Advanced Close Combat Training Scientific Self Defense

How To “Download” the world’s deadliest self defense moves directly into your brain.
Advanced Close Combat Training Scientific Self Defense
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Advanced Close Combat Training Scientific Self Defense

What you’ll learn

A scientifically proven way (discovered by Isaac Newton) to hit with more force and pressure. (Regardless of your size or speed now.)
A military “insider” secret way to deflect knife, bat or gun attacks using just the edge of your hand.
The one-and-only-proven-effective way (straight out of “Dracula”) to get someone who pins you to the ground to jump off you like a frog out of boiling water!
How to cripple someone twice your size and weight using nothing more than the of tips of your fingers!
A secret to taking out an attacker’s knee caps with one simple movement. (Surfers naturally do this move to stay on their boards in rough surfing conditions.)
A clever (and very sneaky) way to hit someone that’s the equivalent of 10-15 punches. (Works even if you’ve never thrown a punch in your life!)
What to do with your toes that can give you an instant advantage over bigger, faster and more experienced attackers.
A secret way (most people would never think to do) to quickly slam someone who attacks you right on their ass—without even punching, kicking or grabbing them.
How to “speed hit” your attacker every half second… even if you’re clumsy, slow and have never hit anyone in your life.
A secret “voodoo” move (that almost nobody else knows about) that can end any fight, with almost any attacker, in just 2 seconds or less.
What you MUST know about the tables around you if you are attacked in a bar.
3 simple and proven ways to stop knife attacks.
The outright “lie” martial arts dojos teach that can get you killed in a real fight. (This is one of the main reasons martial artists get beat up by amateurs)
A “magic bullet” attack (used by bare knuckle boxers and ancient Samurai) that lets you control and dominate faster and tougher opponents.
A “can’t miss” way to block even an expert boxer’s punches and put him in a world of hurt at the same time!(This “super block” makes you almost invulnerable)
The absolute WORST thing you can do in a violent altercation! (Whatever you do, NEVER do this.)
How to instantly inflict gut-wrenching pain on anyone who puts you in a headlock.
A simple “magic move” (even a grandma or small child can use) that’s guaranteed to send even the most ruthless attacker to his knees—writhing in pain.
How to quickly “summon” enough striking power to severely injure a stronger attacker… even if you’re sick, frail or weak.
A secret way to use your big toe to shatter someone’s shin?
What to do if you are attacked by multiple people at the same time.
How to instantly immobilize anyone who attacks you with a baseball bat, crowbar or other blunt weapon.
Why you should never kick someone when they’re down—and the more devastating (and painful) thing you should do instead.
How to “super charge” the power of your strikes by using the SOFT part of your hand.
A weird (but effective) way to put someone in total agony if they try to punch you. (This stops attackers dead in their tracks even if you do it wrong!)
The fastest known way to stop someone who tries to tackle you to the ground. (Olympic wrestlers do this all the time, and it usually ends the fight instantly).)
A 1-second “trick” which makes your body almost 100% “punch-proof.”
The “miracle” move that can put anyone who picks you up from behind in excruciating pain. (Your attacker will probably never walk right again!)
A “hidden” place on the human body that, if you strike it in this EXACT way, will cause most attackers (especially bigger ones) blinding pain.

Advanced Close Combat Training Scientific Self Defense


Close Combat Training Course Recommended (but not necessary)


If you would like to “download” the world’s deadliest self defense moves directly into your brain… just by turning on your computer, tablet, or smart phone and without even having to get off your couch… then this course will show you how.      Here’s the story:      Many years ago, while traveling the world seeking the perfect fighting style that would work for anyone (regardless of size, speed or experience) I met “Colonel B.”—the last remaining Close Combat Training master.      But Colonel B. did not look like your typical killer.      He was an old man at the time—constantly drunk, out of shape and so wirey thin he almost looked like “gollum” in the Lord Of The Rings movies.      

