After Effects Create Slide Shows Build a Complete Project

Adobe After Effects Tutorial – Build a Complete Slide Show and Package your Project for Re-Sale or for Personal Use
After Effects Create Slide Shows Build a Complete Project
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After Effects Create Slide Shows Build a Complete Project

What you’ll learn

Create a full Slide Show Project
Understand the structure of a Slide Show Project
Use Photoshop files to Import Images
Use pro methods to sequence layers
Create Animation using Adjustment Layers and Presets
Build Aminated Slides and Add Lower thirds
Package Project for personal use
Understand Where and How to use Place Holder
Package Project for commercial use

After Effects Create Slide Shows Build a Complete Project


A working Copy of After Effects – Preferably After Effects CC 2015. A 30 Day Trial Copy will do


You are most probably aware that Slide Show Projects are very much in demand. Be it for Re-sale, professional and business use, documentaries, movies or explainers. Know how to create, structure and re-use a Slide Show Project will make look more pro and grow your skills in After Effects.This is a Project Course where will build a definite useful project: Creating a Slide Show. This is a practical course where you will be able to download the After Effects project file and use it for your work be it commercial or personal.You will learn how a slide show project is build and how to use it for personal or commercial benefits. It is a model project that you can later modulate to have 20, 30 or 100 slides depending on your needs.You will tackle some of the most essential aspects of a Slide Show Project among others:Getting Images ready in Photoshop and how to import them into After EffectsHow to sequence your Slide Show the professional wayHow to Create Image Pre-CompositionsHow to Create and Insert lower thirdsAnd Of course how to Create Slide Animations simple and complex onesThe main concept of this course is to cover all the steps that are required to Create a structured and modular slide show that you can use and re-use, grow or reduce and change any slide animation.You will start by understanding the various methods to import your photos. Move on to create the structure within the After Effects Project. The next Step will be to create the slide animations and how to move from one slide to another.There be a thorough on Sequencing and creating images or movies pre-comps the professional way.Adding lower thirds will come in just to demonstrate how you can add messages on each slide.The last part we will deal with packaging for re-sale or personal use.Join the course now.


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 How this course is structured

Lecture 2 Preview a Movies Slide Show

Lecture 3 Preview an Images Slide Show

Section 2: Getting Ready to Start

Lecture 4 Preparing your Photos and Importing into After Effects

Lecture 5 If Your are not Familair with Photoshop – Download Photo File Here

Lecture 6 Using the Adjustment Layer

Section 3: Starting the Show

Lecture 7 Create your first Slide and Organize your Project

Lecture 8 Rotating the Original

Lecture 9 Swipe Change

Lecture 10 Reversing Motion Path

Lecture 11 Slamming with Opacity

Lecture 12 Repeating the Repeater

Lecture 13 Wipe with Stencil

Lecture 14 Exagerated Scale

Lecture 15 Unfolding Simulation

Lecture 16 Bluring all the way

Lecture 17 Sequencing your Slide Show

Section 4: Adding Lower Thirds

Lecture 18 Creating a Sample Lower Thirds

Lecture 19 Advanced Method to Create Images Pre-Comps

Section 5: Getting your Project Ready for Re-Sale

Lecture 20 Working with Movies

Lecture 21 Packaging for Re-sale

Lecture 22 Download the Complete Project

Section 6: Finally

Lecture 23 Conclusion – SlideShow Business

Section 7: Bonus

Lecture 24 Bonus: Your Next Step.

When you want to build After Effects Slide Show Projects for personal or commercial use,When you want to enhance your skills in After Effects Practical and Useful Projects

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Udemy | English | 0h 57m | 256.67 MB
Created by: Louay Zambarakji

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