Alibaba The Complete Guide to Import from Alibaba to Amazon

Step by Step Guide to Import Best-Selling Products from Alibaba to Sell on Amazon.
Alibaba The Complete Guide to Import from Alibaba to Amazon
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Alibaba The Complete Guide to Import from Alibaba to Amazon

What you’ll learn

After taking this course, you will be able to find profitable top-seller products in Alibaba and sell these products on Amazon for a huge profit.
You will have an online store in the Amazon website, in front of Millions of Customers!
Negotiate with the manufacturers in China (to get the absolute best price).
How to Get Free Sample Products directly from the manufacturers.
Identify reliable factories and know how to avoid scammers.
You will create irresistible offers for Amazon’s customers and collect profits growing your home business.
Import products into your Country.
Know which products work and which ones to stay away from.
How to Automate the Process so you can invest your time in other thing while your Alibaba & Amazon business keeps creating revenue every month.

Alibaba The Complete Guide to Import from Alibaba to Amazon


Before starting this course, the student needs to know how to perform basic internet searches (in Google and Amazon).
This is a course for beginners, we’ll be going step by step, from opening an online business, making the first sale and receiving the payment.


This is the best and most completed Alibaba course in Udemy, including a Complete Guide to Starting your Business using Amazon and Amazon FBA. Why should you take this course? If you want to start a Home base business and create an additional source of income by using the power of two of the biggest online companies, Amazon & Alibaba, you should take this course.     What would you be able to do after taking the course?You will be able to find profitable products in Alibaba, negotiate with the manufacturers in China (to get the absolute best price), import products into your country, have an online store in the Amazon website reaching millions of customers, create irresistible offers for Amazon’s customers and collect profits growing your home business.

Here are some of the new abilities you will learn during the course:Identify profitable products in Alibaba.Identify great and trustable Manufacturers in China.Negotiate with Manufacturers to get the absolute best deal (copy of all the emails for negotiation will be provided in the course).Identify market opportunities in the Amazon marketplace.Open and establish your online business in the Amazon Seller Central and reach millions of customers.Calculate final prices, fees, and other costs to be able to identify the final profit.You will learn how to run your business from your Smartphone and use the Amazon seller App effectively.Rank your products higher on Amazon to increase sales.Set up your business in “automatic” to have more freedom to invest your time in other things while your business keeps generation revenue every month! Do you need to have any prior knowledge to succeed?The only required knowledge is Basic Email and Browsing. In other words, if you know how to check and send emails. If you know how to perform a basic Google search, you have all the necessary to succeed with this course, all the other abilities and strategies I’ll be teaching you in the videos inside, all step by step.

How do I increase my chances to Succeed in this course?Great question! To guarantee that you will succeed with this course, I prepared 7 Challenges. After each session, you will find one challenge that will help you to take action in all the new things you just learned in that session.     That’s the absolute best way to make sure you take action and get the results you are looking for, which in most cases is more money every month!    More than 16,000 students of my other Amazon courses are using the challenges every day to grow their business and their monthly income. And now you are one of them. Each Challenge will guide you step by step to the end goal.     So, if you are looking for ways to create an extra source of income, working from Home and partnering with Alibaba & Amazon, you will have more freedom and more time to do what you like. This is the right course for you! Keep in mind that all Udemy courses have 30 days of money back guaranteed! No question ask!I invite you to Enroll in the Course Now!

Remember, you need to take action if you want better results. So, Enroll Now! And let’s start building your Alibaba & Amazon empire right now!

See you in the first Lecture!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 2 Download: The Sourcing Guide

Section 2: About Alibaba

Lecture 3 Section Intro

Lecture 4 What is Alibaba?

Lecture 5 Understanding the Alibaba Interface

Lecture 6 or Alibaba Wholesale?

