AI system in Unreal Engine 5 and C Beginner to advance

This course covered AI system in Unreal Engine 5 using C++, with two fun projects.
AI system in Unreal Engine 5 and C Beginner to advance
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AI system in Unreal Engine 5 and C Beginner to advance

What you’ll learn

C++ Basics: Everything you need to know before starting UE5
Unreal Engine 5 Basics: we will cover Unreal Engine 5 basics to be ready for game development
Using Unreal Engine 5 and C++ together, l will teach how to use UE5 classes and how to add our own classes and functions into that
Creating a map: I will show you how to create a full game map
Shooter 3rd person character: we will start it from blank class and will add all the functionality using C++
AI in UE5 and C++: Will cover: AIController class, SetFocus, MoveToActor, LineOfSightTo, BehaviorTree, BT Tasks, BT Decorators and custom tasks
Adding sound effects and particle effects into game
Game HUD, Health bar, Loser screen widget, field of view of camera and enemy health bar
Full AI control people
AI control cars
Car driving
Car damage effect, exploding and spawning old damaged car after shooting the car
Strong AI police system
Creating final project

AI system in Unreal Engine 5 and C Beginner to advance


No previous Unreal Engine or Programming experience needed.


Want to learn Artificial intelligence in Unreal Engine 5 and C++?Yeah! let’s start it!This is a complete course for those who want to learn AI in UE5 and C++. here we will use C++ and Unreal Engine together to make it more powerful.I will start everything from beginning very simple, then we will jump into intermediate and advance topics. C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages in the world, and Unreal Engine 5 is an gaming engine famous for creating games like Fortnite, Borderlands 3, Observer, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. so using these two powerful tools can make your dreams come this course we will cover following topics:1. C++ Basics:Build first C++ ProgramCompile and ErrorsVariables and ConstantsArraysExpressions and StatementsOperationsIf – else StatementLoopingFunctionsPointers2. Creating a secrete maker program using C++3. Unreal Engine 5 Basics: IntroductionInstallingUser InterfaceNavigation and camera controlViewport SettingsCreating and Transforming objectsPost Process VolumeMaterialsTexture and its typesLightingLumenLandscapeLandscape MaterialsMegaScans LibraryFoliage System4. Using C++ and UE5 together (simple car game)Classes in Unreal Engine 5PAWN classUE5 Actor ComponentsForward DeclarationCreating objects and ComponentsUPROPERTYMesh, Camera and Spring Arm componentsPossessing A Pawn as game playerInput (Bind Axis and Bind Action)UE_LOGAdd Actor Local OffsetFrame rate and Delta timeAdd Actor Local RotationRotator and FVector5. Creating a game map6. Shooter GameCharacter classCharacter Movement FunctionsAnimation blueprint and Blend spaceActor classSpawning ActorAttach to componentShooting functionParticle EffectsLine TracingTake DamageVirtual Take Damage function and receiving the damageHealth variablesIsDead functionDeath animation7. AI in Unreal Engine 5 and C++AI controller classSet focusAI Movement:Nav MeshMoveToActorLineOfSightToBehavior TreeBT TasksBT DecoratorsBlackboard KeysBTTaskNodeShoot TaskFCollisionQueryParams8. Game Details Sound EffectsGameModePlayer ControllerWidgetsLoserScreenGame HUDHealth barField of view of cameraAnimation State Machine9. Advance Game AIFull AI people control systemFull AI Control carsCar DrivingCar Damage and ExplodingSpawning damaged carStrong AI Enemy10. Finalizing the Game


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Installing Visual Studio community 2022 and Visual Studio Code

