AI for Business Leaders

Learn and plan for the business opportunities and risks of AI in 2023
AI for Business Leaders
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AI for Business Leaders

What you’ll learn

Why artificial intelligence is important for your business now
What the benefits of using AI could be in 2023
Understand the risks of AI in your business, now and in the future
Understand how AI could impact your business model

AI for Business Leaders


Working knowledge of business


This course prepares business leaders and executives for the opportunities and risks that AI brings, particularly in the context of generative AI. The potential for AI to massively disrupt business in the next 12 – 18 months is real, and this course:Helps to prepare leaders and their teams for the coming changes to ensure they avoid business model disruption having an adverse impact on their business.Gives leaders information to help them evaluate their business strategies in light of AI’s likely impact.Explores the risks and considerations that should be evaluated for any business implementing AI.Please note – this course does not go into detail on specific tools or in-depth into specific AI technologies. It is targeted at business leaders who want to learn more about AI in their business context.The course guides leaders through the current state of AI, what the opportunities and risks could be, and what they need to consider when facing into AI and suggests a path forward. There is a lot of hype, uncertainty and scepticism regarding AI – this course is grounded in real business experience, written and delivered by experienced digitally focused business consultants and executives with a combined 40+ years’ experience working for large blue chip organisations, start-ups and small-to-medium businesses in the US, UK, Europe and Oceania. The course gives leaders an overview of why Artificial Intelligence is important now, what the possible impacts could be on their business and how to plan for AI adoption. It is structured in a way that allows leaders to dip into specific areas of interest and concern, based on their role in their business.


Section 1: AI for Business Leaders

Lecture 1 Understand why AI is important now

Lecture 2 Understand how AI could impact your strategy and business model

Lecture 3 Understand the possible impacts on business culture and brand

Lecture 4 Explore potential opportunities and challenges across a business

Lecture 5 Understand how businesses can move forward

Executives seeking to understand what AI is and how it could impact their business,Leaders who want to implement AI into their business to improve productivity,Boards and company secretaries that want to manage AI risk,Leadership teams that need to learn about AI in a business opportunity context,Business leaders who want to understand how autonomous AI might impact their brand and culture

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