Section 3: Tools to Find Great Products

Lecture 7 Section Intro

Lecture 8 Three Ways to Find Great Products

Section 4: Finding Profitable Products

Lecture 9 Section Intro

Lecture 10 Profitable Product 1

Lecture 11 Profitable Product 2

Lecture 12 Profitable Product 3

Lecture 13 Profitable Product 5

Lecture 14 Challenge #1 – Fill the attached Spreadsheet with your Top 5 products

Section 5: How to Identify a Good Supplier in Alibaba

Lecture 15 Section Intro

Lecture 16 7 Characteristics of a Good Supplier

Lecture 17 Challenge #2 – Find Great Suppliers

Section 6: Mastering Alibaba Negociation

Lecture 18 Section Intro

Lecture 19 How to Negotiate with Suppliers

Lecture 20 Asking for a Sample Product

Lecture 21 Download the Sample emails that you can use to negociate

Lecture 22 Challenge #3 – Contact the Suppliers you found in Challenge #2

Section 7: Very Important points to discuss with your Alibaba Supplier

Lecture 23 Section Intro

Lecture 24 Shipping Cost

Lecture 25 Shipping to you or to Amazon?

Lecture 26 What’s MOQ? How can it affect the price?

Section 8: How to be Safe Paying for your Products in Alibaba

Lecture 27 Section Intro

Lecture 28 Closing the Deal

Section 9: Duties and Taxes

Lecture 29 Section Intro

Lecture 30 Consult with a Professional

Lecture 31 Asking your Supplier to help you with your importation Clearance

Lecture 32 Other important tips

Section 10: What to do when the Products arrive?

Lecture 33 Inspecting the Products

Section 11: (Bonus) Buying Products in Smaller Quantities and amazing Price

Lecture 34 Section Intro

Lecture 35 Buying from DealExtreme

Lecture 36 Buying from AliExpress

Section 12: PART 2 – Amazon, First Steps to your Success!

Lecture 37 Section Intro

Lecture 38 Create your Amazon Seller Account

Lecture 39 Understanding the Amazon Seller Central

Lecture 40 Winning the “Buy Box”

Lecture 41 Products Categories on Amazon

Lecture 42 Challenge #4 – Opening your Amazon Seller Account

Section 13: Listing your Products on Amazon

Lecture 43 Section Intro

Lecture 44 Listing Inventory on Amazon (Existing Product)

Lecture 45 Listing Inventory on Amazon (NEW Product)

Lecture 46 Listing with your Smartphone

Lecture 47 Challenge #5 – List your Products Now!

Section 14: Amazon Shipping Plan

Lecture 48 Section Intro

Lecture 49 Creating your Amazon Shipping Plan

Lecture 50 Challenge #6 – Create your first Amazon Shipping Plan

Section 15: Preparing your Products for Shipping

Lecture 51 Section Intro

Lecture 52 How to Prepare your Products before Shipping

Lecture 53 Official Preparation Videos by Amazon

Lecture 54 Labeling your Products

Section 16: Closing the Box!

Lecture 55 Section Intro

Lecture 56 Boxing your products and preparing for Shipping

Lecture 57 Go to the UPS store!

Lecture 58 Challenge #7 – Shipping your First box!

Section 17: Getting Paid!

Lecture 59 How Amazon Pays you

Section 18: Business Automation

Lecture 60 How to Automatize all the process?

Section 19: Conclusion

Lecture 61 Congratulations!

Lecture 62 Course Disclaimer

Section 20: Bonus! Good Stuff Here!

Lecture 63 Your Next Steps (IMPORTANT!)

Lecture 64 Bonus Lecture

Section 21: [OPTIONAL] – Build a PRO Website in 30 minutes

Lecture 65 10 reasons why you need a website

Lecture 66 What do you need to build your website

Lecture 67 Signing for hosting with Hostinger

Lecture 68 Accessing the control panel

Lecture 69 Installing WordPress on your server

Lecture 70 Installing Themes & Plugins

Lecture 71 Customizing your website’s Home Page and Pages

Anyone who wants to start a Home base business and create an additional source of income by using the power of two of the biggest online companies, Amazon & Alibaba.,You should take this course if you are looking for an extra source of income.,If you are interested in creating a Home base business where you will have more freedom.,If you are interested in creating and Importation business where will find profitable products in Alibaba.,If you are interested in selling to Amazon’s customers for a higher profit.,Also, if you just want to learn how to sell on Amazon, this course is for you.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 6m | 2.75 GB
Created by: Diego Davila • 800.000+ Students

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