ALevel Maths Statistics Year 2

Master the statistics content from A-level maths (second year), and practice on real past paper exam questions.
ALevel Maths Statistics Year 2
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Woody Lewenstein


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ALevel Maths Statistics Year 2

What you’ll learn

A level statistics
Hypothesis tests
Normal distribution
Conditional probability
Data analysis

ALevel Maths Statistics Year 2


A good knowledge of AS-level statistics or equivalent.
A good scientific calculator (e.g. Casio classwiz fx-991EX or graphical calculator).


A-Level Maths: Statistics (Year 2) is a course for anyone studying A-Level Maths:This course covers everything in the statistics component of maths A-Level 2nd year content, and builds on the content covered in my first year course A-Level Maths: Statistics (Year 1 / AS). The course is suitable for all major exam boards, including Edexcel, OCR, AQA and MEI. It is also a great introduction to statistics for anyone interested in getting started.The main sections of the course are:Correlation – we will learn how to measure correlation and use this to test whether two variables are correlated. This is a hugely important skill used in science, economics, business and all fields that need to test ideas statistically.Regression – we will learn how to calculate equations of regression lines (lines of best fit), learn how to use these, and explore their limitations. We also look at regression for non-linear data, including exponential and polynomial models.Conditional Probability – we look at a version of Bayes’ theorem that will allow us to explore conditional probability problems. This will be applied to Venn diagrams, tree diagrams, binomial distributions and the normal distribution.The Normal Distribution – we learn what it is, how to use it, and explore a large range of advanced techniques for using it, including its connections with the binomial distribution and conditional probability.What you get in this course:Videos: Watch as I explain each topic, introducing all the key ideas, and then go through a range of different examples, covering all the important ideas in each. In these videos I also point out the most common misconceptions and errors so that you can avoid them.Quizzes: Each sub-section is followed by a short quiz for you to test your understanding of the content just covered. Most of the questions in the quizzes are taken from real A-Level past papers. Feel free to ask for help if you get stuck on these!Worksheets: At the end of each chapter I have made a collection of different questions taken from real A-Level past papers for you to put it all together and try for yourself. At the bottom of each worksheet is a full mark-scheme so you can see how you have done.This course comes with:A 30 day money-back guarantee.A printable Udemy certificate of completion.Support in the Q&A section – ask me if you get stuck!I really hope you enjoy this course!Woody


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Correlation and Regression

Lecture 2 Measuring Correlation

Lecture 3 Calculating the Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (PMCC)

Lecture 4 Equations of Regression Lines

Lecture 5 Testing for Correlation

Lecture 6 One-Tailed Hypothesis Tests for Correlation

Lecture 7 One-Tailed Hypothesis Tests for Correlation – Further Example

Lecture 8 Two-Tailed Hypothesis Tests for Correlation

Lecture 9 Non-Linear Data – Exponential Models

Lecture 10 Non-Linear Data – Polynomial Models

Lecture 11 Correlation and Regression Exam Questions

Section 3: Conditional Probability

Lecture 12 Set Notation

Lecture 13 Conditional Probability – Intro

Lecture 14 The Conditional Probability Formula

Lecture 15 Conditional Probability on Tree Diagrams

Lecture 16 Conditional Probability – Medical Testing Example

Lecture 17 Conditional Probability with Binomial Distribution

Lecture 18 Conditional Probability Exam Questions

Section 4: The Normal Distribution

Lecture 19 What is the Normal Distribution?

Lecture 20 The 68 – 95 – 99.7 Rule

Lecture 21 Calculating Normal Distribution Probabilities

Lecture 22 The Inverse Normal Function

Lecture 23 Finding Unknown Standard Deviations

Lecture 24 Finding Unknown Means

Lecture 25 Finding Unknown Means and Standard Deviations

Lecture 26 Normal Approximations to the Binomial Distribution – part 1

Lecture 27 Normal Approximations to the Binomial Distribution – part 2

Lecture 28 Normal Approximations to the Binomial Distribution – part 3

Lecture 29 Normal Hypothesis Tests – Intro

Lecture 30 One-Tailed Normal Hypothesis Tests

Lecture 31 Two-Tailed Normal Hypothesis Tests

Lecture 32 Critical Regions in Normal Hypothesis Tests

Lecture 33 Forming New Distributions from Normal Distributions

Lecture 34 Conditional Probability with Normal Distributions

Lecture 35 Normal Distribution Exam Questions

Students taking (or planning to take) A-level maths.,Anyone interested in working through an intermediate level course in statistics.

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Created by: Woody Lewenstein

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