After Effects Logo Animation after effects motion graphics

Create motion graphics logo animations in After Effects. A complete guide to title openers in after effects
After Effects Logo Animation after effects motion graphics
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After Effects Logo Animation after effects motion graphics

What you’ll learn

Create engaging logo intro animations
Be better with After Effects
Make better youtube videos
Have a greater online presence
Be able to sell logo stinger opener templates
Freelance and render logo intros for clients

After Effects Logo Animation after effects motion graphics


Basic After Effects knowledge is not mandatory, but will be helpful
Working version of After Effects – CS5.5 or above
Wanting to learn motion graphics and get better at animation!


Would you like to design outstanding logo animations in after effects?Open your youtube videos with a kick and proper branding by animating your logoMake your online presence and courses more enjoyable and professionalLearn After Effects tips, tricks and techniques from an experienced designerDesign after effects cc templates and use them for all your projects!

Brief Overview:
In this After Effects course you will learn from start to finish how to design professional looking logo intros and title openers, as well as templates which you can use for your videos, courses and online presence. After effects is a wonderful tool which will surely be an advantage for you to know in your future career, wether as an independed online entrepreneur or creative working in any industry. Logo intros are in high demand, just imagine how many youtube channels are create every HOUR? And only a few utilize proper branding, which means an infinite influx of clients and places where we can offer our logo animation services.
Structure of the Content:
At first I will show you a little bit about logo intros, how and where are they usedThen we will dive right into creating our real life projectsEach big project has it’s own section, with detailed explanations and guides, where I slowly explain everything step-by-stepOnce we are ready with all projects, I’m showing additional features and “how to use guides” – we will learn to render, add intros, edit them into our videos and do additional work with themBasic After Effects knowledge will be useful, but is not mandatoryIt doesn’t matter if you use After Effects CS5.5, After Effects CS6, After Effects CC or After Effects CC2015
Biggest Benefits of the Course:
You learn After Effects while making interesting projectsPerfect opportunity to dive into the motion graphics worldYou will complete several projects on your own in after effectsYou will create templates which you can use over and over againLearn basic video editing and design related to having an online presence
Summary & How to Get Started:
Even if you do not own a copy or know After Effects very well you can take advantage of this course by using the free 30-day trial from Adobe on their website. All you need is an account on Adobe Creative Cloud app which is free to sign up for and you are ready to learn this powerful software.
Remember that Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee on every course, so what are you waiting for? Start using Adobe After Effects right now to create visually stunning and professional titles, logo animations, openers and more…Enroll now!


Section 1: Introduction – For what do we need & use logo animations?

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Usage of logo intro animations

Lecture 3 Practice activity! Simple logo animation you start with

Lecture 4 Download resources here

Section 2: Logo Animation #1 – Quick Motion Elements Reveal

Lecture 5 Logo Animation #1 – Introduction

Lecture 6 Create the dot

Lecture 7 Circular dots

Lecture 8 Logo composition

Lecture 9 Make the animation POP!

Lecture 10 Finishing touch

Section 3: Logo Animation #2 – Unfolding Introduction

Lecture 11 Logo Animation #2 – Introduction

Lecture 12 Dividing the composition

Lecture 13 Making the logo composition

Lecture 14 Keyframing the animation

Lecture 15 Adding cameras

Lecture 16 Fading out and little tweaks

Lecture 17 Organize the project for use

Section 4: Logo Animation #3 – Circle Motion Elements Animation

Lecture 18 Logo Animation #3 – Introduction

Lecture 19 Radial Wipe circle

Lecture 20 Trim Paths line

Lecture 21 Repeater Dots

Lecture 22 Placing the circles

Lecture 23 Animating elements

Lecture 24 Working the dots

Lecture 25 Finalizing the animation

Section 5: Logo Animation #4 – Sliced Mask Animation

Lecture 26 Logo Animation #4 – Introduction

Lecture 27 Decide on the logo space

Lecture 28 Circular rotation animation

Lecture 29 Animated shape addon

Lecture 30 Utilize what you already have

Lecture 31 Add the tagline animation

Section 6: What now? Rendering & usage

Lecture 32 How to render with Render Queue

Lecture 33 How to render with Adobe Media Encoder

Lecture 34 Rendering transparent videos

Lecture 35 Add intros in video editing software

Section 7: BONUS SECTION: Course Updates & Little Design Challenges for Curious Users!

Lecture 36 Bonus: Creating a pattern over another object with Repeater

Lecture 37 Simple One Line Title Animation

Lecture 38 Crop Composition to any size with Region of Interest

Lecture 39 The Power of Puppet Pin Tool!

Lecture 40 Motion elements with CC Cylinder

Lecture 41 Trails animation

Lecture 42 Change amount of edges in shapes

Lecture 43 Dividing, multiplying and adding values

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 44 Thank You!

Lecture 45 Bonus lecture

Video Editors,Youtubers,Video makers,Motion Graphics Artist & enthusiasts,Anyone interested in making animations,Adobe After Effects users

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 54m | 1.54 GB
Created by: Andrew Pach

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