After Effects Motion Graphics Data Visualization

Using Adobe After Effects create beautiful VFX Visual Effects, data visualization & VFX Compositing.
After Effects Motion Graphics Data Visualization
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After Effects Motion Graphics Data Visualization

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn to take Excel spread sheets and animate this in After Effects.
You’ll learn how to make animated pie charts, line charts & bar graphs.
You’ll learn how to create percentage counters.
You’ll learn how to animate icons making beautiful infographics.
You’ll learn how to create ‘voice over’ infographics.
You’ll learn all the animation techniques needed to bring your data to life.
You will have the finished files so you never fall behind.
Downloadable exercise files & cheat sheet.
Forum support from me and the rest of the BYOL crew.
Techniques used by professional motion graphic designers.
A wealth of other resources and websites to help your new career path.

After Effects Motion Graphics Data Visualization


You will need a copy of Adobe After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop CC 2017 or above. 90% of the course will be done in After Effects but a few things are better done in Illustrator & Photoshop. A free trial can be downloaded from Adobe.
No previous motion graphic skills are needed.
No previous After Effects, Illustrator or Photoshop skills are needed.


Hi there, my name is  Dan. I’m a Adobe Certified Instructor and I LOVE animating infographics & bringing potentially boring data to life using After Effects through Data Visualization.This course is for beginners. You don’t need any previous knowledge in VFX Compositing or any motion graphics experience. We’ll start with the super basics, taking simple icons breathing life into to them with After Effects.We’ll work through a real life projects, connecting Excel into After Effects to transform your boring spreadsheet data into approachable visual information. We’ll experiment with lighting & cameras. We’ll do some fun things with masking, looking at how important sound is in your presentation, all the way through to exporting for Youtube, Powerpoint and all sorts of social media including animated GIFS.  There are projects for you to complete, so you can practice your VFX visual effects skills and use these for your portfolio. There is a cheat sheet and I’ve got exercise files so you can play along. I will also save my files as I go through each video so that you can compare yours to mine – handy if something goes wrong.Know that I will be around to help – if you get lost you can drop a post on the video ‘Questions and Answers’ below each video and I’ll be sure to get back to you.What are you waiting for? Lets get making!


Section 1: Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Exercise files & projects

Lecture 3 Inspiration for your animated infographics

Section 2: Animating Infographics

Lecture 4 Setting up your software & project for data visualization in After Effects

Lecture 5 How to add audio & music to a infographic in After Effects

Lecture 6 How to add a solid background or image to your infographic

Lecture 7 Adding text & Adobe TypeKit in After Effects

Lecture 8 Where to get free Icons for your animated infographics

Lecture 9 CC Libraries are amazing in After Effects – start using them now

Lecture 10 Animating an infographic icon in Adobe After Effects

Lecture 11 How to ease animation in After Effects to make them look slick

Lecture 12 Help, I’m lost. I can’t find my comp in After Effects

Lecture 13 Where to find free sounds & noises to my animated infographic

Lecture 14 Creating a circle pop or circle burst in After Effects

Section 3: Techniques for beautiful animation

Lecture 15 Animation TIP – Motion Blur in After Effects

Lecture 16 Animation TIP – Over shoot in After Effects

Lecture 17 Animation TIP – Vignette in After Effects

Lecture 18 Animation TIP – Anticipation – Up before down – graph editor

Lecture 19 Animating TIP – Offset two objects moving just after each other in After Effects

Lecture 20 Animation TIP – Vector Redraw in After Effects

Lecture 21 Animating TIP – Puppet tool in After Effects

Lecture 22 Animating TIP – Grouping in After Effects is called precomping

Section 4: Camera – 1 Node

Lecture 23 How to create & animate a camera in After Effects

Section 5: Preview & Playback

Lecture 24 How to speed up After Effects playback & preview

Section 6: Icon build

Lecture 25 How to animate the lines of an icon in After Effects

Section 7: Color & Backgrounds

Lecture 26 How to add colors to your animated infographic video

Lecture 27 How to add video backgrounds to your infographic video

Section 8: Data Visualization

Lecture 28 How to manually make an animated bar graph in After Effects

Lecture 29 How to use Adobe Illustrator to create an moving bar graph in After Effects

Lecture 30 How to use Excel to create an data visualization bar chart in After Effects

Lecture 31 How to create a data visualization line graphs using Adobe After Effects

Lecture 32 How to create an data visualization pie chart graph using Adobe After Effects

Lecture 33 How to make a number counter ticker thing in Adobe After Effects

Lecture 34 How to create an animated flow chart infographic

Section 9: Camera – 2 Node

Lecture 35 How to use a 2 node camera to sweep across a data visualization Masking

Section 10: Masking

Lecture 36 How to make a donut style pie chart animation in After Effects

Lecture 37 How to mask an image inside pie chart segments

Lecture 38 How to make an animated opacity percentage slider in Adobe After Effects

Lecture 39 How to animate an object filling up to make it look like liquid in After Effects

Section 11: Real life video infographics

Lecture 40 How to get line to follow the video in Adobe After Effects

Lecture 41 Track motion in After Effects to follow a person like stranger than fiction

Lecture 42 Camera tracking in After Effects doesn’t work well let do it manually

Section 12: Exporting

Lecture 43 Exporting AFX infographic video for TV, Websites, Youtube & social media

Lecture 44 How to Export data visualization for Microsoft PowerPoint

Lecture 45 How to export animated GIF infographic animation from After effects What next

Lecture 46 Data visualization & infographic project in Adobe After Effects

Lecture 47 What to do next after learning Animated Infographic Videos

Lecture 48 BONUS: Software Updates 2021

Lecture 49 BONUS: Software Updates 2022

Lecture 50 Cheat sheet & shortcuts for After Effects

This course is for people completely new to After Effects. No previous animation or motion graphic design experienced is necessary.,This is a relaxed, well paced introduction that will enable you to produce impressive video for your business or organization. Only basic computing skills are necessary – If you can send emails and surf the internet then you will cope well with our course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 28m | 5.44 GB
Created by: Daniel Walter Scott

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