Agile Product Ownership RequirementsPlanning and Tracking

Learn about User Stories, Backlog management, Planning Poker, Story points and Velocity,Burn up and Burn down charts
Agile Product Ownership RequirementsPlanning and Tracking
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Mona Shokrof


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Agile Product Ownership RequirementsPlanning and Tracking

What you’ll learn

Handling Requirements in Agile Projects
Planning Techniques in Agile Projects
User Stories Technique
Planning Poker and Story points
Product Owner Role
Product Backlog Management
Agile Release Planning
Sprint Planning
Tracking Agile Projects

Agile Product Ownership RequirementsPlanning and Tracking




What are the criteria for the success of any software project?Is it delivering before the deadline? Or delivering all the requested features?What if we delivered all the requested features, before the deadline but no one used this software?The main criteria of success are to deliver value to the client, solving a problem or fulfilling a need.But how can we deliver value while the requirements are changing constantly and also the plan?That’s why we need to work agile, we need to experiment a lot and validate step by step until we fulfill the client’s need.And that’s what you will learn in this courseWe will cover how to handle changing requirements in agile projects and how to validate those requirements frequently and how to adapt the plan according to the market changes and to customer feedback.As well as how agile teams are formulated and the role of the product owner in project success.And above all that , you will learn about the agile mindset which is the foundation of all these practicesAnd here is the Agenda of the course:Introduction to AgileThe Product Owner RoleHandling RequirementsThe BacklogDefinition of DoneUser StoriesPlanning and TrackingEstimation and Planning PokerVelocityPlanning LevelsRelease Planning and TrackingSprint Planning and Tracking


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Objectives and Agenda

Lecture 2 What is Agile ?

Lecture 3 Agile Mindset

Lecture 4 Agile Methodologies

Lecture 5 Agile Project Big Picture

Lecture 6 Takeaways

Section 2: The Product Owner Role

Lecture 7 Agile Teams

Lecture 8 The Product Owner Role

Lecture 9 Takeaways

Section 3: Requirements

Lecture 10 The Backlog

Lecture 11 Definition of Done

Lecture 12 User Story Writing Technique

Lecture 13 User Stories

Lecture 14 User Stories Examples

Lecture 15 User Stories Samples

Lecture 16 Takeaways

Section 4: Requirements Grooming Facilitation Guides

Lecture 17 Refinement Levels

Lecture 18 Initial Refinement – User Story Writing

Lecture 19 Technical Refinement

Lecture 20 Final Refinement – Preplanning

Section 5: Agile Planning Overview

Lecture 21 Agile Planning

Lecture 22 Estimation and uncertainity

Section 6: Estimation

Lecture 23 Estimation Techniques

Lecture 24 Story Points

Lecture 25 Planning Poker Technique

Section 7: Release Planning and Tracking

Lecture 26 Release Planning

Lecture 27 Velocity

Lecture 28 Tracking Team’s Velocity

Section 8: Sprint Planning and Tracking

Lecture 29 Sprint Planning

Lecture 30 Sprint Planning Facilitation Guide

Lecture 31 Tracking Sprint Progress

Section 9: Bonus :Agile Transformation Step by Step

Lecture 32 Problems with Agile Adoption

Lecture 33 New Approach

Lecture 34 Agile Transformation Step by Step Course

Lecture 35 Udemy Learners Gift – Discount on Coaching

Section 10: Final Exam

Section 11: Bonus : Agile Manifesto

Lecture 36 Agile Manifesto

Section 12: Bonus : Scrum Overview

Lecture 37 Scrum

Lecture 38 The Sprint

Lecture 39 Scrum Events

Product Owners,Project Managers who want to work in Agile Projects,Developers who work in Agile Projects,Testers who work in Agile Projects,Those who want to switch their career to Product Owner,Scrum Masters,Those who want to switch their career to Scrum Master

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 13m | 528.35 MB
Created by: Mona Shokrof

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