Agile PM 201 Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level

Develop an Adaptive, High-Performance Agile Approach Based on a Deeper Understanding of Agile Principles and Values
Agile PM 201 Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level
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Agile PM 201 Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level

What you’ll learn

Develop a deeper understanding of the principles and values behind Agile and Scrum to create high performance Agile teams and to apply Agile more effectively to a much broader range of projects and business environments
Develop the knowledge and skills to lead, mentor, and coach Agile project teams based on an in-depth understanding of understanding of Agile and Scrum values, principles, and practices

Agile PM 201 Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level


All students should take my Udemy course “Learn the Truth About ‘Agile versus Waterfall'” before taking this course


Important:This course is part of an integrated, university-level curriculum of seven courses (See details below).  This course is the third course in that series and should be taken in sequence.  Please take the prerequisite courses before taking this course. Course Statistics:Over 125,000 students in my courses!Over 7,000 5-star reviews in my courses!Earn PDU’s: Students who complete this course are eligible to receive 3.75 PDU’s in PMI continuing education credits. Instructions for claiming PDU’s are provided with the last lesson in the course.Qualify for PMI-ACP Certification:  Completion of all seven courses in this series will meet the requirement for 21 hours of training to qualify for PMI-ACP certification.Money-back Guaranty: Try this course and if you are not satisfied with the value you received from the course, just send an email to Udemy support and they will give you a 100% refund within 30 days.Course Summary:  Develop a very high-impact and adaptive approach to implementing Agile and Scrum projects based on a deeper understanding of Agile/Scrum principles and values that can be adapted to any project and business environment!Agile training is often limited to the “mechanics” of how to implement Agile and Scrum and that can often lead to weak and ineffective implementation.  An adaptive approach that is based on fitting the approach to the nature of the project and to the business environment requires a deeper understanding of the principles behind Agile and Scrum.This course is designed to provide Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile Teams with a deeper understanding of principles and values behind Agile and Scrum and how they can be applied in real-world project situations to develop a high performance Agile approach that is adaptive to any project and business environment.Special Note:This course is part of an overall curriculum that is designed around helping students develop the skills required for a high-impact Agile Project Management role.  Most students will want to take the complete curriculum rather than individual courses.  The complete curriculum should be taken in the following order:Agile PM 101 – Learn the Truth About Agile versus WaterfallAgile PM 102 – What’s the Future of Agile Project Management?Agile PM 201 – Understanding Agile at a Deeper LevelAgile PM 202 – Introduction to Agile Project ManagementAgile PM 301 – Mastering Agile Project ManagementAgile PM 401 – Advanced Agile Project ManagementAgile PM 402 – Enterprise-level Agile Project ManagementStudents who complete the entire curriculum of all seven courses shown above will receive a signed certificate of completion from the Agile Project Management Academy.  The complete set of seven courses will also meet the 21 hours of training required for PMI-ACP certification.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PMI-ACP Certification CourseIn addition, there are one optional courses that is designed to supplement the above curriculum for students who are interested in PMI-ACP certification:How to Prepare for PMI-ACP Certification is intended for students who are interested in using this curriculum to prepare for PMI-ACP certification____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Agile Business Management CurriculumThere is also a condensed version of this curriculum that is designed for any business people who are involved in Agile projects including Product Owners, Business Sponsors, and Business AnalystsIntroduction to Agile Business ManagementMastering Agile Business ManagementEnterprise-level Agile Business ManagementNote: These courses for Agile Business Management are an abridged version of the Agile Project Management courses and there is no need to take both


Section 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction and Course Overview

Section 2: Agile Fundamentals

Lecture 2 Agile History

Lecture 3 Agile Manifesto Values

Lecture 4 Agile Manifesto Principles Part 1

Lecture 5 Agile Manifesto Principles Part 2

Lecture 6 Agile Manifesto Principles Part 3

Lecture 7 Agile Manifesto Principles Part 4

Section 3: Scrum

Lecture 8 Scrum Overview

Lecture 9 Scrum Roles

Lecture 10 Scrum Methodology

Lecture 11 Scrum Values

Section 4: General Comparison of Agile and Plan-Driven Methodologies

Lecture 12 Empirical versus Defined Process Models

Lecture 13 Management of Uncertainty

Lecture 14 Iron Triangle versus Agile Triangle

Section 5: Learning to See the “Big Picture”

Lecture 15 Systems Thinking

Lecture 16 Complex Adaptive Systems

Section 6: The Roots of Agile – TQM and Lean Manufacturing

Lecture 17 Total Quality Management (TQM) Overview

Lecture 18 Dr Deming’s Original Fourteen Points

Lecture 19 The Influence of TQM Part 1

Lecture 20 The Influence of TQM Part 2

Lecture 21 The Influence of TQM Part 3

Lecture 22 The Influence of Lean Manufacturing

Lecture 23 Lean Systems Engineering

Section 7: Managing Flow in Agile Projects

Lecture 24 Kanban Overview and Examples

Lecture 25 Kanban Boards

Lecture 26 Principles of Product Development Flow

Lecture 27 The Theory of Constraints

Lecture 28 Cumulative Flow Diagrams

Section 8: Lean Software Development and Value Stream Analysis

Lecture 29 Lean Software Development Methodology

Lecture 30 Lean Software Development Principles

Lecture 31 Value Stream Analysis

Section 9: Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles

Lecture 32 Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles Part 1

Lecture 33 Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles Part 2

Lecture 34 Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles Part 3

Lecture 35 Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles Part 4

Lecture 36 Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles Part 5

Lecture 37 Advanced Agile/Scrum Principles Part 6

Section 10: Example Scrum Project

Lecture 38 Example Scrum Project Part 1

Lecture 39 Example Scrum Project Part 2

Section 11: Other Agile Methodologies

Lecture 40 Extreme Programming (XP)

Lecture 41 Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

Lecture 42 Older Agile Methodologies

Section 12: Overall Course Summary and Wrap-Up

Lecture 43 Overall Summary

Lecture 44 How to Claim PDU’s

Lecture 45 Bonus Material

Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile Teams who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of the principles and values behind Agile and Scrum to enable them to optimize the execution of an Agile/Scrum process in a given project

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Udemy | English | 5h 1m | 855.90 MB
Created by: Agile Project Management Academy – Chuck Cobb

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