Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

2023 (Edition) Start an Advanced Excel Dashboard Today using Power Pivot, DAX, Power Query and Advanced Excel Functions
Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard
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Ismaila Mumin Omeiza


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Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

What you’ll learn

Learn how to create formular base Excel Dashboards
Mix formula and function with Pivot Table to create interacive dashboard
How to use data to make business decisions
How to market your new dashboard skill
How to create Portfolio to showcase your dashboard to prospective Employers

Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard


Have Microsoft Excel installed
Excel 2016, 2019 ,2021 or Excel 365 would do. Other than this please, upgrade the version of your Excel
Analytics mind-set
Time (You need to invest time for practicing your new skill)


If you are really new to Excel dashboards or data analytics in general or you want to advance your knowledge, this is the course for you. We have provided you with the fundamentals you need to work with Excel efficiently and effectively.This dashboard is going to take you through Power Query, Power Pivot, Modeling, and DAX (Data Analysis Expression).Learning this advanced Excel Dashboard will make you use Power BI with ease as it uses DAX for computation and Power Query for cleaning and data transformation.Our aim in this course is to show you how to analyze data and create a visualization from the different tables without you using Xlookup, VLOOKUP or Index and Match but just with simple data Modeling in Power Pivot.This course is 100% practicalMicrosoft Excel is the most commonly used data analysis tool available on the market today. In this course, we show you how to create POWERFUL INTERACTIVE dashboards in minutes using standard Excel tools and techniques. (No coding or complicated methods required!)Say no to a boring dashboard. With this course, you will start creating a very powerful interactive and dynamic Excel dashboard from day one.If you are ready to learn with me, let’s join the class and see how creative you could be in the few days to come as you begin the class.Remember you have life Time access to this course.This course will be updated frequently with the new free to ask questions should you got stuck in any of the steps.I am already waiting for you in the class, nice to have you.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Why do we need to use Power Query & Power Pivot

Lecture 2 Advanced Process to a Better Dashboard Creation

Lecture 3 Course Materials

Section 2: Advanced Power Query In Excel for Data Cleaning and Transformation

Lecture 4 Project Overview

Lecture 5 How to Activate Microsoft Excel Power Pivot

Lecture 6 Importing data into Power Query

Lecture 7 Power Query Transform vs Add Columns explained

Lecture 8 Importing Multiple tables into Power Query

Lecture 9 Updating your current Workbook Settings to get proper Dates and Time

Lecture 10 Checking errors and remove columns and rows in Power Query

Lecture 11 How to add Index number in Power Query

Lecture 12 Merging Queries in Power Query

Lecture 13 Basic way to Append Queries

Lecture 14 Best way to Append Queries using Folder with Auto Update

Lecture 15 Creating a Custom Calendar Table in Power Query

Lecture 16 Better way to Create a Date Table in Power Query (Auto Update)

Lecture 17 How to Move data into Power Pivot from Worksheet

Lecture 18 Important Data Source Settings in Power Query

Lecture 19 Data view vs Diagram view

Lecture 20 Understand Database Normalization

Lecture 21 Creating Relationships in Power Pivot

Lecture 22 How to Edit Relationships in Power Pivot

Lecture 23 Power Pivot view vs Normal Excel Pivot Table

Lecture 24 Power Query and Data Modelling conclusion

Section 3: How to Write DAX in Excel Power Pivot to create Advanced Dashboards or Reports

Lecture 25 Introduction to DAX in Excel Power Pivot

Lecture 26 How to add DAX Calculated Column

Lecture 27 Calculated Column with Dax If function

Lecture 28 Calculated Column with Dax Switch function

Lecture 29 Total Revenue with Calculated Column

Lecture 30 Introduction to DAX Measures in Power Pivot

Lecture 31 How to write DAX using the Measure BOX

Lecture 32 Implicit vs Explicit Measures

Section 4: DAX Pack (common DAX functions)

Lecture 33 How to create a Separate Measures Table

Lecture 34 How to calculate COGS and Gross profit

Lecture 35 Calculating returned Rate using DAX

Lecture 36 How to use DAX All Function

Lecture 37 How to use the DAX Filter Function

Lecture 38 Filtering Table with DAX Function

Lecture 39 How to mark your Date Table

Lecture 40 Time Intelligence YTD MTD and QTD DAX Function

Lecture 41 Last month Revenue and MoM percentage Change

Lecture 42 How to calculate 10-Days Rolling total

Lecture 43 How to calculate 10 Days Transactional Average

Lecture 44 Better to Count using DAX

Section 5: Advanced Customer Dashboard in Excel using DAX and Excel Functions

Lecture 45 Dashboard overview

Lecture 46 Setting Dashboard Canvas

Lecture 47 How to add M-Code, Last Update date code

Lecture 48 Adding values to cards

Lecture 49 Adding Icons

Lecture 50 Adding new cards with Gradient colors

Lecture 51 How to create a Dynamic Top N in Excel

Lecture 52 Creating a dynamic Title

Lecture 53 How to create multiple Doughnut chart

Lecture 54 Inserting a Bar charts

Lecture 55 How to create a Map chart

Lecture 56 5 Less and Top Profitable Cities

Lecture 57 How to connect Slicers to PivotTables

Section 6: Adidas Sales Dashboard

Lecture 58 Dashboard Overview

Lecture 59 Transforming and Cleaning data with Power Query

Lecture 60 Inserting PivotTable and Advanced Number formatting

Lecture 61 Adding Month Filter

Lecture 62 Dynamic way to show previous Month revenue with Percentage Change

Lecture 63 Quantity Ordered and Transaction Cards

Lecture 64 Which Product contributed more to Revenue

Lecture 65 Which State should we push more Products to?

Lecture 66 What is the peak month for 2020 and 2021?

Lecture 67 What’s our top Region & Sales Channel?

Lecture 68 Revenue trend by Weekday

Lecture 69 Connecting Slicers to PivotTables

Lecture 70 How to create a Single Button that clear all filters

Lecture 71 New way to save your work

Lecture 72 Formatting Slicers

Lecture 73 Cleaning up your dashboard

Section 7: Full Dynamic HR (Human Resources) Dashboard

Lecture 74 Dashboard Overview

Lecture 75 Importing data into Excel Power Query

Lecture 76 Removing unwanted columns in Power Query

Lecture 77 Transforming Hr data in Excel Power Query

Lecture 78 Cleaning the Dashboard area (Canvas)

Lecture 79 Formatting your DataTable

Lecture 80 06 Employees KPI

Lecture 81 Adding shapes to the dashboard environment

Lecture 82 How to download Gif animated images to Excel

Lecture 83 Creating chart for attrition and current employees

Lecture 84 Employees by performance Status

Lecture 85 How to create an icon slicer in Excel

Lecture 86 Attrition by distance from work with dynamic legend

Lecture 87 Attrition by job role visual

Lecture 88 Formatting legends

Lecture 89 Job role average Attrition

Lecture 90 Attrition by Education types

Lecture 91 How to create a custom chart in Microsoft Excel

Lecture 92 Attrition by age Bucket and Gender

Lecture 93 Custom chart for Gender

Lecture 94 Average Age for employees

Lecture 95 How to format Excel Slicers

Lecture 96 Final formatting

A data analyst,Anyone working with data,A manager,Business owners,Students

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