Airline Operations Extended Airplane Operations ETOPS

ETOPS/EDTO: aircraft operations, flight planning and dispatch; Regulations and certification; Terminology and much more
Airline Operations Extended Airplane Operations ETOPS
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Airline Operations Extended Airplane Operations ETOPS

What you’ll learn

Learn how any standard (non-ETOPS) commercial flight is operated
Learn Extended Twin engine airplane Operations (ETOPS) principles
Learn ETOPS regulations and approvals
Learn airplane Extended Diversion Time Operations basics (EDTO)
Understand ETOPS/EDTO benefits for airlines and environment
Learn how fuel is calculated for any flight
Understand different aircraft speeds
Learn adequate and suitable aerodromes principles
Learn Equal Time Point principles
Be able to read and explain various ETOPS terminology
Learn critical ETOPS scenarios
Be well prepared for any ETOPS related examination

Airline Operations Extended Airplane Operations ETOPS


Basic airline, aircraft and aviation knowledge (not mandatory).


Airline Operations: Extended Airplane Operations – ETOPS course is an aviation course about airline operations, flight planning and dispatch of twin jet engine airplanes on extended routes. In this advanced course we will learn the difference between standard operations and so called ETOPS operations, which allow the airplanes to fly in remote areas where airport availability is limited, for example in deserts, over oceans or sparsely populated areas, such as Siberia or Amazon jungles. Advances in engine technology and fuel-efficiency have made twin-engine jets the first choice for airlines not only for short haul regional routes, but also for long-haul and very long-haul operations. Twinjet efficiency advantage is multiplied when paired with ETOPS. My intention is that you understand the meaning and importance of ETOPS operations, including aviation regulations, certification process, flight planning and dispatch considerations, fuel planning and critical scenarios, technical aspects and other. The course is built from Airline Operations and Dispatch perspective based on my own more than 10 years’ experience in this field.The structure of the course is following:IntroductionETOPS overviewETOPS flight planningBONUS lecturesYou will learn such topics as History of ETOPS, EASA and FAA Regulations, Adequate and Suitable aerodromes, International Standard Atmosphere, Equal Time Points, Minimum Required and ETOPS fuel, Aircraft speeds, ETOPS scenarios and Diversion procedures, Runway Approach Categories, ETOPS alternate planning, Weather impact, and much more!The objective of this course for you is to be well oriented in most of ETOPS aspects, and get deep theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject and aviation in general. For better understanding the course contains a lot of graphical information, practical examples, additional reading materials, and quizzes after each section.I encourage you to begin this journey to Airline Operations and you will not regret it! If you have any questions during the course feel free to contact me, I will answer as quick as possible!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Course content

Section 2: ETOPS overview

Lecture 3 What is ETOPS?

Lecture 4 History of ETOPS

Lecture 5 ETOPS nowadays

Lecture 6 ETOPS regulations and approvals

Lecture 7 ETOPS terminology

Section 3: ETOPS flight planning

Lecture 8 ETOPS alternates

Lecture 9 Equal Time Point principle

Lecture 10 Critical ETOPS scenarios and fuel requirements (PART 1)

Lecture 11 Critical ETOPS scenarios and fuel requirements (PART 2)

Lecture 12 Critical ETOPS scenarios and fuel requirements (Part 3)

Lecture 13 Other considerations

Section 4: BONUS lectures

Lecture 14 Aircraft tracking, flight monitoring and GADSS regulations (PART 1)

Lecture 15 Aircraft tracking, flight monitoring and GADSS regulations (PART 2)

Lecture 16 Can we perform “ETOPS” without ETOPS approval?

Lecture 17 Aircraft Surveillance

Lecture 18 Thank You note

Anyone who wants or already works in Airline Operations and Dispatch,Aviation personnel who wants to improve their aviation knowledge,Any aviation field students,Flight crews,Pilot ground school students,Air Traffic Control (ATC) personnel,Anyone who is doing business with airlines (travel agencies, tour operators, aviation brokers, aviation service providers, etc.) and wants to improve their aviation knowledge,Passengers who want to understand how their flights are operated,Anyone who likes aviation and airplanes

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Created by: Anzijs Vilcevskis

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