Amazon Connect Complete Training Course

Learn Amazon Connect from basics to advanced
Amazon Connect Complete Training Course
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Amazon Connect Complete Training Course

Amazon Connect Complete Training Course

What you’ll learn

Amazon Connect fundamentals to advanced for setting up a cloud contact center solution for voice and chat
Integrating Amazon Lex with Amazon Connect to build an intelligent contact center
In depth understand of Amazon Connect core concepts such as contact flows, Queues, routing profiles, etc. with use cases and examples
Basics of other AWS products such as Polly, Lambda, Lex, S3, IAM, etc
Understanding of additional concepts like SSML, Tasks,


No prior experience to AWS or Amazon Connect is required
You can use any computer (MAC, PC or Linux) with latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge
Willingness to learn a cutting edge technology


Amazon Connect is a highly scalable cloud based contact center solution that can be quickly built and deployed with only a few clicks. It includes both voice and chat providing an Omnichannel experience for the customers. You can build an intelligent contact center using Amazon Connect that can understand natural language like a human so that your customers don’t have to press buttons on their keypad, instead say what they want.In this course, you will learn Amazon Connect from the basics to some of the advanced concepts that will help you to build an intelligent contact center. By the end of this course you will be confident to design and setup an Amazon Connect contact center solution. This course is not about learning just Amazon Connect. We will build an intelligent contact center solution that can understand Natural Language so your customers can simply say what they want and don’t have to press different buttons on their keypad.So in order to setup such a sophisticated contact center solution, we are going to use a few other AWS products in addition to Amazon Connect such as Amazon Lex, AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB, CloudWatch and so on as a part of this journey. This also means that by the end of this course you will have a basic understanding of all these products in addition to learning Amazon Connect in depth. I will be covering everything right from the basics including an overview of AWS and will guide you step by step on the setup and configuration. So you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge with Amazon Connect or any other AWS products.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 What is Amazon Connect?

Lecture 3 Amazon Connect Pricing Model

Section 2: Setup and Overview

Lecture 4 Creating an AWS account and overview

Lecture 5 Creating an Amazon Connect Instance

Lecture 6 Claiming your first phone number

Lecture 7 Amazon Connect User Interface

Lecture 8 CCP Overview

Section 3: Core Concepts

Lecture 9 Core Concepts overview

Lecture 10 Creating user accounts and security profiles

Lecture 11 Queues and Hours of operations

Lecture 12 Routing Profiles

Section 4: Contact Flows – Part 1

Lecture 13 Contact Flows introduction – Creating a basic IVR flow

Lecture 14 Customer Queue Flow

Lecture 15 Contact Attributes

Lecture 16 Setting up a call back option

Lecture 17 Handling multiple scenarios in customer queue flow

Section 5: Recording, Monitoring and Metrics

Lecture 18 Enable Call Recording and Playback

Lecture 19 Monitoring Live conversations

Lecture 20 Real-time metrics and reporting

Lecture 21 Historic metrics and reporting

Section 6: Contact Flows – Part 2

Lecture 22 Whisper Flows

Lecture 23 Hold Flows

Lecture 24 Transfer Flows and Quick Connects

Section 7: Amazon Polly and SSML

Lecture 25 Amazon Polly and SSML

Section 8: Amazon Connect Chat

Lecture 26 Setting up a basic chat support

Lecture 27 Implementing Asynchronous Chat

Lecture 28 Integrating Amazon Connect Chat to your website

Lecture 29 Recording and live monitoring chat conversations

Section 9: Tasks

Lecture 30 Tasks – Introduction

Lecture 31 Automating task creation from contact flow

Section 10: AWS Lambda and integration with Amazon Connect

Lecture 32 AWS Lambda Introduction

Lecture 33 Logging messages to CloudWatch

Lecture 34 AWS Lambda integration with Amazon Connect

Section 11: Personalizing user experience using AWS Lambda

Lecture 35 Solution Overview

Lecture 36 Setting up a Dynamo DB table

Lecture 37 Update AWS Lambda function

Section 12: Amazon Lex Chatbot and intelligent contact center

Lecture 38 Amazon Lex Introduction

Lecture 39 Building a chatbot with Amazon Lex

Lecture 40 Integrating Amazon Lex with Amazon Connect voice

Lecture 41 Integrating Amazon Lex with Amazon Connect chat

Anyone who wants to learn Amazon Connect (basics and advanced concepts) to build a cloud based contact center

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 4m | 1.62 GB
Created by: Arun Nair

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