Alteryx Designer Core Certification Mega Bundle

Everything you need to go from Zero to Certified Analytics Hero and upskill your career with Alteryx!
Alteryx Designer Core Certification Mega Bundle
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Alteryx Designer Core Certification Mega Bundle

What you’ll learn

Take your first confident steps with Alteryx Designer for self-service analytics
Bring your skills from Excel into play and learn how to prep, blend and enrich data, but without the headaches of endless VLOOKUPs or pivot tables!
Go from Zero to Hero with our signature training, covering all core concepts to transform the way that you work with data!
Get fully prepared for Alteryx Designer Core Certification with a proven framework for on-demand learning and self-study – earn that Core certification!

Alteryx Designer Core Certification Mega Bundle


No prior background to programming or data/analytics required. We start with the absolute basics and take you through premium Alteryx training to meet your objectives of becoming Core-certified with the platform!
To work with the Alteryx Designer software, we recommend starting an Alteryx Designer software trial on Windows (it’s just easier that way – trust us!)
Bring your data curiosity!


Our foundational bootcamp bundle gives you all the essentials to gain experience with the core analytical tools and concepts as you start your journey to Core Certification! Produced and delivered by Alteryx legends Shaan Mistry and Nick Jewell, you’ll have mastered the essentials of data prep & blend and will be building analytical workflows like a boss! Once complete, you’ll have all the skills you need to pass the Alteryx Core Certification exam with confidence and level up your analytics career!This bundle includes all the components of our proven ‘Alter:U’ experience, designed to get you Alteryx Core Certified in the shortest time!We include: What is Alteryx Designer?Alteryx for Excel UsersAnalyst Survival SeriesAlteryx Designer Zero to HeroData Prep BootcampData Blending BootcampCurious About File FormatsCore Certification PrepThroughout the course we share examples that you can watch through, pause or rewind at your leisure, or follow along interactively using the same data and techniques!Whatever your learning style – you’ll find inspiration and knowledge at your fingertips!First StepsTo help you get the most out of the course, we’ll start off with an introduction to Alteryx (the company), the vision of analytics automation and a walkthrough of the nuts and bolts of Alteryx Designer itself.We’ll finish this section by building out our first end-to-end workflows – Your success starts here!Data – In Detail!Next up, we’ll take you on a tour of the kinds of data that we see most often for new users in Alteryx Designer, including Microsoft Excel and CSV files.We’ll be taking you through lots of examples of how Alteryx Designer will win your day back, with productivity tips for handling messy data, lots of files and much more!Cooking with Data – Upskilling with Data Prep & BlendEverything you need to know about working with data itself, including how to change the data arriving at one end of the workflow into something magical at the other end!We’ll cover data types, data filters and data blending (where we bring two or more data sources together in powerful ways) and introduce many tools that will become staples of every single workflow you’ll ever build!Building Powerful Business Logic with ExpressionsNever get buried inside spreadsheet calculations ever again once you’ve experienced the elegant simplicity of Alteryx formulas as part of a visual, repeatable workflow.Going Further with Data TransformationLearn how to reshape your data without banging your head against clunky and inefficient pivot tables!Learn how to apply powerful business logic to every row or column in your data, and finish the course with confidence!Everything you need to continue your journey to Alteryx mastery is contained in these short, ‘snackable’ lessons that are available for you on-demand, at your pace, with all the files and details you need to follow along in the comfort of your personal ‘genius zone’!No pressure, rewatch as often as you’d like, and dip into the sections that drive YOUR curiosity!


Section 1: What is Alteryx Designer?

Lecture 1 Alteryx Designer – A Walkthrough

Section 2: Alteryx for Excel Users

Lecture 2 Input – Getting Started

Lecture 3 Opening Files

Lecture 4 Opening Different File Types

Lecture 5 Input Multiple Files from a Folder

Lecture 6 Cleanse – Intro

Lecture 7 Renaming Columns

Lecture 8 Change Data Types

Lecture 9 Removing Columns

Lecture 10 Removing Rows

Lecture 11 Creating New Columns

Lecture 12 Formulas, Calculations & Aggregations – Intro

Lecture 13 IF Statements

Lecture 14 Aggregations & Auto Sum

Lecture 15 Calculating Cumulative Sum of Rows

Lecture 16 Calculating Percentages of a Total

Lecture 17 Transform – Intro

Lecture 18 Filtering Data

Lecture 19 Sorting Data

Lecture 20 Pivoting Data

Lecture 21 Reordering Fields

Lecture 22 Joining Data – Intro

Lecture 23 Appending Data

Lecture 24 Blending Data & VLOOKUPs

Lecture 25 Output to Excel – Intro

Lecture 26 Outputting Data to Excel

Section 3: Alteryx Designer: Analyst Survival Series

Lecture 27 Welcome to the Survival Series!

Lecture 28 Working with Decimal Places – Rounding Up

Lecture 29 Concatenating Data

Lecture 30 Extracting Data from Text

Lecture 31 Converting and Formatting Dates

Lecture 32 Extracting Day/Month/Year from Dates

Lecture 33 Calculating Differences from Dates

Lecture 34 Finding the Week Number

Lecture 35 Removing NULL Rows

Lecture 36 Remove Rows Based on a Condition

Lecture 37 De-Duplicating Data

Section 4: Alteryx Designer: Zero to Hero

Lecture 38 Welcome to Zero to Hero!

