After Effects CC Motion Graphics Animation Principles

In After Effects CC Learn to create motion graphics animations and apply the animation principles for cartoon like anime
After Effects CC Motion Graphics Animation Principles
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After Effects CC Motion Graphics Animation Principles

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course you will be able to create animations like a pro animator – (not just motion)
All the techniques in the course are Quick & Easy. It’s all about fun and enjoyable animation.
Master Animation Principles used by Pro Animators – Exaggeration – Overshoot – Bounce – Follow through & Overlapping action and more…
You will learn Motion Graphics Techniques used by Professional to create animated movies
The Motion Techniques and Graphic Effects to implement the Animation Principles.
How to add Sound Effects and adjust the pitch
How to work with time to create flowing animations
You will have the option to download all the graphic artworks used in the course and design your own animations
I’ll show you how to download free vector artworks (AI), how to organize them in Illustrator ready to animate in After Effects
How to create In and Out Transitions for Explainer Videos
And lots and lots of Motion Graphics techniques to level up your skills.

After Effects CC Motion Graphics Animation Principles


Having After Effects CC 2019 installed is the best option. Yet you can follow along with any After Effects CC version.
Having Illustrator CC installed
No motion graphic skills are required and No previous After Effects or Illustrator skills are required


Unlock the Power of Motion Graphics and Animation with After Effects CCWelcome to a transformative journey in motion graphics and animation. As the creator of top-rated and best-selling courses in After Effects, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing, I’m here to guide you through an engaging and practical course designed to equip you with skills to craft stunning motion graphics, just like professional animators.What This Course Offers:A straightforward, easy-to-follow approach to learning animation principles.Hands-on learning from the start, ensuring immediate application of new concepts.A focus on creating high-quality animations efficiently and effectively.Your Learning Journey:Begin with the basics: crafting simple yet impactful entry animations. Gradually delve into essential Animation Principles and their practical application. Create dynamic In/Out Transitions and animations perfect for Explainer Videos. Explore complex animations: pop, wiggle, float, shake, and wave. Discover Distortion techniques for adding life-like micro-movements to your animations. Master Key Animation Principles:Overshoot, Bounce, and Anticipation for dynamic motion. Follow Through and Overlapping Action for fluidity. Exaggeration and Distortion to add character and energy. Slow In and Slow Out, Arc Movement, and Secondary Action for realism and appeal. By The End of This Course:You’ll be equipped to create animations like a pro, not just basic motion graphics. I am dedicated to your success and will be there to support your creative journey. Join Now and Start Creating Compelling Animations:Ideal for beginners in After Effects or those looking to brush up their skills. A perfect blend of theory and practice, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. By the end of this course you will be creating awesome motion graphics and applying animation principles used by professional animators the Quick & Easy way.  Get ready to bring your motion graphics and animation ideas to life with ease and professionalism. Enroll today and start your path to becoming a skilled animator with After Effects CC. Cheers, Louay


Section 1: Welcome to Motion Graphics and Animation Principle

Lecture 1 The Motion Graphics, Animation Principles and Projects Covered in the course

Lecture 2 Download your Exercise files & Projects

Lecture 3 Setting up After Effects for Motion Graphics

Section 2: 1st Project – Animating a scene with Overshoots and Bounces

Lecture 4 Let’s Animate: 1st Project – Bounce & overshoot

Lecture 5 How to import Graphics Into After Effects

Lecture 6 How to animate scenes in After Effects

Lecture 7 How to add easing to animation in After Effects

Lecture 8 Animation Principle: What is Overshoot?

Lecture 9 How to add a Quick & Easy Overshoot

Lecture 10 Animation Principle: What is Bouncing?

Lecture 11 Add Quick & Easy Bounce to your animation

Lecture 12 Make your animation more appealing by sequencing layers

Lecture 13 Sharpening the Vector Graphics

Lecture 14 Much nicer with Motion Blur

Lecture 15 Tips & Tricks: Useful Shortcuts

Lecture 16 Tips & Tricks: Anchor Point to change the animation

Lecture 17 Your assignment – Select and Animate

Section 3: Essentials – How to export your Videos to use on Social Medias

Lecture 18 Best & recommended Method to create Videos

Lecture 19 The other method – Render Queue

Lecture 20 Your Assignment: Show your achievement

Section 4: Essentials – How to organize Graphics in Illustrator for AE Import

Lecture 21 How to set up Illustrator files to Import to AE – Isometric Designs

Lecture 22 Adobe CC Library is another powerful tool

Lecture 23 What to do when the footage goes missing

Section 5: 2nd Project – The Quick & Easy way to create Animation

Lecture 24 2nd Project: Let’s Animate Awesome Quick & Easy

Lecture 25 Getting some help

Lecture 26 Important Tip: Animation Duration

Lecture 27 The Quick and Easy way to animate

Lecture 28 Animating a whole scene in a minute

Lecture 29 Creating waves with water layers

Lecture 30 Staggering Graphics Groups

Lecture 31 Taking them Out!

Lecture 32 How to Create Animation Groups

Lecture 33 How to create random motion

Lecture 34 How to create distortion motion

Section 6: 3rd Project – How to add Anticipation with Squash and Stretch

Lecture 35 How to add Simple Anticipation

Lecture 36 Anticipation with Simple Squash & Stretch

Lecture 37 Anticipation Down & Up with Squash & Stretch

Lecture 38 A more sophisticated squash and Stretch

Lecture 39 The inverse Animation with Squash & Stretch

Section 7: 4th Project – Game Scene Animation

Lecture 40 4th Project – Game Scene Animation

Lecture 41 The Motion Path way

Lecture 42 Create the Animation

Lecture 43 Adding Squash & Stretch

Lecture 44 Adding Sound Effects

Lecture 45 Adding Visual & Landing Sound Effects

Lecture 46 Playing the Animation Duration – Awesome Sound Effects changes

Lecture 47 Your Final Animation Download

Section 8: 5th Project – The Firing Cannon Animation

Lecture 48 5th Project – Distortion and much more

Lecture 49 The awesome effect to create Squash & Stretch and distortion

Lecture 50 First Action Animation

Lecture 51 Managing Speeds and Adding Action

Lecture 52 Telling a story with keyframes

Lecture 53 SFX brings life to your animation

Lecture 54 Your Final Cannon project download

Section 9: 6th Project – Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Lecture 55 6th Project – Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Lecture 56 The follow through animation stages

Lecture 57 How to create an animation group

Lecture 58 How to create Lag for the main body

Lecture 59 How to create Lag for other body parts

Lecture 60 Completing the Lag animation

Lecture 61 How to remove the stiffness and make them wave

Lecture 62 How to create the overlapping action

Lecture 63 Overlapping action the “elastic” way

Section 10: 7th Project – Environment Explained animation

Lecture 64 7th Project – from keyframes to effects and links

Lecture 65 Setting up: Background, Transparency and Centering

Lecture 66 Animate with overshoot and stagger

Lecture 67 How to create an animated group

Lecture 68 Add organic perfectly centered circles

Lecture 69 Completing the Animation.

Lecture 70 Advanced: Controlling with Angle expressions

Section 11: How to forge ahead

Lecture 71 The way forward: Go wild and animate – Create fun and amusing animations

Section 12: Bonus

Lecture 72 Bonus: Your Next Step.

This course is for people new to After Effects and Motion Graphics,It’s surely for you if you want to create better Motion Graphics and implement professional animation techniques,Only if you want to go from zero to hero in motion graphics and animations techniques

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 46m | 1.98 GB
Created by: Louay Zambarakji

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