After Effects CC Expressions Design Animate Infographics

Create Infographics Design, Data Visualization, Animated Infographics & Data Visualization Templates in After Effects CC
After Effects CC Expressions Design Animate Infographics
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After Effects CC Expressions Design Animate Infographics

What you’ll learn

Create Animated infographics from Graphic Percent to Area Graphs
Understand and use expressions to help create modular infographics
Learn how to build complete Infographic projects with controls and templates
Apply pro techniques to change graph values

After Effects CC Expressions Design Animate Infographics


Beginner’s knowledge in After Effects
How to work with basic transformation, Timeline layers, parenting and trackmattes.
Adobe After Effects ver 2021 (preferably) and beyond


From the Author of the Best Selling Highest Rated After Effects CC Complete Course.Now you get: After Effects CC: Data Visualisation & Animated InfographicsThis is a unique course on Udemy  and the only course where you will learn how to work with Expressions while building animated infographics projects.It’s not about showing how to use an expression. It’s about building full infographics projects driven by expressions with all the necessary controls.Together we will create:Graphic Percent Infographics with Graphics and IconsStaked Graphics Percent InfographicsBattery Charger Simulation – with Microsoft Excel dataMotion Graphics Bar Graphs and Data VisualizationAnimated Radials InfographicsAnimated Circular and Pie segments InfographicsCascading Radial SegmentsLine Graph InfographicsNegative – Positive InfographicsArea Graph InfographicsScale Pie SegmentsHow to create fully controlled Linear AxisHow to create Radial Axis will all the controls You will also learn:How to use expressions for complete project animation. The very proper way.How to use expression controls effects to create complex animations with variable data.How to create control templates for all the infographics. Changing data the fit all your projects.You will learn the ins and out to creating infographics. You will also go through major infographics graphs styles that will build your skills to create any animated infographics.This is a project-based course where you will have all the project files to practice and review. If you are a novice user of After Effects, this course is your opportunity to understand and practice creating Infographics while building useful and practical animations.LouayCheers


Section 1: Welcome to Animated Infographics, Data Visualization and Motion Graphics

