Advanced MaterialUI Component Styling The Complete Course

Learn to style any MUI component: Dive deep into the DOM, understand MUI class rules, and ace the most difficult props
Advanced MaterialUI Component Styling The Complete Course
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Advanced MaterialUI Component Styling The Complete Course

What you’ll learn

Learn how to style ANY Material-UI component
Understand when to use sx, styled API, or theme
Explore how MUI components render as DOM elements
Create advanced nested selectors using the default classes that render with MUI components
Control the width and height of rows, cells, columns, and child components in the MUI Table, Data Grid, Grid, and more
Customize the spacing (padding AND margin) for every component, especially the Grid, Stack, and Box
Design perfect alignment with flex and flex properties
Deeply understand every MUI form component, plus the Grid, Table, and Data Grid
Build a Material-UI app from scratch

Advanced MaterialUI Component Styling The Complete Course


Beginner level knowledge of React
Windows or Mac computer


Welcome to Advanced Material-UI Component Styling: The Complete Course.This course will give you expertise in styling MUI version 5 components.  You will learn to ace some of the most difficult components, such as the Data Grid, Autocomplete, and Date Picker.Together we will explore the DOM and discover the default class system MUI uses and how to use these classes to create advanced nested selectors.  Critically, we will also learn the best use cases for the sx prop, the styled API, and the theme.Here is a peek at some of the MUI knowledge and syntax expertise this course covers:Using theme in the styled APIUsing options in the styled APIPassing props to the styled APISX breakpointsSX hoverSX themeSX nested selectorsCustom theme palette colorsTheme component overridesCustom theme variantsUsing nested selectors on the TextField to change border, hover, and focus styleAutocomplete getOptionLabel, renderInput, and renderOptionSelect component styling, mult select, and custom option renderingDatePicker renderInput, inputProps, popperPropsEVERY form subcomponent explainedMobile Responsive in MUI – transitions, media queries, and moreOne-dimensional layouts with the Stack componentTwo-dimensional layouts with GridEverything flex – direction, justify content, align items, and moreData Grid columns, components, and toolbar optionsStyling the Data Grid with nested selectorsCustom MUI TablesUsing React hooks in an MUI projectYou will have lifetime access to all course content, plus access to an active Q/A group.This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee by Udemy.So take this course and never again fear any MUI component!


Section 1: Intro to Advanced MUI (v5) Component Styling

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Architecting a Material-UI App

Lecture 2 What We Will Build

Lecture 3 Scripts and File Organization

Lecture 4 MUI AppBar and Drawer Functionality

Lecture 5 MUI + React Router

Lecture 6 MUI AppBar and Drawer Styling

Section 3: Deep Dive into MUI Forms

Lecture 7 What We Will Build

Lecture 8 Data and Types

Lecture 9 MUI TextField, Autocomplete, Select, and DatePicker

Lecture 10 MUI Radios and Form Buttons

Lecture 11 Component Spacing in Forms

Lecture 12 Form Event Handlers

Lecture 13 Form Submit and Alert

Lecture 14 Exporting Custom Components

Section 4: MUI Grids, Tables, and Data Grids

Lecture 15 What we will build

Lecture 16 MUI Grids and Cards

Lecture 17 Tables

Lecture 18 MUI Data Grids

Lecture 19 Tying It All Together

Section 5: Advanced MUI Styling Overview

Lecture 20 MUI Styling APIs and Philosophy

Lecture 21 SX vs Styled API vs Theme

Lecture 22 Understanding JSX, the DOM, and Compositional Components

Section 6: Advanced MUI TextField, Autocomplete, Select, and DatePicker Styling and Use

Lecture 23 Advanced TextField Styling

Lecture 24 Advanced Autocomplete Styling

Lecture 25 Advanced Select Component Styling

Lecture 26 Advanced DatePicker Props and Styling

Section 7: Advanced SX Prop Syntax

Lecture 27 EVERY SX Prop Syntax Explained

Section 8: Advanced Styled API Syntax

Lecture 28 How to Create Styled Components

Lecture 29 Theme, Props, and Options in the Styled API

Section 9: Advanced Theme Styling

Lecture 30 Creating a Material-UI Theme

Lecture 31 Customizing Theme Palette

Lecture 32 Creating Theme Overrides and Variants

Lecture 33 Customizing Theme Breakpoints

Section 10: Advanced MUI Form Use and Styling

Lecture 34 Advanced Form Components

Section 11: Advanced Layouts with MUI Stack and Box

Lecture 35 Vertical and Horizontal Layouts with the Stack Component

Lecture 36 Comparing the Stack and Box Components

Section 12: Collapsible Components in MUI

Lecture 37 Using the MUI Collapse Component

Section 13: Advanced MUI Grid Sizing, Styling, Spacing, and Alignment

Lecture 38 Controlling Card Height Inside the Grid

Lecture 39 Grid Size, Style, and Alignment

Lecture 40 Grid Spacing

Section 14: Advanced MUI Table Use and Styling

Lecture 41 Customizing the Table Component

Section 15: Advanced Data Grid Use and Styling

Lecture 42 Using the Data Grid renderCell Prop

Lecture 43 Component Cells in the MUI Data Grid

Lecture 44 Advanced Data Grid Styling

Lecture 45 Data Grid Sort and Filter

Section 16: Adding Mobile Responsive to the MUI App

Lecture 46 Adding Breakpoints to Components

Lecture 47 Mobile Responsive Hooks and State Values

Lecture 48 Showing and Hiding Components Based on Screen Size

Lecture 49 CSS Transitions in MUI

React developers who have struggled to style a Material-UI component,React developers who have struggled to understand MUI layouts, especially flex/justify content/align items,React developers who want to deeply understand how MUI components render as DOM elements,React developers who want to learn to build an MUI project from scratch and gain expertise in forms, tables, grids, and data grids

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 40m | 3.06 GB
Created by: Jonathan Middaugh

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