AJAX Development

Create Elegant, Powerful Web and Mobile Applications Using AJAX.
AJAX Development
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AJAX Development

What you’ll learn

Understand the basics of Ajax interactions
To Understand and use the XMLHttpRequest() object in Javascript
To Update the Browser Window’s HTML content dynamically through the DOM
To Dynamically Create and Send Parameterized Queries to a Server
To Monitor Server Response for Process Completion
To Display Server Response in Plain Text
To Receive and Process XML Objects in the DOM
To Receive and Parse JSON Objects in the DOM
To Understand the Role of a Web Server in Ajax

AJAX Development


Mac, PC or Linux
Text Editor


You’ve learned a little Javascript,  but you still look at websites with slick, smooth and elegant user interfaces and want to know how web developers create that. The answer is simple: Ajax.  You’ve probably heard of it, but you’ve always wondered “What is Ajax”? Ajax is simply Asynchronous Javascript and XML. By taking our Ajax course, you can make pages on your web application respond quickly, and with a minimum of screen refreshes.With our Ajax course and a little Javascript knowledge you can use Ajax to take database information and store, alter, sort and conditionally format it all on the client side.  This minimizes the load on your server and makes your applications respond quickly and without reloading the HTML page.  Ajax communicates with the server behind the scenes while your user continues to use your web site, accessing the information they want. Our course will show you numerous Ajax examples and help you become proficient in using Ajax.In our Ajax course, master trainer Mark Lassoff takes you through the basics of Ajax right to advanced topics like parsing JSON responses from web services.  Our Ajax course is recommended for all web developers who want to improve their client side skills, and make professional, fast and responsive web applications.


Section 1: What is AJAX?

Lecture 1 Ajax’ified’ Web Sites

Lecture 2 Dynamic content placement

Lecture 3 The XMLHTTP Request Object

Lecture 4 Making AJAX Requests

Lecture 5 Parameterized AJAX Requests

Lecture 6 Chapter 1 Lab Exercise

Section 2: AJAX and XML

Lecture 7 Receiving XML Data

Lecture 8 Displaying XML Data in a Table

Lecture 9 Manipulating XML Data in the DOM

Lecture 10 Chapter 2 Lab Exercises

Section 3: AJAX and JSON

Lecture 11 What is JSON?

Lecture 12 Displaying JSON Data

Lecture 13 Building a JSON Object for Server Consumption

Lecture 14 Chapter 3 Lab Exercises

Section 4: XSLT

Lecture 15 Creating an XSLT Stylesheet

Lecture 16 XSLT Elements

Lecture 17 Chapter 4 Lab Exercises

Section 5: AJAX with the jQuery Framework

Lecture 18 Using AJAX with jQuery

Lecture 19 Using AJAX with JSON

Lecture 20 Chapter 5 Lab Exercises

Section 6: AJAX and PHP

Lecture 21 Using PHP with XML Data

Lecture 22 Using PHP with JSON Data

Web Developers,Mobile Developers using the HTML5 Stack,Programming Students,Software Developers,Anyone interested in improving web site performance,People with some Javascript Experience or those who have completed an Introductory Javascript course

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Udemy | English | 2h 57m | 2.90 GB
Created by: Dollar Design School

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