Anatomy for Figure Drawing Mastering the Human Figure

This is what you need to learn in order to draw figures like a pro and land that dream job.
Anatomy for Figure Drawing Mastering the Human Figure
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Anatomy for Figure Drawing Mastering the Human Figure

What you’ll learn

To learn anatomy for the human figure.
Learn the skeleton.
Learn the muscles and where they attach so you can draw the figure from imagination.
Learn all about how to draw breasts and their mechanics, how they squish, attach, etc.
Learn to draw skin and fat, where fat builds up.
Learn to draw, heads, faces, hands, and feet.
Putting it all together. Learning specific parts of the body on motion, to better understand some more difficult muscles.

Anatomy for Figure Drawing Mastering the Human Figure


Pencil and paper, or any art program on PC or Mac.


Do you want to be a professional comic artist, concept artist, or storyboard artist, etc? Then you need to be able to draw the human figure quickly. Most artists can’t do this because … They never learned Anatomy for Figure drawing. My course teaches you anatomy for figure drawing in an easy to understand way, but don’t take my word for it. Scroll down and watch some of the free lectures. I offer a few hours free so you can see that my teaching style is for you. In this course, you will learn the basics of proportions, and how to simplify the skeleton. You will learn the draw the skeleton and learn where all the muscles attach, which is key to drawing figures from imagination. You will learn a simplified muscle map, simplified mannequin and more. You will even learn how muscles change when in different poses. You will also learn where fat builds up, and all the different body types. This is the last and only anatomy for figure drawing and comics you will ever need. Money back guarantee, upheld by Udemy’s high standards. I also have bonus videos, like how to draw breasts and a quick sculpting of the human video. This is a huge course, but well worth the time. 65 hours, but … you are ready to draw figures like a pro, so simply scroll down and watch some of the free videos.


Section 1: Proportions- Please Start Here

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basic Proportions

Lecture 3 Detailed Proportions

Lecture 4 Course Images

Lecture 5 Skeleton images to draw muscles on

Section 2: Skeleton – The Important Foundations you must know

Lecture 6 Simplified Skeleton Images

Lecture 7 Front Skeleton

Lecture 8 Back view Skeleton

Lecture 9 Side view Skeleton

Lecture 10 3/4 view skeleton

Section 3: Muscles and where they attach – Needed to draw any pose from imagination

Lecture 11 Front Arm Muslces

Lecture 12 Peck muscles

Lecture 13 Deltoid and Tricepts

Lecture 14 Obliques, love handles

Lecture 15 Abs and Back muscles

Lecture 16 Leg Muscles 1

Lecture 17 Leg Muscles 2

Lecture 18 Leg Muscles 3

Lecture 19 Forearms

Lecture 20 Forearms 2

Lecture 21 Calf muscles

Section 4: Structure of Man

Lecture 22 Stick Figures – Very Important

Lecture 23 Mannequin Part 1

Lecture 24 Mannequin Part 2

Section 5: How to Draw Hands, and Anatomy of hands

Lecture 25 Hands Part 1

Lecture 26 Hands Part 2

Lecture 27 Hands 3

Lecture 28 Hands 4

Lecture 29 Hands Part 5

Lecture 30 Hands Part 6

Lecture 31 Hands Part 7

Section 6: Feet – The Anatomy of Feet

Lecture 32 Feet 1

Lecture 33 Feet 2

Lecture 34 Feet 3

Lecture 35 Feet side views

Lecture 36 Feet back and bottom views

Section 7: Skull, Head, and Face

Lecture 37 Skull 1

Lecture 38 Skull 2

Lecture 39 Skull 3

Lecture 40 Face 1

Lecture 41 Face 2

Section 8: Adding on the skin

Lecture 42 Male Skin 1

Lecture 43 Male Skin 2

Lecture 44 Male Skin 3

Lecture 45 Female Skin 1

Lecture 46 Female Skin 2

Lecture 47 Female Skin 3

Section 9: How muscles move and look when flexed, etc

Lecture 48 Muscle Dynmics – Moving/Flexed Muscles 1

Lecture 49 Muscle Dynamics – Moving/Flexed Muscles 2

Lecture 50 Muscle Dynamics – Moving/Flexed Muscles 3

Lecture 51 Muscle Dynamics – Elbow and Knees

Lecture 52 Muscle Dynamics – Torso

Section 10: Learn where fat builds up and different body types and how to draw them

Lecture 53 Fat and Body Types 1

Lecture 54 Fat and Body Types 2

Lecture 55 Female Body Fat 1

Lecture 56 Drawing Heavy Set Figures in Pose

Section 11: Putting it all Together — Drawing Poses

Lecture 57 Drawing Awesome Poses 1

Lecture 58 Drawing Awesome Poses 2

Lecture 59 Drawing Awesome Poses 3

Lecture 60 Drawing Awesome Poses 4

Lecture 61 Drawing Awesome Poses 5

Section 12: Bonus Lessons

Lecture 62 Breast Mechanics

Lecture 63 How to Draw People of different ages

Lecture 64 How to Draw breasts in 3/4 view

Section 13: This is the end

Lecture 65 Conclusion

Beginner to advanced.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 65h 8m | 9.46 GB
Created by: Neil Fontaine

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