Alteryx Bootcamp

Learn Alteryx in as little as 4 hours with this Bestselling Alteryx Course (+90 minutes of advanced bonus content)
Alteryx Bootcamp
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Hendrik Kleine


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Alteryx Bootcamp

What you’ll learn

Develop Alteryx Workflows
Create ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Processes
Perform Predictive Analytics Functions
Build Custom Data Transformations
Develop Repeatable Alteryx Macros
Embed custom R code inside Alteryx
Use Alteryx in your Professional Day Job

Alteryx Bootcamp


You should have basic PC knowledge.
You should have a basic understanding of data analysis.


If you work in data analysis or business intelligence, having the right tools in your arsenal is key. This course is for everyone who is either completely new or a beginner with Alteryx Designer. In this course, I’ll walk you through the basics of Alteryx, from installing your free trial to connecting to various data sources, performing complex transformations, developing macros, and predictive models using R.This course does not require any prior knowledge of Alteryx. You should be comfortable with data transformation and reporting, using tools such as Microsoft Excel, everything else you’ll pick up along the way in this course.This course is excellent to kickstart your path to becoming an Alteryx developer, you’ll learn all the basics in just a few hours, and will be able to apply your knowledge in the real world, immediately.There’s a reason why top businesses like Amazon, Audi, and McDonald’s trust Alteryx. Its easy-to-use interface and wide-spanning capabilities truly speak for themselves. By taking this course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Alteryx through a combination of hands-on lessons, video guides, and downloadable resources. The course is designed to be flexible so that you can jump to any lesson for a refresher or to learn a specific aspect of the platform.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Installing Alteryx Designer (free trial)

Lecture 3 Interface Walkthrough

Lecture 4 Downloading Course Resources

Section 2: In/Out Tools

Lecture 5 Introduction to Input Tools

Lecture 6 Input Data Tool – Connect to Excel

Lecture 7 Input Data Tool – Connect to CSV

Lecture 8 Input Data Tool – Connect to SQL Server (demo)

Lecture 9 Input Data Tool – Connect to Compressed Files

Lecture 10 Text Input Tool

Lecture 11 Directory Tool

Lecture 12 Output Data Tool – Write to Excel

Lecture 13 Output Data Tool – Write to SQL Server (demo)

Lecture 14 Date Time Now Tool

Lecture 15 Browse Tool

Section 3: Preparation Tools

Lecture 16 Select Tool

Lecture 17 Data Cleansing Tool

Lecture 18 Filter Tool

Lecture 19 Formula Tool

Lecture 20 Multi-Field Formula Tool

Lecture 21 Multi-Row Formula Tool

Lecture 22 Sort Tool

Lecture 23 Record ID Tool

Lecture 24 Unique Tool

Lecture 25 Sample Tool

Lecture 26 Random % Sample Tool

Lecture 27 Auto Field Tool

Lecture 28 Imputation Tool

Lecture 29 Tile Tool

Lecture 30 Generate Rows Tool

Lecture 31 Select Records Tool

Section 4: Join Tools

Lecture 32 Join Tool

Lecture 33 Join Multiple Tool

Lecture 34 Union Tool

Lecture 35 Append Tool

Lecture 36 Find Replace Tool

Lecture 37 Fuzzy Match Tool

Lecture 38 Make Group Tool

Section 5: Transform Tools

Lecture 39 Summarize Tool

Lecture 40 Running Total Tool

Lecture 41 Weighted Average Tool

Lecture 42 Transpose Tool

Lecture 43 Cross Tab Tool

Lecture 44 Arrange Tool

Section 6: Parse Tools

Lecture 45 DateTime Tool

Lecture 46 RegEx Tool

Lecture 47 Text to Columns Tool

Section 7: Reporting Tools

Lecture 48 Introduction to Reporting Tools

Lecture 49 Table Tool

Lecture 50 Interactive Chart Tool

Lecture 51 Report Text Tool

Lecture 52 Report Header Tool

Lecture 53 Report Footer Tool

Lecture 54 Report Layout Tool

Lecture 55 Render Tool

Section 8: In-Database Tools

Lecture 56 Introduction to In-Database Tools

Lecture 57 Connect In-DB Tool & Data Stream Out Tool

Lecture 58 Browse In-DB Tool

Lecture 59 Select In-DB Tool

Lecture 60 Filter In-DB Tool

Lecture 61 Formula In-DB Tool

Lecture 62 Join In-DB Tool

Lecture 63 Data Stream In Tool

Lecture 64 Summarize In-DB tool

Lecture 65 Sample In-DB tool

Section 9: Documentation Tools

Lecture 66 Comment Tool

Lecture 67 Explorer Box Tool

Lecture 68 Tool Container Tool

Section 10: Macros

Lecture 69 Introduction to Macros

Lecture 70 Workshop – Creating a standard Macro

Section 11: Predictive Tools & R Code

Lecture 71 Introduction to Predictive Tools & R Code

Lecture 72 Time Series Forecasting – ARIMA & Forecast Tools

Lecture 73 Time Series Forecasting – ETS & Forecast Tools

Lecture 74 Time Series Forecasting – TS Compare

Lecture 75 Custom R Code

Section 12: (BONUS) Full workflow

Lecture 76 Case Study: Order Processing

Section 13: (BONUS) Advanced: Spatial tools

Lecture 77 Introduction to Spatial Tools

Lecture 78 Buffer Tool

Lecture 79 Create Points Tool

Lecture 80 Distance Tool

Lecture 81 Find Nearest

Lecture 82 Generalize & Smooth Tools

Lecture 83 Poly Split Tool

Lecture 84 Poly Build Tool

Lecture 85 Spatial Info Tool

Lecture 86 Spatial Match Tool

Lecture 87 Trade Area Tool

Lecture 88 Spatial Process Tool

Section 14: (BONUS) Advanced: Data Investigation Tools

Lecture 89 Introduction to Data Investigation Tools

Lecture 90 Field Summary Tool

Lecture 91 Frequency Table Tool

Lecture 92 Association Analysis Tool

Lecture 93 Pearson Correlation Tool

Lecture 94 Spearman Correlation Tool

Lecture 95 Scatterplot Tool

Anyone who is completely new to Alteryx.,Anyone who is a beginner with Alteryx and would like to explore more of the tools available.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 28m | 3.36 GB
Created by: Hendrik Kleine

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