Alteryx The Complete Masterclass

Master Alteryx Designer and learn advanced Alteryx data analysis from top-instructor
Alteryx The Complete Masterclass
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Nikolai Schuler


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Alteryx The Complete Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Learn all you need to Master Alteryx
Dive into the Advanced Analytics tools like Predictive Analytics & Time Series
Learn how to Clean, Transform & Analyse Data
Get data from various data sources like databases, files & AWS
Create different types of custom Macros
Learn all you need hands-on with many practical assignments & quizzes

Alteryx The Complete Masterclass


A laptop and basic IT knowledge
Motivation and eagerness to learn


Do you want to learn the skills to professionally build workflows & analyze data with Alteryx?Then this is the right course for you. In this course you will learn everything that is important in Alteryx to become advanced and professional working with the Alteryx Designer.What you’ll learn in this course: ✓ Understand everything from scratch – step by step and practice-oriented✓ Learn all the important tools – know when and how to use them properly✓ Connect different data sources – from basics to advanced✓ Create your own workflows – and understand how to configure them properly✓ Transform, clean & analyze data – advanced analysis on your data✓ Learn how to create professional reports – automate them & send via email✓ Advanced analysis – learn how to use the R Tools✓ Predictive Analytics & Time Series – Advanced analytics for Data Science✓ ETL workflows – Implement the workflows to Extract, Transform & Load dataIn short: Everything you need to master Alteryx!Learn Alteryx the smart way:✓ Many practical assignemts – to apply what you’ve learnt✓ Quizzes – to test your knowledge  ✓ All of the downloadable resources – all you’ll need!✓ Complete Masterclass – with all the important tools you’ll need!This course is right for you if:… you have never worked with Alteryx and you want to learn everything in one course…. OR you have already some basic knowledge and want to dive deeper and become more advanced.This course is helpful in the field of:✓ Data Analytics & Business Analytics✓ Data Engineering & Business Intelligence✓ Data Science… if you are aspiring to be in that field or you are already – this is the course for you to level up your skillset!This is the course that covers everything in Alteryx to become an advanced professional Alteryx specialist!Enroll now to learn Alteryx the right way and get life long access!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Course overview

Lecture 3 What is Alteryx?

Lecture 4 Download & Installation

Lecture 5 Getting to know the interface

Lecture 6 How to benefit best

Section 2: Data Input & Output

Lecture 7 Import csv

Lecture 8 Import multiple files

Lecture 9 Browse tool

Lecture 10 Import Excel

Lecture 11 Import txt

Lecture 12 Import ZIP

Lecture 13 Manual Input

Lecture 14 Annotations

Lecture 15 Output Data

Lecture 16 Date and Time tool

Section 3: Data Preparation

Lecture 17 Intro

Lecture 18 Data Cleansing

Lecture 19 Select

Lecture 20 Auto Field

Lecture 21 Convert Date

Lecture 22 Formula

Lecture 23 Record ID

Section 4: Filtering, Sorting & Grouping

Lecture 24 Intro

Lecture 25 Sort

Lecture 26 Filter

Lecture 27 Multi-Row Formula

Lecture 28 Multi-Row Formula: Second example

Lecture 29 Sample

Lecture 30 Unique

Lecture 31 Multi-Field Formula

Lecture 32 Tile

Lecture 33 Alternative way of filtering & sorting

Lecture 34 Multi-field binning

Lecture 35 Create Samples

Section 5: Joins

Lecture 36 Intro & Preparation

Lecture 37 Join

Lecture 38 Join Multiple

Lecture 39 Union

Lecture 40 Find and Replace

Lecture 41 Fuzzy Match

Lecture 42 Make Group

Lecture 43 Append Fields

Section 6: Parse

Lecture 44 Regular Expressions

Lecture 45 Text To Columns

Lecture 46 XML Parse

Section 7: Transform

Lecture 47 Summarize

Lecture 48 Running Total

Lecture 49 Weighted Average

Lecture 50 Cross Tab

Lecture 51 Transpose

Lecture 52 Arrange

Section 8: Reporting

Lecture 53 Intro

Lecture 54 Table Tool

Lecture 55 Pie Chart

Lecture 56 Bar Chart

Lecture 57 Multiple Charts in a Layout

Lecture 58 Header & Footer

Lecture 59 Rendering a report

Lecture 60 Images & Text

Lecture 61 Alternative: Visual Layout

Lecture 62 Emailing the report

Section 9: Spatial Analysis

Lecture 63 Create points

Lecture 64 Trade Area

Lecture 65 Find Nearest

Lecture 66 Distance

Lecture 67 Spatial Match

Lecture 68 Spatial Process

Lecture 69 Heat Map

Section 10: Working with Databases

Lecture 70 Intro

Lecture 71 Setting up a local SQL database

Lecture 72 Creating a table

Lecture 73 Loading from database

Lecture 74 Writing to database

Lecture 75 Connect In-DB

Lecture 76 Filter In-DB

Lecture 77 Formula In-DB

Lecture 78 Select In-DB

Lecture 79 Union In-DB

Lecture 80 Join In-DB

Lecture 81 Data Stream In

Lecture 82 Data Stream Out

Lecture 83 Write Data In-DB

Section 11: Working on AWS S3

Lecture 84 Intro

Lecture 85 Create Free Tier Account

Lecture 86 Create bucket & upload file

Lecture 87 Load from AWS

Lecture 88 Upload to AWS

Section 12: Macros

Lecture 89 What are Macros?

Lecture 90 Standard Macro

Lecture 91 Batch Macro

Lecture 92 Iterative Macro

Section 13: Documentation

Lecture 93 Comment

Lecture 94 Tool Container

Lecture 95 Explorer Box

Section 14: Installing Predictive with R Tools

Lecture 96 Relevant for the subsequent lectures

Lecture 97 Installing the Predictive Tools Package

Section 15: Data Investigation

Lecture 98 Data Investigation & Field Summary

Lecture 99 Pearson Correlation

Lecture 100 Violin Plot

Lecture 101 Scatterplot

Section 16: Predictive Tools

Lecture 102 Linear Regression

Lecture 103 Score & Evaluate

Lecture 104 Decision Forest

Lecture 105 Model Comparison

Section 17: Time Series

Lecture 106 ARIMA

Lecture 107 ETS & TS Compare

Lecture 108 TS Forecast

Section 18: Bonus

Lecture 109 Bonus lecture

Aspring Data Analysts & Business Analyst,Aspiring Data Engineers & Data Scientist,Everyone that is already in the industry and wants to level up their skillset

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 46m | 2.48 GB
Created by: Nikolai Schuler

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