Advanced trading course The complete Smart Money Concepts

Level 2. Applying Double Order Block and BOS bounce strategy to follow footprint from Big Boy on Forex, Crypto, Stocks
Advanced trading course The complete Smart Money Concepts
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Jayce PHAM | Funded Trading Group | NCI Market structure trading


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Advanced trading course The complete Smart Money Concepts

What you’ll learn

Step by Step : How to trade with Smart Money Concepts with 3 section : Definition – Main Strategy – Extra Knowledge
Lesson’s form : What it is ? – How to define or apply it ? – Example
Definitions : Liquidity – smart money
Definitions : Imbalance
Definitions : Manipulation
Definitions : BOS /CTS
Definitions : Pullback and Break out
Definitions : Premium and Discount
Definitions : Orderblock / POI
Main Strategy : Trading follow trend – Theory & Example
Main Strategy : Trading break trend – Theory & Example
Extra Knowledge : The simple Wyckoff and Elliot
Extra Knowledge : Define MOMENTUM of the waves
Extra Knowledge : Mistake and Successful system

Advanced trading course The complete Smart Money Concepts


You already had basic knowledge about Forex
You already had basic knowledge about Supply Demand
You already had basic knowledge about Market Structure
You already had basic knowledge about Multiple timeframe analyzation
You had enough perseverance to backtest it from 1 – 3 months before real trading


Smart Money Concepts is the Combination of Key level strategy and Traditional Supply Demand with Market structure to optimize win rate, reward per risk ration and help trader to control emotion better.I am using it to trade for Prop firm company with big capital now. And then, use that money to invest to Stock market to multiple my assets with this method well. You also can do it if you’re serious trader to start this career.You will be learned a full story of Smart Money Concepts from smallest definition to “How to apply it” in the real market. It works not only Forex, Crypto market, It also works well on Stock market. So, If we have knowledge with Smart Money Concepts, It will be the big advantaged to start Trading and Investing career.I will explain detail from smallest definitions about Smart Money Concepts to help you understand about this strategy before coming to Double Order Block strategy. This is strategy that will help you understand about the total picture of market based on market structure, market cycle theory to define the main trend. Since then, you can use the first Order-Block like the cornerstone to define and explain the next power on second Order-Block and follow smart money with the perfectly support from market structure, market cycle and continuously multiple timeframe theory.We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video examples and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a profitable trader.By the end of this course, you will be fluently smart money concepts and you’ll be so good at trading that you can get a freedom job or trading professionally.Btw, I also created a Discord channel for students to discuss together. In this channel, we will share the knowledge, tips to learn and analyzation every week on any assets. I also created a Competition that will help learn facing with yourself to improve your psychology, risk management on high pressure environment like real trading. The pressure comes from your competitors’ results, big money capital …All of above activities would help you to come profitable and consistency traders in near future. You can join discord channel to refer about it anytime.This strategy will help you :Improving Reward per Risk ratio.Improving Win rate.Low drawdown in trading to take trading funds challenge. Strongly believe to set limit order and take a rest.Avoid emotion in trading.Reading the market picture confidently to entry/exit/manage trade better.Able to earn real money from market. (Refer the achivement of graduation student on Discord channel)———————————————————————————–*   Technical analysis level 2 – Smart Money Concepts – Double Order-Block zone strategy**   Having subtitles for 14 languages***Using headphone will help to learn better / You can use headphone with volume at 30 – 50% on your laptop to learn better.**** All your questions were leaved in Q&A part will be answer detail within 4 – 12 hours (Depend on time zone) until you understood completely.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Learning guidance : – Learning from Definition –> Main Strategy –> Extra knowledge or quick learning : Main Strategy –> Definition –> Main Strategy –> Extra knowledge – Write down step by step to analyze –> Back test –> Improve –> Real  trading.———————————————————————————–Course’s support & Special requirement :1. Always be patient to learn 2. Always be patient to practice. Trading : 50% Control yourself – 50% Strategy.3. Instructor’s support in Q&A : You can refer existing Q&A and leave your new Questions anytime. I will try to reply within 12hours.———————————————————————————–Recommendation : *  Back test from 1 – 3 months before real trading. You can choose GBPUSD – 1H to practice firsts.** Using headphone will help you learn more focused and better receptive*** Learning from examples to theory will help you easier to understand.———————————————————————————–What you can do after this course :Understand to analyze & define market structure exactly.Understand total SMC’s map Understand all the basic definitions about Smart money conceptsAnalyze the market and entry with smart money exactly with FOLLOW or BREAK the trend.Get the optimize Reward per risk ration to start trading funds or your own account. Understand how to skip & trading with particular market conditions.Understand how to define Momentum of price to skip or follow trade. Understand how to define Discount zone and Over zone to trading.Understand normal mistake to avoid in trading. Understand successful trading system to optimize your current strategy.——————————————————————————————Don’t just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:” Amazing course ! Depth explanation. These knowledge helped me a lot – I passed challenge and verification last week. If possible, I hope to see you sharing combine SMC and Key level together “” All of Jaycee’s course are very very good. There isn’t a lot of other teachers who understand volume, price action, and smart money like him. He is a brilliant trader and I strongly recommend his courses. I would also like to address some of the negative comments I have seen about Jayce’s English. In my opinion his English is fine. But if you have issues understanding anything the closed captions are 100% accurate. I have taken over 40 Udemy courses about trading and almost all have been by non English native speakers. You will miss out on a lot of good information if you don’t try and understand. “” Amazing theory. Your courses were built like a learning school. Very detail and easy to absorb. Do you have any Discord / FB group or anything like that to learn more from you? Thanks “” What a nice course about SMC ! I enrolled both your 2 courses – That is very detail about SMC and Key level Strategy. Full of documents and Exam to absorb the lessons. Love it! “” 3 hours valuable course – Direct to problem. Not hide any aspects. Quiz and Exam test really useful and full of hard questions. I though I understood all about it before I take the test and realize some problem forgot. Combine with other your course really nice to trade “” Nice course with full downloadable contents and Quiz, Practice test with key questions. Useful and easier to absorb new thing. At the first time, I saw this course quite short but, every thing inside of course over my expectation “If you’re SERIOUS TRADER who are ready to be DIFFIRENT this year. Let’s come with us. We will FIGHT TOGETHER for a SUCCESS YEAR !!!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What you will learn and How to Learn

