Algorithmic Trading on KiteConnect Platform

Implement algorithmic trading strategies on KiteConnect platform
Algorithmic Trading on KiteConnect Platform
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Mayank Rasu


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Algorithmic Trading on KiteConnect Platform

What you’ll learn

Algorithmic Trading
Zerodha Kiteconnect API
API Trading
Selenium Web Automation

Algorithmic Trading on KiteConnect Platform


Zerodha account
Basic python skills (should be familiar with data types, data structures, loops, functions, installing and importing libraries etc.)
High school level mathematics
Intermediate level familiarity with finance/trading


Design and deploy trading strategies on Kiteconnect platform. Automate every step of your strategy including authentication, extracting data, performing technical analysis, generating signals, risk management etc. Gain a thorough understanding of Restful APIs and kiteconnect python wrapper. Learn how to deploy your strategies on cloud.You can expect to gain the following skills from this courseAPI tradingHarnessing streaming tick level dataIncorporating technical indicators using pythonIncorporating chart pattern analysisEnd to End strategy design and deploymentSelenium webdriverAWS EC2Sqlite database management


Section 1: Introduction to Zerodha Kiteconnect

Lecture 1 Course Prerequisites

Lecture 2 Zerodha Account Opening

Lecture 3 Getting started with Kiteconnect

Lecture 4 Setting Up Virtual Trading Environment

Lecture 5 Installing Kiteconnect Python Wrapper

Section 2: Setting up Trading App and Establishing Connection

Lecture 6 Create Kiteconnect Trading App

Lecture 7 Establishing Connection and Creating a Trading Object

Lecture 8 Selenium Intro

Lecture 9 Automating request token generation – I

Lecture 10 Automating request token generation – II

Lecture 11 Automating access token generation

Lecture 12 Automating access token generation with TOTP

Section 3: Key API Calls

Lecture 13 Getting Historical Data

Lecture 14 Getting Historical Data Over Extended Duraion

Lecture 15 Placing Orders – I

Lecture 16 Placing Orders – II

Lecture 17 Other Useful API Calls

Lecture 18 Websocket Streaming Intro

Lecture 19 Streaming Tick Data

Section 4: Coding Technical Indicators

Lecture 20 Technical Indicators Intro

Lecture 21 MACD Overview

Lecture 22 MACD Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 23 ATR and Bollinger Bands Overview

Lecture 24 Bollinger Bands Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 25 ATR Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 26 RSI Overview

Lecture 27 RSI Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 28 ADX Overview

Lecture 29 ADX Implementation in Excel

Lecture 30 ADX Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 31 Supertrend Overview

Lecture 32 Supertrend Implementation in Excel

Lecture 33 Supertrend Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 34 Renko Overview

Lecture 35 Renko Implementation Using APIs

Section 5: Price Action Concepts

Lecture 36 Price Action Intro

Lecture 37 Support and Resistance Levels

Lecture 38 Pivot Point Intro

Lecture 39 Pivot Point Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 40 Doji Candle Intro

Lecture 41 Doji Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 42 Hammer Candle Intro

Lecture 43 Hammer Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 44 Shooting Star Intro

Lecture 45 Shooting Star Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 46 Maru Bozu Intro

Lecture 47 MaruBozu Implementation Using APIs

Lecture 48 Engulfing & Harami Cross Patterns

Lecture 49 Slope in a Chart

Lecture 50 Slope Implementation Using APIs

Section 6: Building a Candlestick Pattern Scanner

Lecture 51 Intro to Time Library

Lecture 52 Building Pattern Scanner – I

Lecture 53 Building Pattern Scanner – II

Section 7: Designing & Deploying Strategy on Zerodha Platform

Lecture 54 Designing & Deploying Strategy

Lecture 55 Supertrend Strategy Intro

Lecture 56 Supertrend Strategy Implementation – I

Lecture 57 Supertrend Strategy Implementation – II

Lecture 58 Supertrend Strategy Implementation – III

Lecture 59 Supertrend Strategy Demo

Lecture 60 Square Off Automation

Lecture 61 Square Off Demo

Section 8: Handling Streaming Tick Data

Lecture 62 Storing Streaming Data With Sqlite3 – I

Lecture 63 Storing Streaming Data With Sqlite3 – II

Lecture 64 Converting Ticks to Candles

Section 9: Streaming Tick Data Based Strategies

Lecture 65 Renko in Real-time Intro

Lecture 66 Renko in Real-time – Part II

Lecture 67 Renko in Real-time – Part III

Lecture 68 Real-time Renko + MACD strategy Intro

Lecture 69 Real-time Renko + MACD strategy – Part II

Lecture 70 Real-time Renko + MACD strategy – Part III

Lecture 71 Real-time Renko + MACD strategy demo

Section 10: Deploying Strategies on Cloud

Lecture 72 Why Cloud

Lecture 73 Launching AWS EC2 Instance

Lecture 74 Connecting To The EC2 Instance I

Lecture 75 Connecting To The EC2 Instance II

Lecture 76 Transferring Files to EC2 Instance

Lecture 77 Installing Chromedriver & Chrome Browser in EC2

Lecture 78 Handling File Path in Linux

Lecture 79 Scheduling/Automating Your Scripts Using Crontab

Lecture 80 Keeping Track of Running Processes

Lecture 81 Using Screen Command with Crontab

Lecture 82 Shutting Down/Deleting EC2 Instance

Traders looking to automate their strategies on Zerodha’s platform,Anyone interested in Algorithmic trading in the Indian market

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 21m | 7.85 GB
Created by: Mayank Rasu

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