Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification Mega Bundle

Ready to level up your Alteryx skills and boost your career prospects? Get to Advanced Certification the smart way!
Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification Mega Bundle
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Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification Mega Bundle

What you’ll learn

Take your next steps with Alteryx Designer with confidence
Learn critical analytics skills such as data investigation, data parsing, reporting, macros, and geospatial analytics (and much more)
Get fully prepared for Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification with a proven framework for on-demand learning and self-study – earn that Advanced certification!
Go beyond advanced certification with bundled modules including In-Database, Server, Intelligence Suite and Citizen Data Science lessons for R and Python users!

Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification Mega Bundle


6-12 months using Alteryx Designer or prior Core Certification is recommended. We take you on a journey to Alteryx mastery across a wide range of analytics topics and presume familiarity with the absolute basics. We take you through premium Alteryx training to meet your objectives of becoming Advanced-certified with the platform!


What tools do you NEED to know to get the job done?Do I have to sit through multiple days of training classes in a stuffy office?Am I going to get webinar fatigue while my inbox and Slack window fills up with tasks?Will I have to resort to juggling multiple browser tabs between the Alteryx Community, Academy and (gulp!) YouTube tutorials just to get started?We’re going to help you cut through the confusion – to take your Alteryx skills to the next level and earn that coveted Advanced Certification! Refresh your core concepts and learn advanced skills in data analytics with Alteryx Designer as we provide complete courses that give you in-demand skills such as: Geospatial AnalyticsMacrosAnalytic AppsAPIsReportingAutomating InputsData ParsingIn-Database AnalyticsData InvestigationIntelligence SuiteCode-Friendly (R and Python!) AutomationAlteryx ServerYou’ve made an awesome investment with Alteryx Designer – it’s going to supercharge your ability to get results for your team, your company and your career in a fraction of the time of traditional tools!Alteryx has been a leader in the field of self-service analytics (everything from old-school Business Intelligence through to those cool kids in the Data Science team) for years: with multiple accolades from Industry Analysts such as Gartner and Forrester.Alteryx Designer is the flagship product that helps you go from data to insight to business ACTION in the shortest possible time, but not only that: it leaves you with a gorgeous code-free visual workflow that’s repeatable. Yes – the next time you need answers, you simply run the workflow again and TA-DA – there’s your latest insights! (We’d like to see this in a spreadsheet… but it ain’t gonna happen!)As part of your membership benefits with Alter:U we’ll walk you through all the essentials to getting maximum payback from your analytics investment: from getting your analytics workflows up and running to producing high-impact, high-value insights that drive your business and your career forward!You’re getting access to a comprehensive set of courses that covers all the core aspects of what makes Alteryx so beloved by its community of users: from acquiring and working with different data sources, getting data into the perfect shape and quality, running transformations and calculations and then sending those results on their way.Everything you need to get started on your journey is covered in these short, ‘snackable’ lessons that are available for you on-demand, at your pace, with all the files and details you need to follow along in the comfort of your favorite place to learn!No pressure, rewatch as often as you’d like, and dip into the sections that drive YOUR curiosity – you’ll be an Alteryx hero in a few short hours!Over the years, we’ve trained thousands of data rockstars: from global analytics firms and consultancies down to individual one-on-one coaching, and we’ve poured our heart, soul and analytics know-how into the perfect jumpstart to YOUR analytics journey.


Section 1: Geospatial Analytics Bootcamp

Lecture 1 Getting from X to Why: Welcome to this Bootcamp

Lecture 2 A (Brief) History of Alteryx & Geospatial Analytics

Lecture 3 Basic Spatial Concepts

Lecture 4 Working with Spatial Data Formats

Lecture 5 Geocoding Addresses: Getting Started

Lecture 6 Geocoding in Action

Lecture 7 Spatial Analysis

Lecture 8 Distance Calculations

Lecture 9 Trade Area Calculation

Lecture 10 Drivetime-Based Trade Areas (Isochrones)

Lecture 11 Geospatial Customer Analysis Using Spatial Match

Lecture 12 Alteryx, Find Me the Nearest…

Lecture 13 Analyzing Catchment Areas and Overlaps with Spatial Processing

Lecture 14 Spatial Shapes (and how to work with them)

Lecture 15 Bringing it all together: Geospatial in Action

Section 2: Macros Bootcamp

Lecture 16 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 17 Macros – The Basics

