AllenBradley RSLogix 500

Programming the SLC 500 and Micrologix families of Allen-Bradley PLCs.
AllenBradley RSLogix 500
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Frank Lamb


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Last updated 8/2020



AllenBradley RSLogix 500

What you’ll learn

How to program PLCs using Allen-Bradley’s RSLogix 500 software
How to use simulations in PLC programming
How to export, modify and re-import the symbol and description database

AllenBradley RSLogix 500


Basic computer skills
General knowledge of electricity


This course teaches the student to program the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and Micrologix brands of PLC. It covers the theory behind processor operation, file structure and addressing, communications and software drivers using RSLinx, and contains several practical software examples. A complete program is configured and written using different subroutines for each function. It includes descriptions of the IEC 61131-3 specification for PLC languages and covers many of the mnemonic shortcuts for entering logic.Various examples are given both offline and online editing, including some useful pieces of code such as a runtime totalizer using timers and counters, and scaling an analog value. Using math functions to convert temperature is also demonstrated.A series of videos covering the programming of an actual system are included after the basic instruction set is presented. This includes writing a simulation routine that interacts with the main program.


Section 1: How to Use these Videos

Lecture 1 How to Use these Videos

Section 2: RSLogix 500 Software

Lecture 2 Platform Overview

Lecture 3 Starting a Project

Lecture 4 I/O Configuration and Data Files

Lecture 5 Communications and RSLinx

Lecture 6 Routines and Scanning

Section 3: RSLogix 500 Instructions and Programming

Lecture 7 Discrete Bit Logic

Lecture 8 Addresses and Editing

Lecture 9 Timers

Lecture 10 Counters

Lecture 11 Data Movement and Comparisons

Lecture 12 Math Functions

Section 4: The RSLogix 500 Micrologix Odyssey Project

Lecture 13 Odyssey 1: Starting and Configuring

Lecture 14 Odyssey 2: The trainer, modifying the platform and hardware, exporting symbols

Lecture 15 Odyssey 3: Connecting and Online Editing

Lecture 16 Odyssey 4: Importing modified symbols and the System Routine

Lecture 17 Odyssey 5: Simulation beginning

Lecture 18 Odyssey 6: Simulation Logic

Lecture 19 Odyssey 7: Auto Sequence

Lecture 20 Odyssey 8: Faults

Industrial maintenance technicians,Plant engineers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 28m | 3.26 GB
Created by: Frank Lamb

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