An Introduction to Design Thinking

A Universal Approach to Complex Problem Solving
An Introduction to Design Thinking
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Ray Harkins, The Manufacturing Academy


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An Introduction to Design Thinking

What you’ll learn

The 5-Step design thinking process developed by Stanford University
How to apply the design thinking framework to solve a wide range of problems
How to define problems in a human-centric manner
The soft skills required to identify “Pain Points”
The hazard of unconscious biases
How to integrate data visualization into the design thinking process
The value of prototyping and iteration
Low-fi versus Hi-fi prototypes
The technological, business and human-centered constraints of any problem
The value of brainstorming and ideation
Integrating diversity into your thinking

An Introduction to Design Thinking


The desire to enhance your problem solving skills
An open mind
Some paper and a pencil


Design Thinking is an iterative process that seeks to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and define problems in a manner that identifies alternative strategies and solutions that may not be readily apparent. Design Thinking is also a mindset–a way of see the world around you–that uses a human-centric approach to solving problems.In this class “An Introduction to Design Thinking”, you will learn:The 5-step approach to problem solving originally developed at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of DesignStrategies for using the five steps (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test)The three major design constraints–Desirability, Feasibility and Viability–and how they interactTactics for integrating data visualization into the design thinking processKano’s Model of Customer SatisfactionThe pitfalls of unconscious biasesHow prototyping throughout the design process lowers your costs and risksAnd much more!”An Introduction to Design Thinking” is your starting point for adding a new dimension to your problem solving skills. Beyond what’s just technologically possible, beyond what’s just good for your business, Design Thinking gives you the tools you need to see through your customers eyes and develop solutions that will truly meet their needs.


Section 1: Design Thinking

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Design Thinking Course.

Lecture 2 What is Design Thinking?

Lecture 3 Design Constraints

Lecture 4 Thoughts on the Design Constraints

Lecture 5 A Rapid Overview of the Design Thinking Process

Lecture 6 Empathize

Lecture 7 Unconscious Biases

Lecture 8 Define

Lecture 9 Kano’s Model of Customer Satisfaction

Lecture 10 Data Visualization for Design Thinking, Pt 1

Lecture 11 Data Visualization for Design Thinking, Pt 2

Lecture 12 Ideate

Lecture 13 An Exercise in Ideation

Lecture 14 Prototyping

Lecture 15 Thoughts on Experimenting

Lecture 16 Test

Lecture 17 Active Listening

Lecture 18 Closing Thoughts on Design Thinking

Lecture 19 Conclusion

Lecture 20 Bonus Lecture

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Udemy | English | 2h 21m | 2.17 GB
Created by: Ray Harkins, The Manufacturing Academy

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