Lecture 18 Building our First Macro

Lecture 19 Exploring Macro Types

Lecture 20 Building Repeatable Macros

Lecture 21 Improving Our Macro Functionality

Lecture 22 Tidying Our Macro with Formatting

Lecture 23 Tips & Tricks for Standard Macros

Lecture 24 A Tour of Batch Macros

Lecture 25 Going Further with Batch Macros

Lecture 26 Introducing Iterative Macros

Lecture 27 Going Further with Iterative Macros

Lecture 28 Deploying Real-World Applications

Lecture 29 Describing, Documenting & Deploying Macros

Lecture 30 Wrapping Up Macros

Section 3: Analytic Apps Bootcamp

Lecture 31 Analytic Apps – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 32 What Are Analytic Apps?

Lecture 33 Why Use Analytic Apps?

Lecture 34 Example Walkthrough

Lecture 35 My First Analytic App – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 36 Advanced Apps

Lecture 37 Building Advanced Apps

Section 4: Reporting Bootcamp

Lecture 38 Reporting in Designer – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 39 Why Report on Your Data?

Lecture 40 Reporting Options in Designer

Lecture 41 Generating Reports – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 42 Generating Charts

Lecture 43 Tabular Reporting

Lecture 44 Creating a Report Map (Thematic)

Lecture 45 Adding Report Text

Lecture 46 Joining Report Snippets

Lecture 47 Report Layout

Lecture 48 Rendering Reports

Lecture 49 Intro to Conditional Reporting

Lecture 50 Why Do Conditional Reporting?

Lecture 51 Conditional Reporting

Lecture 52 Intro to Email Reporting

Lecture 53 Email Reporting

Section 5: Introduction to APIs

Lecture 54 Intro to APIs

Lecture 55 What is an API?

Lecture 56 How Does Alteryx Work with APIs?

Lecture 57 My First API – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 58 How to Build an API Connection in Alteryx Designer

Section 6: Automating Inputs

Lecture 59 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 60 Out of the Box Connectivity

Lecture 61 All About CSVs

Lecture 62 CSV Multi-File Mastery

Lecture 63 Automating Dynamic Inputs with CSVs

Lecture 64 Working with Delimiters in Files

Lecture 65 Automating Excel Inputs

Lecture 66 Working Across Multiple Excel Sheets and Workbooks

Lecture 67 Refresher: Named Ranges in Excel

Lecture 68 Going Deeper with Named Ranges

Lecture 69 Introducing the Run Command

Lecture 70 Run Command: Working with Batch Scripts

Lecture 71 Using Batch Scripts to Rename Files

Lecture 72 Alteryx & Powershell: The Basics

Lecture 73 Download Tool: XML Sources

Lecture 74 Download Tool: JSON Sources

Lecture 75 Alteryx & FTP

Lecture 76 Course Recap & Next Steps

Section 7: Data Parsing Bootcamp

Lecture 77 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 78 For Those About to Parse

Lecture 79 Introducing the Parse Tool Palette

Lecture 80 Introducing Text to Columns

Lecture 81 Parsing XML Made Easy

Lecture 82 Introducing a More Complex XML Structure

Lecture 83 Parsing Real-Life XML

Lecture 84 Parsing XML: SEC Financials

Lecture 85 Parsing Data in JSON Format

Lecture 86 Intro to Regex

Lecture 87 Regular Expressions in Action

Lecture 88 Regex Challenge Walkthrough

Lecture 89 Special Characters in Regex

Lecture 90 Regex Challenge II – Walkthrough

Lecture 91 Anchors

Lecture 92 Data Parsing with Regex

Lecture 93 Cleaning Data with Regex

Lecture 94 Tokenization with Regex

Lecture 95 BONUS! Regular Expressions Jumpstart Solutions Kit

Section 8: In-Database Bootcamp

Lecture 96 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 97 Setting up a database environment

Lecture 98 Basic In-Database Connectivity

Lecture 99 Working In-Database

Lecture 100 In-Database Queries (Without the Code!)

