All You Need to Know About REST Integration In ServiceNow

Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional REST Integration in Servicenow. Integration between two ServiceNow instances
All You Need to Know About REST Integration In ServiceNow
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Revanth Sodavaram Muni


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All You Need to Know About REST Integration In ServiceNow

What you’ll learn

Get knowledge on configuring REST integration
Have Knowledge on ServiceNow platform to complete the integration between two ServiceNow instances
Integrate two ServiceNow instances
Send REST calls from ServiceNow
Receive REST calls and parse them using Import API

All You Need to Know About REST Integration In ServiceNow


An idea about IT companies and Principles would be helpful but is not mandatory
Basic scripting knowledge is very much helpful
Understanding of Integrations at High level


This is an Intermediate level training course for ServiceNow. With a duration of more than 3 hours, split into 5 sections, the course covers the topics which are required for REST integration
For the instructions in this training course, latest Kingston Version is used and whole training will be in latest UI 16.
All topics starting from table creation to building a REST Messages and triggering them is covered in this course. An in-depth knowledge is provided at places wherever required.After completing the course, you will be able to configure REST integrations between two systems fro the scratch, via Table API or import API.Basic knowledge on scripting is recommended.I highly recommend that the student has basic knowledge on Administration, especially table creation, Business rules, UI Actions, Import sets and Transform Maps. 


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Section 2: Basics of REST Integration

Lecture 2 Introduction to REST

Lecture 3 Basic Building Blocks

Lecture 4 Integration Flow

Lecture 5 ServiceNow APIs

Lecture 6 Systems used in this course

Lecture 7 Hello World in REST

Section 3: Table API – Direct Webservices

Lecture 8 API Explorer

Lecture 9 Authentication

Lecture 10 Receive REST calls in ServiceNow

Lecture 11 Send REST calls from ServiceNow – POST – Part 1

Lecture 12 Send REST calls from ServiceNow – POST – Part 2

Lecture 13 Send REST calls from ServiceNow – PUT – Part 1

Lecture 14 Send REST calls from ServiceNow – PUT – Part 2

Lecture 15 Recap

Section 4: Import API

Lecture 16 Introduction to Import API

Lecture 17 Setup Import Set API

Lecture 18 Test the Import Set API

Lecture 19 Trigger Calls to Import API – Create

Lecture 20 Trigger Calls to Import API – Update

Lecture 21 Recap

Section 5: Scripted REST APIs

Lecture 22 Introduction to Scripted Webservices

Lecture 23 Scripted APIs and Resource

Lecture 24 Working with Scripted Resources

Section 6: Bi-Directional Integration

Lecture 25 Intro to the Bi-Directional Integration

Lecture 26 Setup Instance 1 to 2 Integration

Lecture 27 Setup Instance 2 to 1 Integration

Lecture 28 Testing and Troubleshooting

Lecture 29 Pro Tips

People who are interested in working on integration projects,Developers who are looking for REST integration between ServiceNow and any other Webservices enabled system,ServiceNow admins whose project deals with REST integration – mainly focused on ServiceNow to ServiceNow REST integration

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 2.08 GB
Created by: Revanth Sodavaram Muni

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