Yet, he and his “rag-tag” battalion of Close Combat Training masters were legendary in World War 2 for terrorizing elite Nazi soldiers and…      Killing Them With Their Bare Hands!      Before meeting the Colonel, I THOUGHT I was a tough guy.      I thought I knew a lot about fighting and surviving.      I’d been a military interrogator (i.e. trained to extract information from hostile enemy combatants), had black belts in 5 different martial arts and was even a US Gold Medal Grappling Champion.      Not to mention all the “black hat” methods I learned while training with violent Arabian assassins in Egypt, West Bank Israeli soldiers and even the few remaining Japanese Samurai.      But the Colonel just laughed when I told him what these killers taught me.      He said he thought it was “cute.”      And after training with the Colonel for several grueling months, I realized just how LITTLE I knew about fighting. And just how silly all those “killer” techniques I’d learned were compared to Close Combat Training.      Anyway, here’s why this is important for you:      At the end of my time with the Colonel, he dragged me to a pub in a nasty part of London. He walked over to a pack of psychotic looking thugs in the corner, said something to them and pointed at me. I’m not sure exactly what he said. But these tattooed, muscle-bound thugs dropped their drinks, pulled weapons from their pockets and rushed my way.      And that’s when I learned—REALLY learned—Close Combat Training.      You see, I was no longer in the “safety” of a class. These guys had real anger, real aggression and…      Real Weapons!      Including chains, razor-sharp knives and even guns.      And as they rushed towards me, I knew the Colonel was giving me my “final lesson”—where I would either kill or BE killed.      No “do overs.”      No getting back up if I go down.      No screwing around.      These guys were out for blood. And if I made even one “slip” up…      I Wouldn’t Live      To See Another Day!      What happened?      The instant the first thug got within arm’s reach, everything the Colonel taught me suddenly “clicked”—and I ripped through them like a tornado, leaving them broken-boned, howling in pain and bleeding all over the floor.      Frankly, there’s not much to tell.      It was over almost as fast as it began.      But even so… those few moments changed EVERYTHING for me.      Because, you see, I simply did not know what REAL combat was until my life was threatened by a half dozen blood thirsty thugs armed to the teeth in that pub—where I had no weapons, no back up and no help.      And it was ONLY at that point when, for the first time in my life…      I Finally Awakened My      “Inner Bad Ass”      It didn’t matter how fast, strong or fit I was.      It didn’t matter how many skirmishes I’d been in.      And it didn’t matter how many black belts or medals I had.      None of that mattered. In fact, I always wondered how the Colonel—who was always drunk and could barely walk a flight of stairs without stumbling or tripping—could do what he did.      Now I had my answer:      Colonel Nigel Baywood simply knew Close Combat Training at a “cellular” level. It was “in” him—as much a part of him as his very skin—from actually USING it in real life-or-death combat.      And since then, Close Combat Training has been “in” me, too—as part of me as my own hands and feet.      But here’s the problem:      When I went back home and taught Close Combat Training, I could never (legally) put my students in the same life-or-death situation—so they could really get it at that killer instinct, “inner bad-ass” slice of the brain.      The part of you that only takes over…      When Your Life Is      TRULY In Danger!      Even my Close Combat Training videos (considered the best in the industry by Special Forces soldiers, international mercenaries and even Olympic level mixed martial artists) can’t teach this mindset unless you go out and pick a fight with some goons in an alley like I did.      And then one day, while at the movies, it hit me.      Have you ever noticed how, after watching a good action movie, you can remember the fight scenes?      And, in many cases, even mimic what you saw?      That’s because, outside of being in a real fight, that’s the BEST way to learn self defense—by watching a scenario unfold in “live action.” It’s very easy for your brain to follow and absorb what you see in movie form.      So I got to thinking:      What if I did a video series with life-like fights, using Close Combat Training? Scenarios that would be like a good action movie—both entertaining AND educational? Where I would SHOW you a realistic (and common) violent scene, and then go back and walk you, step-by-step, through how to defend against it?      And that’s when “Scientific Self Defense” was born.      You literally watch these lessons just ONE TIME—and the world’s most deadly self defense skills are basically “downloaded” into your brain, without practicing, sweating or even getting up off your couch.      Scientific Self Defense gives you a quickie “idiot’s guide” to putting down anyone who pulls a gun on you, including:      A childishly easy way to disarm someone you can learn in 60 seconds or less… A dead “give away” which tells you if a gunman really intends to shoot you or not… What to do if someone sticks a gun to your back… The FIRST (and only) thing you should do if someone waves a gun at your face… Why you should NEVER drop your keys if attacked at gun point… And even…      Why You Must NEVER Shoot Someone With Their Own Gun!      This is no joke.      When you disarm someone, the LAST thing you want to do is shoot them with their own gun. Believe it or not, that can put you and your family in mortal danger.      Nobody else teaches this, because so few have ever been in a real situation like that. Lucky for you, I have. And I can tell you exactly what to do to keep you and your family safe in a gun attack.      Plus I want to show you a “can’t fail” way to tear through any opponent (or multiple opponents) so fast they’ll be…      Strapped To A Gurney In An Ambulance Before They Even Know What Hits Them!      This is the single most gruesome attack you’ll ever see.      Yet, it’s so simple you’ll laugh.      Only a handful of people in the world really know how it works. And it lets you cut through thugs, gang members and even trained fighters like that “Tasmanian devil” in the Bugs Bunny cartoons—hurting, maiming and killing anyone in your path.      Anyway, here’s the bottom line:      Scientific Self Defense contains in-depth training on more than 65 advanced Close Combat Training techniques, tactics and methodologies.      We cover multiple locations and scenarios ranging from an assault in a freezing parking lot with a crow bar… to having a gun pulled on you in a bar… to someone trying to stab your eyes out for no reason.      But here’s the best part about these lessons:      Being a trained educator and life-long researcher of how the human mind learns and absorbs information, I created these lessons specifically so you can…      Learn Them Just By Watching Them!      
I’m dead serious about this, too…You need only WATCH the lessons to install these moves into your neural pathways and make them a “part” of you—as attached to your body as your own arms and legs.