Lecture 101 In-Database Transformations

Lecture 102 Bringing In-DB Queries Back to Designer

Lecture 103 In-Database Blending

Lecture 104 Advanced In-Database Concepts

Section 9: Data Investigation Bootcamp

Lecture 105 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 106 Data Investigation 101: Profiling Data

Lecture 107 Introducing our Datasets

Lecture 108 Investigating the Titanic Dataset

Lecture 109 Investigating Customer Churn

Lecture 110 Investigating Community Health Data

Lecture 111 DataViz in Designer: Histograms

Lecture 112 DataViz in Designer: Scatterplots

Lecture 113 DataViz in Designer: Violin Plots

Lecture 114 DataViz in Designer: Plots of Means

Lecture 115 Exploring Relationships with Association Analysis

Lecture 116 Pearson & Spearman – Measures of Correlation

Lecture 117 Even More Data Investigation Capabilities!

Lecture 118 Investigating with the Frequency Table

Lecture 119 Investigating Distributions in Data

Section 10: Intelligence Suite Bootcamp

Lecture 120 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 121 Getting Started with Text Mining

Lecture 122 Applying Sentiment Analysis

Lecture 123 In-Depth Sentiment Analysis

Lecture 124 Analyzing Extremes in Sentiment Scores

Lecture 125 Visualizing Text Signals with Word Clouds

Lecture 126 Topic Modeling: How to Uncover Hidden Ideas & Conversations

Lecture 127 Introducing No-Code Computer Vision

Lecture 128 Converting PDFs to Text

Lecture 129 Working with Annotations for Text & Images

Lecture 130 Processing Computer Vision Results in Workflows

Lecture 131 Intro to Machine Learning & Intelligence Suite

Lecture 132 Machine Learning: Dataset Preparation

Lecture 133 Assisted Modeling: Your Guide to Machine Learning

Lecture 134 Testing Our Machine Learning Models

Lecture 135 AutoML: Fully-Automated No-Code Machine Learning

Lecture 136 Intelligence Suite: Let’s Bring This Home!

Section 11: Getting Code-Friendly: R Edition

Lecture 137 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 138 Why Choose R?

Lecture 139 How Does Alteryx Support R?

Lecture 140 Installing R and the Predictive Tools

Lecture 141 Getting Data In (and Out) of the R Tool

Lecture 142 Getting Started with R Syntax

Lecture 143 Using R Packages

Lecture 144 Installing and Working with External R Packages

Lecture 145 Installing New R Packages with Scripts

Lecture 146 DataViz in R

Lecture 147 Playing Nicely with Alteryx Designer: Messages

Lecture 148 Playing Nicely with Alteryx Designer: Working with User Inputs

Lecture 149 Next Steps: Top 10 R Packages to Know

Lecture 150 Course Recap

Section 12: Getting Code-Friendly: Python Edition

Lecture 151 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 152 Why Choose Python?

Lecture 153 How Does Alteryx Support Python?

Lecture 154 Python & Alteryx: Behind the Scenes

Lecture 155 Python Scripts & Alteryx: Run Command

Lecture 156 Getting Data In and Out of Python

Lecture 157 Alteryx Python Notebook Essentials

Lecture 158 Python Essentials: Pandas & Data Frames I

Lecture 159 Python Essentials: Pandas & Data Frames II

Lecture 160 Importing Existing Python Scripts

Lecture 161 Installing New Packages

Lecture 162 DataViz Essentials in Python with matplotlib

Lecture 163 Playing Nicely with Alteryx Designer

Lecture 164 Next Steps: Top 10 Python Packages to Know

Lecture 165 Course Recap

Section 13: Alteryx Server: Automation 101

Lecture 166 What is Alteryx Server?

Lecture 167 Alteryx Server – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 168 Uploading

Lecture 169 Running & Scheduling

Lecture 170 Running Analytic Apps

Lecture 171 Sharing

Lecture 172 Download & Edit

Lecture 173 Version Control

Section 14: Alteryx Server Bootcamp

Lecture 174 Server Administration – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 175 Adding Users

Lecture 176 Removing Users

Lecture 177 Creating Collections

Lecture 178 Creating Data Connections

Lecture 179 Alteryx Server API – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 180 Alteryx Server API

Lecture 181 Querying MongoDB

Lecture 182 Alteryx Server Usage Report

Lecture 183 Schedule Forecast

Lecture 184 Backup MongoDB

Data analysts, citizen data scientists, and information workers who want to develop their data and analytics skills and learn the leading analytics automation platform to grow their career!

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Udemy | English | 16h 54m | 5.64 GB
Created by: datacurious .ai

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