circuit Diagram

Lecture 53 Python Codes -1 (Definitions)

Lecture 54 Python Codes -2 (Interface Loop)

Lecture 55 Python Codes -3 (Interface Loop)

Lecture 56 Arduino Codes

Lecture 57 Result of Project 7

Those who want to develop gui with Python,,Those who want to develop interface with Python,,Those who want to learn serial communication between Python and Arduino,,Those who want to control Arduino with Python,,Those who want to control port of computers,,Those who want to transfer data to interfaces and,Engineering students (CE, IE, EEE and etc.)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 43m | 1.47 GB
Created by: Yılmaz Alaca

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