Which means, you NEVER have to practice.

Never have to study boring techniques or roll around on a mat.

Heck, you don’t even have to get off your couch.

..Just kick back and watch these videos and you will automatically absorb the lessons. It’s almost like the movie “The Matrix”—where they “downloaded” advanced fighting skills directly into peoples’ brains.

This is likely your only chance to learn how to tear into violent attackers without training, exercise or even so much as leaving your sofa.

Your only chance to be a badass without physically working for it.

It’s as close to a self defense “magic pill” as you can get.’    So you dan’t dawdle or put this off.

 Take this course now, before it slips your mind and before it’s too late.


Section 1: Scientific Self Defense

Lecture 1 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence I

Lecture 2 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional I

Lecture 3 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence II

Lecture 4 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional II

Lecture 5 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence III

Lecture 6 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional III

Lecture 7 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence IV

Lecture 8 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional IV

Lecture 9 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence V

Lecture 10 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional V

Lecture 11 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence VI

Lecture 12 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional VI

Lecture 13 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence VII

Lecture 14 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional VII

Lecture 15 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence VIII

Lecture 16 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional VIII

Lecture 17 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Sequence IX

Lecture 18 Scientific Self Defense: Fight Instructional IX

Section 2: Basic Brutality

Lecture 19 Basic Brutality: I

Lecture 20 Basic Brutality: II

Lecture 21 Basic Brutality: III

Lecture 22 Basic Brutality: IV

Lecture 23 Basic Brutality: V

Some Martial Arts, Combatives, or Self Defense experience recommended.,Appropriate for all Men & Women Over 18.

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Udemy | English | 3h 1m | 1.89 GB
Created by: Chris Pizzo

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