Lecture 39 Overview of Course Contents

Lecture 40 Pre-Requisites for the Course

Lecture 41 Course Structure

Lecture 42 Getting to Know Alteryx Designer

Lecture 43 At Your Fingertips with Global Search

Lecture 44 Getting Started with Workflows

Lecture 45 Building Out Our Analysis

Lecture 46 Saving Your Workflow

Lecture 47 Introduction to Alteryx Designer & Data Sources

Lecture 48 Reading & Writing Data into Alteryx Designer

Lecture 49 Hands-On with Microsoft Excel and Alteryx

Lecture 50 Alteryx & Spreadsheet Ranges

Lecture 51 Alteryx and a Multitude of CSVs

Lecture 52 A Solo Exercise with Designer

Lecture 53 Solo Exercise – Walkthrough

Lecture 54 Exporting Data from Alteryx

Lecture 55 Output Data Challenge

Lecture 56 Output Data Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 57 Data Sources & Alteryx – Recap

Lecture 58 Cooking with Data – Data Types (Part 1)

Lecture 59 Data Types (Part 2) & The Select Tool

Lecture 60 Data Preparation & Filters – Part 1

Lecture 61 Data Preparation & Filters – Part 2

Lecture 62 Quiz – Solution Recap

Lecture 63 Introduction to Data Blending

Lecture 64 Data Blending Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 65 Introducing the Alteryx Join Tool

Lecture 66 Another Blending Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 67 Section Recap: Data Types & Blending

Lecture 68 Getting Started with Formulas

Lecture 69 Formula Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 70 Creating Conditional Expressions

Lecture 71 Formula Challenge 2 – Walkthrough

Lecture 72 Even More Preparation Tools!

Lecture 73 Data Preparation Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 74 Working with Alteryx Formula Functions

Lecture 75 Formula Functions Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 76 Calculating Summaries, Percentages & Applying Formulas Across Rows & Columns

Lecture 77 Reshaping Data

Lecture 78 The Summarize Tool

Lecture 79 Summarize Tool – Challenge & Walkthrough

Lecture 80 Other Types of Data Blending

Lecture 81 Transformation Challenge – Walkthrough

Lecture 82 Introduction to Multi-Row Calculations

Lecture 83 Introduction to Multi-Field Calculations

Lecture 84 Wrapping Up Zero to Hero

Section 5: Data Preparation Bootcamp

Lecture 85 Filtering Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 86 Filtering Data

Lecture 87 Sorting Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 88 Sorting Data

Lecture 89 De-Duplicating Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 90 Finding Unique/Duplicated Data

Lecture 91 Generating Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 92 Assigning Record IDs

Lecture 93 Generating Rows

Lecture 94 Modifying Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 95 Changing Data Types

Lecture 96 Renaming Fields

Lecture 97 Selecting Specific Fields

Lecture 98 Repositioning Fields

Lecture 99 Cleaning Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 100 Simple Data Cleansing

Lecture 101 Advanced Data Cleansing

Lecture 102 Calculations – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 103 Formulas

Lecture 104 Cross-Field Formulas

Lecture 105 Advanced Formulas

Lecture 106 Sampling – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 107 Basic Sampling

Lecture 108 Creating Samples

Lecture 109 Random Sampling

Lecture 110 Oversampling

Lecture 111 Grouping Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 112 Tiling Data

Section 6: Data Blending Bootcamp

Lecture 113 Appending Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 114 Appending Data Walkthrough

Lecture 115 Find & Replace – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 116 Replacing Values in a String

Lecture 117 Replacing Whole Words in a String

Lecture 118 Replacing Values at the Start of a String

Lecture 119 Finding & Appending Data

Lecture 120 Joining & Blending – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 121 Joining with a Single Field

Lecture 122 Joining with Multiple Fields

Lecture 123 Joining by Record Position

Lecture 124 Joining Multiple Inputs – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 125 How to Join 3 or More Inputs

Lecture 126 Union Data – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 127 Union Data – Auto-Config by Name

Lecture 128 Union Data – Auto-Config by Position

Lecture 129 Union Data – Manually Configure Fields

Lecture 130 Advanced Joins – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 131 Make Groups

Lecture 132 Fuzzy Matching

Lecture 133 Blending Mastery – What We’ll Cover

Lecture 134 Working with Outer Joins

Section 7: Curious about Alteryx File Formats

Lecture 135 Alteryx Workflow Formats

Lecture 136 Alteryx Data Formats

Lecture 137 Alteryx Special Formats

Section 8: Core Certifcation Prep!

Lecture 138 Introduction to Core Cert Prep

Lecture 139 Core Cert Prep – Workbook & Sample Questions

Lecture 140 30 Day Workflow Challenge!

Data analysts, citizen data scientists, and information workers who want to develop their data and analytics skills and learn the leading analytics automation platform to grow their career!,Beginner Alteryx Users who are aiming for their Core Certification

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 0m | 2.77 GB
Created by: datacurious .ai

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