AIDriven Data Storytelling with PowerBI 2023

Communicate powerful insights from data
AIDriven Data Storytelling with PowerBI 2023
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Lyle Petersen


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AIDriven Data Storytelling with PowerBI 2023

What you’ll learn

Discover the role of the data storyteller in a modern workplace.
Leverage the 7-Step Data Storytelling Framework™ to effectively deliver insights from data using insights from data, visuals and narrative.
Create practical solutions which can be tailored to your needs.
Learn to develop an underlying hypothesis.
Learn to transform data for business use.
Explore and create data visualizations to bring focus to insights and heighten emotions.
Leverage the power of data mining to find hidden insights.
Leverage narratives to frame your insights for impact.
Learn to tell the story to engage the audience.

AIDriven Data Storytelling with PowerBI 2023


No prior experience required


“The ability to weave data stories using data and visuals – is the future of the modern workplace.”Data storytelling is developing as an essential skill in the modern workplace and one of the main means of delivering insights from analytics.  In this course we will explore data storytelling to extract, understand and effectively communicate insights in a compelling manner. The goal is positive business outcomes, strategic insights and improved team collaboration.Stories have historically been the tool of leaders and influencers – simplifying the world around us, uniting communities and making a lasting impact. Your favorite series, brands, marketers and leaders use stories to build engagement and to communicate key values and insights. Similarly in the complex world of data – stories combining data visuals and key insights – cut through the clutter – engage with logic and emotion and drive actionable outcomes. Data storytelling is a powerful means to share insights and drive change within an organization.In this course we will use the 7-step data storytelling framework™ to find the value in data and tailor it to the needs of stakeholders using visuals and a compelling narrative. This is a simple step-by-step framework to delve into data – find those underlying questions and communicate an actionable outcome. You will use the Microsoft PowerBI data visualization tool to create practical solutions with techniques you can tailor to your needs. The solutions will be quick and easy to implement requiring no coding knowledge. Remember – this course is designed for anyone – requiring no practical experience. Join thousands embracing exciting modern data literacy skills and make a practical impact on your life.


Section 1: How to install PowerBI Desktop

Lecture 1 How to install PowerBI Desktop

Section 2: Why data storytelling is important

Lecture 2 Why is data storytelling important

Lecture 3 The magic of data storytelling

Lecture 4 The role of the data storyteller

Section 3: Finding insights using data visualization

Lecture 5 Building your hypothesis

Lecture 6 Framing your visual with insights

Lecture 7 Transforming your data for visuals

Lecture 8 The fall of Enron scenario

Lecture 9 Tools for focusing insights

Lecture 10 Exercise: Visualizing social network relationships

Lecture 11 Exercise: Minard map

Section 4: Storyteller data mining

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 Why data mining is important

Lecture 14 Relationship visuals

Lecture 15 Parts to whole visuals

Lecture 16 Visual data mining

Lecture 17 Scenario: World happiness index

Lecture 18 Clustering and visualizing associations in data

Lecture 19 Exercise: Exploring relationships with correlation plot

Lecture 20 Exercise: K-means clustering unsupervised learning

Lecture 21 Exercise: Root cause analysis with decomposition tree

Lecture 22 Exercise: Hidden insights with key influencers

Lecture 23 Exercise: Analytics dashboard – Chicago crime

Lecture 24 Exercise: Smoothing data points

Lecture 25 Exercise: Boxplot analysis

Section 5: The magic of Gestalt

Lecture 26 What is Gestalt?

Lecture 27 Visual design principles

Lecture 28 Proximity

Lecture 29 Similarity

Lecture 30 Closure, connection and order

Lecture 31 Isomorphic correspondence and contrast

Lecture 32 Hierarchy patterns

Lecture 33 Exercise: Real-time dashboard – load data

Lecture 34 Exercise: Real-time dashboard – transform data

Lecture 35 Exercise: Real-time dashboard – visualize data

Lecture 36 Exercise: Force network graphs for social networks

Section 6: Engaging with the narrative

Lecture 37 The role of the narrative

Lecture 38 The comic style narrative

Lecture 39 The eight visual story types

Lecture 40 Scenario: Health and wealth of nations

Lecture 41 Zooming through your narrative

Lecture 42 The contrasting story

Lecture 43 An intersection of insights

Lecture 44 Shock and awe

Lecture 45 Hooking your audience

Lecture 46 Springing tension

Lecture 47 The ingredients for powerful insights

Lecture 48 The cliffhanger

Lecture 49 Exercise: Multifaceted small multiples

Lecture 50 Exercise: Narrative over time

Lecture 51 Exercise: Stepper narrative – Facebook IPO launch

Lecture 52 Exercise: Dynamic narrative over time – Health and wealth data load

Lecture 53 Exercise: Dynamic narrative over time – Health and wealth transformation

Lecture 54 Exercise: Dynamic narrative over time – Health and wealth visualization

Lecture 55 Exercise: Zoom and filter – Navigating stock hierarchies

Section 7: Telling the data story

Lecture 56 Telling your data story

Lecture 57 Tailoring the data story to the audience

Lecture 58 Creating your persona

Lecture 59 Connecting with the audience

Lecture 60 AI data stories

Lecture 61 Exercise: Augmenting your delivery

Data analysts and data scientists wishing to create compelling insights from data.,Executives wishing to embrace modern data literacy skills to influence.,Those aspiring to work in the modern workplace.,Working professionals who wish to learn transferable data literacy skills.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 4m | 3.61 GB
Created by: Lyle Petersen

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