Lecture 1 Welcome to Animated Infographics, Data Visualization & Motion Graphics

Lecture 2 Getting Ready with preferences and Assets

Lecture 3 Download your resources for the course

Section 2: Graphic Percent – Infographics with Graphics and Icons

Lecture 4 Graphic Percent

Lecture 5 Creating the Animation

Lecture 6 Creating Animation Controls

Lecture 7 Leveling up with bars and wipes

Lecture 8 Controlling the colors

Lecture 9 Compiling two charts in one

Section 3: Stacked Graphics Percent Infographics

Lecture 10 Stacked Graphics Percent Infographics

Lecture 11 How to create and replicate the Graphics

Lecture 12 How to animate and link level bars

Lecture 13 How to compile two charts in one

Lecture 14 Stacked Graphics Percent Infographics

Section 4: Battery Charger Simulation Infographics – with Microsoft Excel data

Lecture 15 Battery Charger Simulation Infographic

Lecture 16 How to create the battery graphics in After Effects

Lecture 17 How to create the charge animation

Lecture 18 How to create the animated level bar

Lecture 19 How to create the linear animation

Lecture 20 How to combine comparison chargers

Lecture 21 How to work with the In and Outpoint

Lecture 22 How to work with Time Remap – playing with time

Lecture 23 How to time remap the animation with In/OutPoints

Lecture 24 How to get your data from an Excel spreadsheet

Lecture 25 How to add and control animation delays

Lecture 26 The final work – Your assignment

Section 5: Motion Graphics Bar Graphs and Data Visualization

Lecture 27 Motion Graphics Bar Graphs and Data Visualization

Lecture 28 How to create the X-axis – Equalizing the Distance

Lecture 29 How to create and distribute the X-Values

Lecture 30 How to add Major and Minor markers

Lecture 31 How to create the X-Bar with length controls

Lecture 32 How to create the Y-Axis and it’s values

Lecture 33 How to create the graph and link values

Lecture 34 How to duplicate – the quick & easy way to have a full graph

Section 6: Animated Radials Infographics

Lecture 35 Animated Radials Infographics

Lecture 36 How to create the circular (or radial) Axis

Lecture 37 How to set the numbers upright the quick & easy way

Lecture 38 How to create a radial axis template

Lecture 39 How to properly animate the Radial Axis with Keyframes

Lecture 40 How to build on the Radial Axis for the next Graph

Lecture 41 How to design and animate with rotation and middle elements

Lecture 42 How to add controls for the Axis Text – make more practical to use

Lecture 43 How to control the Text (Type) colors

Lecture 44 How to add major and minor markers

Lecture 45 How to create a circular pie – just one pie

Lecture 46 How to clamp values to to overcome overflow

Lecture 47 How to add a controled animation duration

Section 7: Animated Circular and Pie segments Infographics

Lecture 48 How to create contiguous circular segments

Lecture 49 How to index the segments and catch errors

Lecture 50 How to create well centered Text Label for each segment

Lecture 51 How to create Text size and distance controls

Lecture 52 How to control the Size and thickness of the segments

Lecture 53 How to take control of colors for each segment

Lecture 54 How to turn a Circular segments infographic into Pie segments infographic

Section 8: Cascading Radial Segments

Lecture 55 Cascading Radial Segments

Lecture 56 How to create the first Radial Segment

Lecture 57 How to replicate segments with centered offset

Lecture 58 How to add color controls for each segment

Lecture 59 How to add animation and master controls

Lecture 60 How to add liked Labels

Section 9: Section 9 – Line Graph Infographics

Lecture 61 Line Graph Infographics

Lecture 62 How to create and animate the line graph

Lecture 63 You can’t add more points!

Lecture 64 How to add bullet point and wipe the line Graph

Lecture 65 How to change the animation and it’s timing

Lecture 66 How to add animated percent labels and connect them to the Line graph

Lecture 67 How to use the same method to create bar graphs

Lecture 68 How to connect a line graph to a bar graph

Lecture 69 How to turn your line graph to a curved line graph

Section 10: Negative – Positive Infographics

Lecture 70 Negative – Positive Infographics

Lecture 71 How to create the bar and the first point and animate

Lecture 72 How to replicate to have a full graph

Section 11: Area Graph Infographics

Lecture 73 Area Graph Infographics

Lecture 74 How to create the Area a using as special After Effects .JSX

Lecture 75 How to animate the Area Graph with Keyframes

Lecture 76 How to animate the area graph with expression and values clamping

Lecture 77 How to add and link animated Text Labels

Lecture 78 How to merge Area Graph infographics

Lecture 79 How to convert hard angle to curved Area Graph

Section 12: Bonus and Coupons

Lecture 80 Coupons for my other Course – Learn more for less

Section 13: The OLD Course OnWard : What’s this course is all about

Lecture 81 How to go through the course

Lecture 82 The Secret behind Expressions

Section 14: Pie Inforgraphic Project

Lecture 83 Preview the final Project for this Section

Lecture 84 Creating the main chronometer circles

Lecture 85 Creating the chronometer Animation

Lecture 86 Using Math Expressions to refine Text Display

Lecture 87 Creating Label elements

Lecture 88 Creating Descriptive elements​​

Lecture 89 Creating the Entry Animation

Lecture 90 Adding Animated Arrows and Values

Lecture 91 Cropping Comp and Controlling Colors

Lecture 92 Creating the Presentation

Lecture 93 Adding the Background

Lecture 94 Downlaod your Project Files

Section 15: Bar Graph Motion Infographic

Lecture 95 A preview of the Infographic you will create in this Section

Lecture 96 Creating and Animating the Axis – X

Lecture 97 Creating the Y-Axis and The Y-Labels

Lecture 98 Animating Y-Axis Labels with Sequencing

Lecture 99 Creating and Animating Bars and their Labels

Lecture 100 Pro-Method to Replicating Bars and Labels

Lecture 101 Sequencing and Animating the Graph Bars

Lecture 102 Adding Shadows and animating in 3D

Lecture 103 Download your Project Files for this Section

Section 16: Linear Graph Chart

Lecture 104 Preview the Line Graph Final Project

Lecture 105 Setting up: Creating Grid and Color Control

Lecture 106 Creating the Points – Setting Colors and Linking with a Beam

Lecture 107 Creating Animated Labels and linking to Graph Points

Lecture 108 Creating the Linear Graph and Linking the Line Graph

Lecture 109 Creating various colored line charts

Lecture 110 Downlaod your Line Chart Project

After Effects users who want to develop their skills using expressions,Want to create Animated Infographics,Want to learn Data Visualization

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 37m | 2.84 GB
Created by: Louay Zambarakji

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