Advanced Java Topics Java Reflection Master Class

Create Powerful Java Applications, Algorithms and Libraries using Java Reflection API, Take Full Advantage of the JVM
Advanced Java Topics Java Reflection Master Class
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Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture & Java Programming Expert


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Advanced Java Topics Java Reflection Master Class

What you’ll learn

Build Powerful Applications and Libraries using Java Reflection
Create Intelligent, Flexible and Compact Algorithms
Architect your Code using Advanced Language Features, Annotations and Design Patterns
Become an Expert in Java Reflection and Reflection API

Advanced Java Topics Java Reflection Master Class


Basic Knowledge of Java


Welcome to the #1 Online Resource on Java ReflectionDescriptionJava Reflection is one of the most powerful features of the Java language that allows you to utilize your JVM’s capabilities to its full potential. And it’s no coincidence that the most popular and widely used Java libraries and frameworks are powered by the Reflection API.But Reflection is not reserved only for those libraries.YOU TOO can completely transform and re-architect your code and create unique and powerful applications, algorithms, and libraries in Java using Reflection.Teaching PhilosophyIn this course, we will start from the basics and build our way up to complete mastery of Java Reflection through:Theory and API.Practical application of our skills in real-life examples and use cases.Along the course, we also have plenty of quizzes and coding exercises to help you practice and validate your progress.This is an advanced Java course, which will take your Java skills to a whole new level!Your mastery of Java Reflection will set you apart from any other Java developer.By the End of the CourseYou will be able toDiscover and Analyze Java Classes and Objects at RuntimeInstantiate new Objects, Arrays, and Dynamic Proxies in a type-independent wayInvoke methods dynamicallyRead and Update an Object stateDefine your very own Annotations and combine them with Java Reflection codeWrite powerful and intelligent algorithmsJoin us today for this exciting journey and learning experience!


Section 1: Introduction to Reflection

Lecture 1 Introduction to Java Reflection

Lecture 2 Reflection API Gateway & Wildcards

Lecture 3 Reflection API Gateway in Practice

Lecture 4 Solution – IDE Information Plugin – Class Analysis

Lecture 5 Solution – Reflection, Interfaces and Recurion

Section 2: Object Creation and Constructors

Lecture 6 Constructor Discovery & Object Creation

Lecture 7 Restricted Constructor Access

Lecture 8 Restricted Classes Instantiation – Automatic Dependency Injection Implementation

Section 3: Inspection of Fields & Arrays

Lecture 9 Introduction To Fields

Lecture 10 Reading Fields – JSON Serializer

Lecture 11 Solution – Object Size Calculator

Lecture 12 Introduction to Arrays

Lecture 13 Reading Arrays – JSON Serializer

Lecture 14 Solution – Reading Arrays

Section 4: Field Modification & Arrays Creation

Lecture 15 Setting Field Values – Generic Configuration File Parser

Lecture 16 Array Creation and Initialization

Lecture 17 Solution – Smart Array Concatenation

Section 5: Methods Discovery & Invocation

Lecture 18 Introduction to Methods – Discovery & Analysis

Lecture 19 Method Discovery by Name and Parameters

Lecture 20 Method Invocation – Polymorphism Use Case

Lecture 21 Solution – Simple Testing Framework

Section 6: Java Modifiers Discovery and Analysis

Lecture 22 Java Modifiers & Reflection

Lecture 23 Solution – Improved JSON Serializer

Section 7: Annotations with Java Reflection

Lecture 24 Introduction to Annotations & Meta-Annotations

Lecture 25 Annotation Creation & Discovery. Automatic Class Loading

Lecture 26 Solution – Annotation Discovery

Lecture 27 Reading Annotation Objects & Annotation Elements

Lecture 28 Parameter Annotations & Graph Execution Example

Lecture 29 Field Annotations & Graph Execution

Lecture 30 Repeatable Annotations – Automatic Scheduling

Lecture 31 Solution – Security with Annotations – Part 1

Lecture 32 Solution – Security with Annotations – Part 2

Section 8: Dynamic Proxies

Lecture 33 Introduction to the Proxy Design Pattern

Lecture 34 Dynamic Proxy Implementation

Lecture 35 Solution – Caching Dynamic Proxy Implementation

Section 9: Final Section – Performance, Safety and Best Practices

Lecture 36 Performance, Safety and Best Practices

Section 10: Bonus Material

Lecture 37 Bonus Lecture – Keep Learning

Student who wants to master Java Reflection,Java Developer who wants to take their knowledge to complete mastery of Java

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Udemy | English | 4h 51m | 2.03 GB
Created by: Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture & Java Programming Expert

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