Lecture 2 Trader Yusuf withdrawn 1669$ after learning 3 months only

Lecture 3 Jayce Interview _ Top 1% trader of England funds

Lecture 4 Quick preview

Lecture 5 Discord channel from Aug-2022

Lecture 6 How to learn this course effectively with high motivation

Lecture 7 How to start your trading career and get freedom financial

Section 2: Definitions about Smart Money Concepts

Lecture 8 Liquidity – smart money

Lecture 9 Imbalance

Lecture 10 Manipulation

Lecture 11 BOS and CTS

Lecture 12 Pullback and Break out

Lecture 13 Premium and Discount

Lecture 14 Orderblock / POI

Section 3: Main : Double Order-Block with POI – POI to optimize RR

Lecture 15 Trading follow trend_Theory

Lecture 16 Trading follow trend_Examples

Lecture 17 Trading break the trend_Theory

Lecture 18 Trading break the trend_Example_case 3

Lecture 19 Trading break the trend_Example_case 1 & 2

Section 4: Main : Double Order Block with BOS bounce

Lecture 20 Double OB with BOS bounce

Lecture 21 The Power of Double Order Block zone

Lecture 22 Market cycle theory _ Cornerstone for Price actions and market structure

Lecture 23 The difference between BOS/Key level and POI

Section 5: Extra Knowledge

Lecture 24 The simple Wyckoff and Elliot

Lecture 25 Define MOMENTUM of the waves

Lecture 26 Normal mistake and successful system

Section 6: Trading EXAMPLES – All the cases with SMC

Lecture 27 XAUUSD _ Double Order block by 2 POI zones

Lecture 28 US30 – Example 2 & Example 3 . Miss chance and re-entry with SMC -Double POI

Lecture 29 EURCAD – Selling order – SMC with Key level Bounce power

Lecture 30 USDCHF – Lost trade – What is the reason?

Lecture 31 USDCHF – Finding root cause and corrective action

Section 7: How to define the power of Smart Money Signal – New update

Lecture 32 Define POI zone power by Institutional base

Lecture 33 Define POI zone power by Imbalance signal

Lecture 34 When you should Set & Forget ? When you should wait confirmation

Lecture 35 Risky case : SMC signal on both up and down side, how to trade ?

Section 8: The live trading with all my strategies on Sep 26th

Lecture 36 The first trade on Step 26th – Loss 1.5% account

Lecture 37 The 2nd trade on Sep 26 th – Scalping – Profit 3.5% account

Lecture 38 The 3rd trade on Sep 26 th – Scalping – Profit 1.5% account

Lecture 39 The 4th trade on Sep 26 th – Scalping and get 1.5% account profit

Section 9: The live trading with all my strategies on Sep 27th

Lecture 40 Scalping and get 3R with smart money concepts on the weak case

Section 10: The live trading with all my strategies on Sep 28th

Lecture 41 Scalping and get 6R with smart money concepts strongest case

Section 11: The scalping trade explanation with BOS bounce and double POI strategy

Lecture 42 My two trade on Sep 29th – Scalping with BOS bounce and double POI

Section 12: Bonus Section : Trading learning route and special offers

Lecture 43 7 Levels to professional with Smart Money Concepts – Practicing guidance

Lecture 44 Trading learning route

Section 13: Supporting indicators

Lecture 45 Sharing LIQUIDITY indicator and how to use it

Section 14: 15 Bonus Basic Quiz

Section 15: 15 Bonus Advanced Quiz

Section 16: Final examination – 18 Questions

Section 17: Thank you

Lecture 46 Thank you

People who have traded for a long time but they still don’t have profit,People who want to trade seriously,People who want to change from officer to freedom trader,People who want to trade like professional traders or trade for Forex funds.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 58m | 1.21 GB
Created by: Jayce PHAM | Funded Trading Group | NCI Market structure trading

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