Affiliate Marketing For Smartphone AMS

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Money Machine
Affiliate Marketing For Smartphone AMS
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Affiliate Marketing For Smartphone AMS

What you’ll learn

Introduction affiliate marketing & How it works
Do’s & Don’t of affiliate marketing
Understanding the different types of affiliate industries
Warriorplus affiliate marketing
Stakecut affiliate marketing
Selar affiliate marketing
How to find hot selling product to promote
How to setup an automated evergreen system
How to rebrand promotional links
Done-For-You AMS script to boost your sales
Understanding a sales funnel process
WhatsApp marketing/automation
Understanding the different types of traffic
How to use Free AI to 10x your affiliate sales
How to drive Organic traffic to any affiliate link
How to create a high converting Facebook Ad campaign
How to create a custom WhatsApp message
Creating a verified business YouTube channel
How to create a professional Facebook business page
Complete Canva graphic design & A lot more!

Affiliate Marketing For Smartphone AMS


You need a smartphone (Andriod or IOS)
Good internet connection
Commitment and dedication is required


Haven’t you suffered enough? Are you not tired of watching YouTube videos or reading blogs that don’t work? If Yes! Listen very CAREFULLY…The reason why you’re in this current situation is because of one thing only, and this…Lack of Sales Marketing Tactics (SMT).Most online marketers will tell you affiliate marketing doesn’t require technical skills and that is where the problem is because you can’t convince strangers to buy from you when you don’t have a good SMT.In 2017, I invested all my savings into an online business that failed but I didn’t give up. I went on to achieve remarkable success. I created an automated evergreen system that has generated me 10x more of the budget I invested into a failed business.Now, I earn from $5k-$10k per/mo using just my smartphone and this was possible using the system I formulated called the AMS Blueprint (Affiliate Marketing For Smartphone).I created the AMS Blueprint for people like YOU, in order for you to stop wasting time, money, energy & resources and it mostly focuses on helping beginners to understand affiliate marketing and how they can build a business around it. This course also helps intermediate affiliate marketers to 10x their affiliate sales organically. I and my students have achieved this without spending any money. The secret is to follow everything I have for them in the AMS Blueprint, and you can also make sales without struggling.Before I explain more about what the AMS Blueprint entails, I want to be CLEAR & TRANSPARENT with you!The AMS Blueprint is NOT a get rich quick scheme nor is it an overnight success method. It requires effort from anyone who uses it. So if you’re someone looking for a MAGIC program that will make you millions overnight, then this is not for you.But if you’re willing to put in the work to achieve your financial freedom, then the AMS Blueprint will definitely be your last bus stop. All you need is to sit down, learn everything in the course, and observe the results.WILL THIS WORK FOR ME?I am certain it will work for you because it worked for me and my students I have been showing it to. So, my question to you is this…Will you rather invest now and have the power to shape your own life? Imagine making an additional $5k-$10k per/mo. ORYou can continue with your usual routine, searching for the perfect online business, complaining about financial struggles, or begging for money, only to face rejection and setbacks.But if you desire to take control of your life and achieve your financial freedom by selling other people’s products and living your dream life without financial limitations, then the path forward is clear. The power to make your destiny a reality is in your hands.The choice is your…& I hope to see you on the inside.


Section 1: What is affiliate marketing? (FREE Preview)

Lecture 1 What Is Affiliate Marketing (FREE Preview)

Section 2: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Lecture 2 Introduction To AMS Blueprint

Lecture 3 What Is Affiliate Marketing & How It Works

Lecture 4 Do’s & Don’t Of Affiliate Marketing

Lecture 5 Understanding The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing Industries

Section 3: Setting Up Your Affiliate Account

Lecture 6 Creating A Verified Warriorplus Account

Lecture 7 Creating A Verified Stakecut Account

Lecture 8 Creating A Verified Selar Account

Section 4: Rebranding Your Affiliate Links

Lecture 9 How To Rebrand An Affiliate Link

Section 5: How To Find Hot Selling Products

Lecture 10 How To Find Hot Selling Products To Promote

Section 6: Canva Graphic Design

Lecture 11 How To Design Killer Promotional Tools On Canva

Section 7: What Is A Sales Funnel & How It Works

Lecture 12 Understanding A Sales Funnel Process

Lecture 13 Understanding The WhatsApp Automation Process

Section 8: The Different Types Of Traffic

Lecture 14 Understanding The Different Types Of Traffic

Section 9: How To 10x Your Affiliate Sales With FREE AI

Lecture 15 How To Increase Your Affiliate Sales With FREE AI

Section 10: How To Drive Organic Traffic To Promote Your Links

Lecture 16 Getting Organic Traffic From Tiktok

Lecture 17 Getting Organic Traffic From Facebook

Lecture 18 Getting Organic Traffic From WhatsApp

Section 11: Creating A Custom WhatsApp Message

Lecture 19 How To Create A WhatsApp Custom Message

Section 12: How To Create A Lead Magnet

Lecture 20 Creating A High Converting Lead Magnet

Lecture 21 Done-For-You High Converting Lead Magnet

Section 13: Lunching A Verified Business YouTube Channel

Lecture 22 How To Lunch A Verified YouTube Business Channel

Lecture 23 Publishing Videos On Your YouTube Channel via Mobile App

Section 14: Creating A Professional Facebook Page

Lecture 24 How To Create A Professional Facebook Page

Lecture 25 How To Create A Converting Facebook Ads

Section 15: Setting Up Your Sales Funnel

Lecture 26 How To Setup Your Automated Evergreen System

Lecture 27 Conclusion

For beginners,For students,For 9-5 job workers,For graduate with no job,For stay at home mom,For anyone looking to start an online business,For frustrated affiliate marketer who wants to make more sales,For anyone who doesn’t know how to get started

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 7m | 1.86 GB
Created by: AJ Fonds

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