Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Design Advanced Level

Case studies on Hybrid electric powertrain technology of Toyota and General Motors
Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Design Advanced Level
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Er. Prasanthkumar Palani


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Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Design Advanced Level

What you’ll learn

Hybrid Transaxle Development Goals
Lubrication and Cooling Design
Light weight Design Methodologies
Loss reduction Techniques
Gear layout design and Power-flow for Hybrid vehicle’s
Energy Management and Control
Charge depletion and Charge Sustaining Hybrid Operating Modes

Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Design Advanced Level


Should have basic knowledge on hybrid vehicles as only case studies from different car manufacturers are covered in this training.
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This course explains in detail about the various optimization techniques adopted by Toyota in order to develop a lightweight and highly efficient hybrid transaxle. Comparison between Single axis Vs Dual Axis Motor StructureOptimization of the Motor Cooling structure for effective cooling and thermal management.Methodologies for reduced mechanical losses and highly efficient Power flow in the hybrid systemIn addition to that, it explains about the various modes of operation of the Toyota Hybrid system. Also it helps to understand the energy management methodology adopted by the Hybrid system for different vehicle operating conditions.Effect of motor, battery and tires on the energy utilization of the hybrid powertrain system. Discussion on the simulation results of the various operating conditions with the battery state of charge.Understand the effect the ambient temperature on the operating characteristics of the engine and motor The third module covers the various NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) optimization techniques adopted by Toyota in order to develop a more silent hybrid transaxle and thereby improving the passenger comfort.Noise, vibration generation sources and mechanisms are also discussed for clear understanding of the background of the whine noises generated by the powertrain.Understand the effect of optimization of various components of the hybrid propulsion system on the improvement of the NVH behavior on the whole


Section 1: Toyota Hybrid_Transaxle_Design

Lecture 1 Toyota Hybrid_Transaxle_Design_Preview

Lecture 2 Toyota Hybrid_Transaxle_Design

Section 2: Hybrid Electric Energy Management

Lecture 3 Case_studies_Toyota_Hybrid_Energy_Management_Preview

Lecture 4 Hybrid Electric Energy Management

Section 3: Hybrid Electric Powertrain NVH

Lecture 5 Hybrid Electric Powertrain NVH

Anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of the Hybrid powertrain,Anyone who have a basic understanding on the working of hybrid vehicle and looking to enhance the knowledge more

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Created by: Er. Prasanthkumar Palani

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