Section 2: C++ Basics

Lecture 3 Section Overview

Lecture 4 Build first program

Lecture 5 Printing hello world

Lecture 6 Input

Lecture 7 New line

Lecture 8 Comment

Lecture 9 Compile and Error

Lecture 10 Variable

Lecture 11 Variable types

Lecture 12 Variable Declaration

Lecture 13 Variable naming rules

Lecture 14 Variable initialization

Lecture 15 TEST Program

Lecture 16 Constant

Lecture 17 Arrays

Lecture 18 Initializing Arrays

Lecture 19 Accessing the elements of an Array

Lecture 20 Expressions and statements

Lecture 21 Operators

Lecture 22 if – else statement

Lecture 23 Looping

Lecture 24 While Loop

Lecture 25 do…while loop and for loop

Lecture 26 What is a function

Lecture 27 Function in C++

Lecture 28 Section Summary

Section 3: C++ first program in C++

Lecture 29 Section Overview

Lecture 30 Simple Program

Lecture 31 For Loop

Lecture 32 Finish program

Lecture 33 Section Summary

Section 4: Unreal Engine 5 Basics

Lecture 34 Section Overview

Lecture 35 Download, Install and creating first project

Lecture 36 User Interface

Lecture 37 Navigation

Lecture 38 View port Settings

Lecture 39 Creating and Transforming objects

Lecture 40 Post Process Volume

Lecture 41 Materials

Lecture 42 Texture based Material

Lecture 43 Material Parameters, instance and Master Material

Lecture 44 Lighting System in Unreal Engine 5

Lecture 45 What is Lumen?

Lecture 46 Landscape

Lecture 47 Landscape Material

Lecture 48 Quixel Library

Lecture 49 Foliage System in Unreal Engine 5

Lecture 50 Section Summary

Lecture 51 Do you want to know more about Unreal Engine 5?

Section 5: Beginner C++ and UE5 combined use (simple car driving game)

Lecture 52 Section Overview

Lecture 53 New Project and files migration

Lecture 54 Creating first C++ class in Unreal Engine 5

Lecture 55 UE5 Components

Lecture 56 Introduction to the code inside Pawn class

Lecture 57 Forward Declaration

Lecture 58 Capsule Component

Lecture 59 Static Mesh Component

Lecture 60 UPROPERTY

Lecture 61 Spring Arm and Camera Components

Lecture 62 Possessing the Pawn as game player

Lecture 63 Bind Axis Mapping

Lecture 64 Car Movement Control

Lecture 65 Car Speed Control

Lecture 66 Car Turn

Lecture 67 Collision

Lecture 68 IsCarMoving

Lecture 69 Section Summary

Section 6: Creating game map

Lecture 70 Creating an empty level and lights

Lecture 71 Creating the map

Lecture 72 City map overview

Section 7: Shooter Game Starter

Lecture 73 Section overview

Lecture 74 Game Setup

Lecture 75 Character Movement

Lecture 76 Spring Arm and Camera

Lecture 77 Animation Blueprint

Lecture 78 Animation Blend Space

Lecture 79 Movement Speed

Lecture 80 Gun Class and Spawning it

Lecture 81 Attaching to Socket

Lecture 82 Shoot

Lecture 83 Particle Effect

Lecture 84 LineTraceByChannel

Lecture 85 Gun Effects

Lecture 86 Sending and Receiving Damage

Lecture 87 Killing the Character

Lecture 88 Section Summary

Section 8: Game AI

Lecture 89 Section Overview

Lecture 90 AI Controller

Lecture 91 MoveToActor Function

Lecture 92 LineOfSightTo function

Lecture 93 AI Police

Lecture 94 Destroy Enemy Character

Lecture 95 Behavior Tree

Lecture 96 BT_Decorators

Lecture 97 Custom BT Shoot

Lecture 98 FCollisionQueryParams

Lecture 99 Section Summary

Section 9: Game Details

Lecture 100 Section Overview

Lecture 101 Sound Effects

Lecture 102 GameModeBase

Lecture 103 PlayerController

Lecture 104 LoserScreen Widget

Lecture 105 Game HUD

Lecture 106 Healthbar

Lecture 107 Field Of View Of Camera

Lecture 108 Animation State Machine

Lecture 109 Enemy Health bar

Lecture 110 Section Summary

Section 10: Advance AI System

Lecture 111 Section Overview

Lecture 112 AI People setup

Lecture 113 AI People Controller

Lecture 114 AI People Death

Lecture 115 AI People Details

Lecture 116 AI Car Controller

Lecture 117 Car Setup

Lecture 118 Car Explosion

Lecture 119 Spawning Exploded Car

Lecture 120 Driving Car

Lecture 121 Strong AI Police

Lecture 122 Section Summary

Section 11: Final

Lecture 123 Finalize the project

Section 12: Q&A

Lecture 124 Move to a different actor instead of the player

If you want to start or re-skill to game development,If you want to learn AI system using UE5 and C++,Artists who want to make their products alive with AI,Developers who want to develop advance AI games,Environment designers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 21h 59m | 21.43 GB
Created by: Rahmat Md

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