Ancestral Healing Course Work With Ancestral Spirit Guides

Communicate and connect with your ancestral guides and learn to heal ancestral trauma and patterns with their support
Ancestral Healing Course Work With Ancestral Spirit Guides
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Ancestral Healing Course Work With Ancestral Spirit Guides

What you’ll learn

Define Spirit Guides and Ancestral Guides and learn the differences between them
Learn to distinguish ancestral guides from ancestors and why it’s important to do so
Learn how ancestral guides communicate and connect with us
Learn how to work with ancestral guides to heal ancestral burdens and limiting patterns
Learn intuitive exercises to connect with your ancestral guides in a more concrete way
Receive healing from your ancestral guides

Ancestral Healing Course Work With Ancestral Spirit Guides


This course is for all. No special skills or knowledge is required in order to take this course.


In this Working with Ancestral Guides Course, we will learn what ancestral guides are and how we can begin to work with them to heal and grow. We will learn the purpose of our ancestral guides, the different “rules” that our guides have to follow in order to work with us, and we will learn ways that we can begin to effectively communicate and connect with our ancestral guides. Our guides are always ready and willing to help us heal, grow, and overcome limiting ancestral patterns that have found their way into our lineage. The second half of this workshop teaches exercises that are meant to help you connect with your guides on a deeper level, and show you ways that you can work with your guides to receive healing. Through this process of learning, you will receive healing and learn skills by working through the exercises presented in this course, and you will leave the course with the tools to continue to connect with your ancestral guides in your daily life.This ancestral healing course includes recorded video lectures, meditations, and downloadable course materials that allow you to work with your ancestral guides toward a more aligned and fulfilling life at your own pace. Experiential healings and exercises are also included in the course and are designed to teach foundational ancestral healing principles through the experience of receiving deep and profound healing for yourself.This course is appropriate for anyone regardless of experience. Whether you are new to ancestral healing, are an advanced energy healing practitioner, or somewhere in between, this course is appropriate for anyone interested in receiving ancestral energy healing for themselves and learning healing techniques and the metaphysical concepts behind this important work.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Understanding your ancestral lineage

Section 2: Ancestral Guide Basics

Lecture 3 Spirit Guides and how they support us

Lecture 4 The Rules Our Guides Follow

Lecture 5 Defining Ancestral Guides

Lecture 6 Ancestral guides v.s ancestors

Lecture 7 Discernment in Working with Guides

Section 3: Connecting and Communicating

Lecture 8 How our guides communicate

Lecture 9 Permission to connect

Lecture 10 Cultivating a Relationship with Your Guides

Lecture 11 Paving the Way for Connection & Healing Preparation

Lecture 12 Exercise: Connecting with Ancestral Guides Healing Meditation

Lecture 13 Preparing to Communicate

Lecture 14 Exercise: Communicating Through Automatic Writing

Lecture 15 Distinguishing Between our Guides and Ego

Section 4: Healing with Guides

Lecture 16 Healing your ancestral lineage

Lecture 17 Prerequisites for healing

Lecture 18 Exercise: Clearing the Ancestral Line Healing

Lecture 19 Identifying Ancestral Beliefs and Patterns

Lecture 20 Exercise: Limiting Belief Templates Healing

Lecture 21 Integrating Healing into Your Life

Section 5: Final steps

Lecture 22 Moving forward

Lecture 23 Next steps

Anyone interested in learning more about their ancestral guides and how to connect with them,Anyone interested in partnering with their ancestral guides to heal lineage wounds and traumas,Anyone interested in ancestral healing, energy healing, and intuition,Practitioners interested in ancestral healing, spirit guides, intuition, and energy healing

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 3m | 2.49 GB
Created by: Kristen Blythe

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