Advanced Prestashop module developer guide

In this course you will learn how to create modern Prestashop module using the Symfony Framework
Advanced Prestashop module developer guide
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Aloui Mohamed Habib


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Advanced Prestashop module developer guide

What you’ll learn

Understand the anatomy of Prestashop module
Understand Module development
Symfony development in PrestaShop
Payment module

Advanced Prestashop module developer guide


Intermediate understanding of Prestashop development
Smarty templating engine
Symfony and Twig


Welcome to the Advanced Prestashop module developer guide course!In this course you will learn all what you need to start coding modules for Prestashop 1.7.Modules can play a major role in creating a successful business hence the importance of learning to code them.The main focus point is to deliver a simple and straight to the point information.We will walk through 5 hours of content as follow:First section: The fundamentals of Prestashop developmentStarting by Prestashop architecture, coding standards Second section: modulesWe will create a basic module and learn about various topic such as  the various module methods and the use of each, the hooking system, creating an admin configuration page with template and with helpers.We will also explore the widget API and understand the main two methods Third section : controllers We will learn about the module controllers and the various types of them such as admin and front controllers also we will dive in the modern controllers with a solid example including CRUD operations.Learn how to use Symfony bundle inside Prestashop, how to setup routing, create action and define forms and entitiesFinal part : Payment modulesIn this section we will focus on a specific type of modules known as ‘Payment module’, I’ll be explaining the anatomy of a payment module, the various types and end up by creating a fully functional payment option ( module ).Who this course is for:PHP developers with basic knowledge who want to develop complex modules form Prestashop 1.7Prestashop Backend developerWeb agencies


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Environment setup

Lecture 2 Fundamentals of Prestashop development

Lecture 3 Prestashop module the big picture

Lecture 4 Coding standars

Section 2: Basic module

Lecture 5 Creating first module

Lecture 6 Install & uninstall methods

Lecture 7 The configuration object

Lecture 8 Hooks introduction

Lecture 9 Legacy hooks

Lecture 10 Legacy hook custom template

Lecture 11 Pass dynamic variable to smarty template

Lecture 12 The widget API

Lecture 13 Enable widget support for the module

Lecture 14 getWidgetVariables method

Lecture 15 Module configuration page

Lecture 16 TPL for the configuration page

Lecture 17 Handle form submission from a TPL file

Lecture 18 Using helperForm

Lecture 19 HelperForm handle submission

Section 3: Controllers

Lecture 20 Introduction

Section 4: Front controller

Lecture 21 Create front controller

Lecture 22 InitContent method

Lecture 23 PostProcess method

Lecture 24 Generate front module link

Lecture 25 HookModuleRoutes to create a custom route

Section 5: Admin controller

Lecture 26 Introduction

Lecture 27 Create admin controller

Lecture 28 The active record implementation in Prestashop

Lecture 29 Setup the controller to use the ObjectModel

Lecture 30 Create the object model class ( Comment.class.php )

Lecture 31 Using the ObjectModel class within an admin controller

Lecture 32 The edit page

Lecture 33 The view page

Lecture 34 Fetch data using DbQuery

Lecture 35 Use TPL file instead of helpers for the admin controller

Section 6: Moden controller

Lecture 36 Introduction

Lecture 37 Create a modern controller

Lecture 38 Use a TWIG template

Lecture 39 TWIG template extending

Lecture 40 Pass dynamic variable to TWIG template

Lecture 41 Forms

Lecture 42 Form class

Lecture 43 Handle form submission

Lecture 44 Entites

Lecture 45 Persist entity to the database

Lecture 46 Handle entity based form’s and store data to the database

Lecture 47 Flash messages

Lecture 48 Listing data

Lecture 49 Updating data

Section 7: Payment module

Lecture 50 Introduction

Lecture 51 Anatomy of a payment module

Lecture 52 Create an offline payment module

Lecture 53 The validation controller

Lecture 54 Checkout confirmation message

Lecture 55 Sending confirmation email after order placement

PHP developers with basic knowledge who want to develop complex modules form Prestashop 1.7,Prestashop Backend developer,Web agencies

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 49m | 2.24 GB
Created by: Aloui Mohamed Habib

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