Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews

Learn to implement real world algorithms in JavaScript and ace your technical interviews
Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews
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Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews

What you’ll learn

Learn to quickly implement popular data structures and algorithms
Crack technical interview easily with real world problem solving techniques
Understand the core concepts behind Algorithms
Learn to create real world implementation in JavaScript

Algorithms in JavaScript Cracking Coding Interviews


Basic knolwedge of JavaScript is required to complete the course


most important tool that you can arm yourself with as a programmer is
coding algorithms. Algorithms are the building blocks of coding,
which means in order to write any program successfully you would need
to write your own algorithm.

each program grows, you cannot physically write every code for every
bit of your website or your program, which is where these algorithms
come handy. They are basically a set of rules that you give to the
computer to help them solve certain problems. They
not only simplify your life as a coder, but also help your
computer perform tasks faster and efficiently.

your journey as a programmer with the right tools in hand is
important and this is why we have created this beginners guide to
coding algorithms to help you maximize your potential as a

this course, you will start at the very beginning
and understand what exactly
algorithms are, why they are important, the different types of coding
algorithms, how to write
algorithms, and even how to implement them into your JavaScript code.

not all, we will also help you crack the most common interview
questions that are asked during a technical round.

extensive coding algorithms course aims
to help you start at the
very beginning and break
down the complex programming principles into simple and easy to
understand segments. While
we cover theory extensively, we do not simply stop there. We also
focus on the implementation of the different algorithms, which means
that in addition to understanding
how to write the code, you will also see the code in action.

course will cover various topics such as an overview of Algorithms,
how to ace a technical interview on algorithms, different sorting
algorithms (Quick sort, Merge Sort, Shell Sort, Heap Sort, etc.),
different search algorithms (Linear, Binary), Advance Algorithms
(Palindrome, Armstrong and Fibonnaci Sequence), String Manipulation,
Trees, Graphs and so much more!

what are you waiting for? Enroll now and become
a professional programmer!


Section 1: Understanding Course

Lecture 1 Intro

Lecture 2 Overview of Course

Lecture 3 Understanding Technical Interview

Lecture 4 At the Technical Interview

Lecture 5 Approaches of Algorithm

Section 2: Sorting Algorithms

Lecture 6 Quick Sort Algorithm

Lecture 7 Understanding Quick Sort

Lecture 8 Implementation of Quick Sort with JS

Lecture 9 Merge Sort Algorithm

Lecture 10 Understanding Merge Sort Final

Lecture 11 Implementation of Merge Sort in JS

Lecture 12 Shell Sort Algorithm

Lecture 13 Algorithm Analysis Shell Sort

Lecture 14 Understanding Shell Sort Algorithm Final

Lecture 15 Implementation of Shell Sort with JS

Lecture 16 Heap Sort

Lecture 17 Implementation of Heap Sort with JS

Lecture 18 Understanding heap Sort Final

Section 3: Search Algorithms

Lecture 19 Understanding Linear Search Algorithm

Lecture 20 Linear Search algorithm example- Final

Lecture 21 Implementation of Linear Search with Example

Lecture 22 Finding Minimum And Maximum Value in an array

Lecture 23 Binary search Algorithm

Lecture 24 Binary Search Algorithm Example

Lecture 25 Implementation of Binary Search with example

Lecture 26 Counting Occurences

Section 4: Illustrations of Algorithms

Lecture 27 Understanding Palindrome Number

Lecture 28 Palindrome Number is JS

Lecture 29 Understanding Armstrong Number

Lecture 30 Armstrong Numbger is Js

Lecture 31 Understanding Double Armstrong Number

Lecture 32 Double Armstrong Number in Js

Lecture 33 Anagrams

Lecture 34 Anagrms in Js

Lecture 35 What are Fibonnaci Series

Lecture 36 Implementation of Fibonnaci Series

Section 5: Advanced Algorithms

Lecture 37 Dynamic Programming

Lecture 38 Finding longest common string of two strings-Final

Lecture 39 Greedy Algorithms

Lecture 40 First Greedy Algorithm Coin Chnaging Problem

Lecture 41 Knapsack Problem

Lecture 42 Greedy Algorithm solution to the knapsack problem

Lecture 43 Resulation Combination Using Knapsack

Section 6: String Manipulation

Lecture 44 Three Ways to Reverse a String

Lecture 45 Finding Vowels in JS

Lecture 46 Dtring Function Implementation

Section 7: Trees

Lecture 47 Building a Binary Search Tree

Lecture 48 Binary Search Tree Implementation

Lecture 49 Searching for Minimum and maximum value

Lecture 50 Searching For A Specific Value

Section 8: Graphs

Lecture 51 Graph Data Structure

Lecture 52 Building a Graph in JS

Lecture 53 Depth First Traversal

Lecture 54 A-Implementation of Depth First Traversal-new

Lecture 55 B-Analysing Output

Lecture 56 Breadth First Tranversal

Lecture 57 Implementation of Breadth First Traversal in JS

Lecture 58 Bonus Lecture: More Interesting Stuff, Offers and Discounts

Software developers who want to learn implementation of popular algorithms will greatly beneft from this course,Anyone appearing for job Interviews will also find this course very useful

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Udemy | English | 6h 1m | 536.26 MB
Created by: Eduonix Learning Solutions

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