Analysis of Difficulties in Chinese learning

Explanation of common important and difficult words in Chinese; Difference analysis of similar words
Analysis of Difficulties in Chinese learning
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Analysis of Difficulties in Chinese learning

What you’ll learn

Understand the use of common grammatical words in Chinese
Understand the differences in the use of similar words in Chinese.
Master some simple knowledge of Chinese grammar.
Make your Chinese expression more authentic.

Analysis of Difficulties in Chinese learning


What are nouns, verbs, adjectives, numerals, quantifiers. Based on Chinese characters and pinyin.


1. Related content is sorted out based on years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The main content of the course is the most common problems encountered by foreigners in learning Chinese, and the differences in the use of similar words.2. There is no complicated grammar knowledge here. As long as you know what nouns, adjectives, numerals and quantifiers are, you can easily understand this course, and in this process, you can also learn some relevant knowledge of common Chinese grammar.3. This course requires some basic knowledge of Chinese Pinyin and Chinese characters. Although it is explained in Chinese, I have English subtitles to explain the key knowledge parts, I believe you can understand. I think explaining this course in Chinese will be of greater help to your Chinese learning. Maybe you don’t understand it the first time, but if you listen to it several times, you’ll get the key information.4. I have edited the explanation of each knowledge point to save your time to the maximum extent. The reserved parts are the core content. Can let you in the shortest time, master the most core knowledge.5. The knowledge points of Chinese learning are part of it, and the key contents of the course need to be learned and practiced more based on the actual situation to deepen the memory.


Section 1: 单一汉字语法讲解

Lecture 1 是

Lecture 2 的

Lecture 3 在

Lecture 4 有

Lecture 5 离合词

Lecture 6 了

Lecture 7 着

Lecture 8 过

Lecture 9 动词重叠

Section 2: 相似语法辨析

Lecture 10 不VS没

Lecture 11 吗VS呢

Lecture 12 二VS两

Lecture 13 再VS又

Lecture 14 了VS过

Lecture 15 想VS要

Lecture 16 能VS会

Lecture 17 才VS都VS就

Lecture 18 和VS与

Lecture 19 走VS去

Section 3: 相似词汇辨析

Lecture 20 有点儿VS一点儿

Lecture 21 刚刚VS刚才VS刚

Lecture 22 帮VS帮助VS帮忙

Lecture 23 忽然VS突然

Lecture 24 了解VS理解

Lecture 25 我们VS咱们

Lecture 26 以为VS认为

Lecture 27 一直VS继续

Lecture 28 所有VS都

Lecture 29 上下VS左右VS前后

Lecture 30 见VS见面

Chinese beginners have the basis of Pinyin and elementary Chinese characters.,People who like to think carefully and ask questions in Chinese learning can distinguish the differences between similar words.,There are many function words in Chinese, people who are not confident in speaking Chinese

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