After Effects for Beginners Complete Intro to After Effects

Complete Intro to After Effects – Learn After Effects CC typography and animation
After Effects for Beginners Complete Intro to After Effects
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After Effects for Beginners Complete Intro to After Effects

What you’ll learn

Get curious about After Effects and hungry to learn more
Improve the quality of Your videos by adding animations
Establish a healthy understanding of motion graphics
Use After Effects fluently and understand advanced tutorials
Transition from a graphic designer to a graphic design & motion artist

After Effects for Beginners Complete Intro to After Effects


After Effects CS5, CS 5.5, CS6, CC, CC2015, CC2017 installed. (You can use a 30-day free trial)
Ready to start thinking animation-like to turn graphics into motion
Basic knowledge of the Adobe Suite is not mandatory, but welcome
Willing to learn animation software


This course will teach you all neccesary & most used After Effects tools, a proper workflow, show you real-life examples of animating and various tricks in the program. Watch the above promo video for detailed explanation. This is your one-stop guidance & shortcut to professional motion graphic design.
Project files included, free to use in your own workThe [WORKSHOP] section will make sure you stay current and up-to-date with new design trends as I will be adding my tutorials there
In this course I want to teach you everything you need to know to start working in After Effects and becomming a motion graphic artist. We will start with the program interface, going on with keyframing and later creating our first animations. This will be a basic course making a great intro to the motion design world. It doesn’t matter if you use After Effects CS6 or After Effects CC (we work on CC 2015, but informations about both are covered).
You don’t have to work for Warner Bros right away, but with help of this After Effects course you will be able to prepare simple animations to spice up Your YouTube channel, videos, land more work with clients by expanding your skillset, get creative with your 2D content, be confident that you can use Photoshop / Illustrator files and create animations out of them, produce seamless animations and more.
Some of the things that will be covered during the course:
Motion Graphics basicsAfter Effects program layout and basicsWorking with different types of layersCreating our first few animationsSimple kinetic typography to useReal-life examples of lower thirds, logo animations & moreCross-usage between Photoshop / IllustratorHow to add effects to our compositionsPrecomposing, matting, exporting, renderingTons of often used tricks and keyboard shortcuts…the list goes on.
Knowing After Effects is a lucrative skill to have which is in demand especially in 2015 / 2016 and ongoing years where video will grow as the most published type of content across the web.
So why & for what is After Effects used actually:
Improve video quality,Spice up videos with smooth animations,Industry standard for animating (TV Shows, News, Video content),Enhancing Youtube channels content,…the list is endless.
This course will kickstart your After Effects journey and you will realize that After Effects is and will be one of the most important tools on the market regarding animation & video editing. I want help you achieve your creative goals, wether it’s enhancing your Youtube channel, promoting your business or starting your mograph (motion graphics design) career.
So what are you waiting for…Enroll Now!


Section 1: Let’s Roll – Introduction to the course

Lecture 1 Introduction to the content


Lecture 3 What is Motion Graphics & After Effects?

Lecture 4 Terminology in Video Editing

Lecture 5 EXERCISE: Prepare your first movie!

Section 2: Core Elements – Getting started with After Effects

Lecture 6 After Effects Interface

Lecture 7 Preferences & memory size

Lecture 8 Adding & Organizing Assets

Lecture 9 Import .PSD files properly

Lecture 10 Import .AI files properly

Lecture 11 Relinking missing assets

Lecture 12 Composition settings

Lecture 13 EXERCISE: Prepare a Quick Title with Burn Film Effect

Section 3: Workflow – Essential tools & practices

Lecture 14 The Timeline – Pt. 1

Lecture 15 The Timeline – Pt. 2

Lecture 16 Properties

Lecture 17 Pre-Composing

Lecture 18 Crop Composition to any size with Region of Interest

Lecture 19 Keyframing & Interpolation

Lecture 20 Keyframes in action – Create a simple transition

Lecture 21 Parenting

Lecture 22 Previewing

Lecture 23 Rendering

Lecture 24 Copy Keyframes Between Layers

Lecture 25 EXCERCISE: Prepare a simple Logo Intro

Section 4: Shape Layers

Lecture 26 Creating Text layers

Lecture 27 Creating Solid layers

Lecture 28 Creating Shape Layers

Lecture 29 Shape Layers – Rearranging and adding properties

Lecture 30 Changing Amount of Points

Lecture 31 Masks & Masking

Lecture 32 Blending Modes

Lecture 33 Track Mattes

Lecture 34 EXERCISE: Prepare a Custom Transition!

Section 5: Animation

Lecture 35 Animation

Lecture 36 Easing Keyframes

Lecture 37 Motion Blur

Lecture 38 Graph Editor

Lecture 39 Null Object

Lecture 40 Basic Expressions

Lecture 41 Working with Audio

Lecture 42 EXCERCISE: Create a circle with appearing text

Section 6: Effects & Presets

Lecture 43 Using Effects & their order

Lecture 44 Different Layers for Different FX

Lecture 45 Adjustment Layers

Lecture 46 Masking out effects

Lecture 47 EXERCISE: Create an Audio Spectrum

Section 7: Other most used techniques (Bit more advanced)

Lecture 48 Transparent videos

Lecture 49 Time Remapping (Slow Motion)

Lecture 50 Stabilizing shaky camera footage

Lecture 51 Color keying (Aka. Green Screen)

Lecture 52 Motion Tracking

Lecture 53 Exporting and copying Compositions between Projects

Lecture 54 Basic Camera Usage

Section 8: WORKSHOP: All you’ve learned in use!

Lecture 55 Create a Lower Third

Lecture 56 Create a Typographic Animation

Lecture 57 Create a Logo Transition

Lecture 58 Create a Minimal Title Animation

Lecture 59 Create a Cross Animation

Lecture 60 Creating a pattern over another object with Repeater

Lecture 61 Simple One Line Title Animation

Lecture 62 The Power of Puppet Pin Tool!

Lecture 63 Motion elements with CC Cylinder

Lecture 64 Stroke Animation

Section 9: BONUS: Design an outstanding Stroke Animation

Lecture 65 Select Font and Create Outlines

Lecture 66 Prepare and pre-compose Layers

Lecture 67 Applying Effects

Lecture 68 Select Color and Fill the Letter

Lecture 69 Watch another letter from beginning

Lecture 70 Workflow Tips

Lecture 71 Finalizing and polishing the project

Section 10: BONUS: Explainer Videos in After Effects

Lecture 72 Introduction

Lecture 73 Selecting a topic

Lecture 74 Selecting appropriate graphics

Lecture 75 Animating the icons

Lecture 76 Rove across time and use Null objects!

Lecture 77 Bonus – Creating a Voice Over

Lecture 78 Craft your story – Advanced trick!

Lecture 79 Creating a Transition

Lecture 80 Creating a Text Scene

Lecture 81 Final project

Section 11: Little tips & updates

Lecture 82 Change amount of edges in shapes

Lecture 83 Dividing, multiplying and adding values

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 84 Thank You!

Lecture 85 Bonus lecture

Course Creators, YouTubers, anyone wanting to incorporate animation into videos,Graphic designers & Freelancers looking to learn motion graphics and VFX,Everyone wanting to start out with animation software,Users interested in motion graphics,Adobe suite users wanting to learn & work in After Effects

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 55m | 2.94 GB
Created by: Andrew Pach

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