Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide

Ace the Android Developer Coding Interview, Android System Design Interview & the Behavioral Interview [Mock Interviews]
Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide
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Paulo Dichone | Software Engineer, AWS Cloud Practitioner & Instructor


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Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide

What you’ll learn

Prepare for a technical and behavioral interview for a junior/entry level position as an Android developer
Practice how to answer Android technical questions
Practice how to answer Java technical questions
How to mentally prepare for the interview
How to set yourself apart when answering technical and behavioral questions
Master mock interviews and whiteboard problems
Craft the best resume/CV and developer portfolio to showcase your skills

Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide


Be able to build a fairly complex Android App


Do you want to immerse yourself in the Android interview prep process so you can land your first entry-level Android developer job?Have you wondered how to structure your Android Interview practice, so you feel confident and well-prepared to tackle the actual Android Developer interview?Well, wonder no more! The Android Developer Interview Preparation Guide is here!Android development has been rapidly growing since Android was first released over a decade ago.  This course will give you the technical and mental confidence you need to ace your entry-level Android development job interview.By the end of this course, you’ll have improved your Android interviewing skills dramatically!In this course, you’ll learn how to ace your Android Developer interview by: Learning how to answer common Android and Java technical interview questions, Practicing mock and whiteboard interviews Mastering how to think through any given problem and come up with the solution.Interviewing can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be: the key is preparation and adequate planning.  This course will guide you through the process of preparing for an Android technical and behavioral interview for a junior position as an Android developer. We’ll go from what fundamental Android skills you need to have under your belt to understand what interviewers are looking for on the interview day: from a technical and personality standpoint, to how to answer questions like “What’s your biggest weakness?”.We’ll also cover general tools and libraries android developers are generally expected to know, as well as learning methods to continue practicing and preparing for the interview.  Interactive Mock Interviews included!!No experience? No problem – there’s a strategy I share in the course on what to do if you have no experience.Sections Outline:    Section 1 – Course Introduction: Get an understanding of the course objectives, how the course is structured, and how to get the most out of this course.Section 2 -Initial Preparations – Your Resume, Portfolio & Online Presence: Learn how to craft an excellent resume, android app portfolio, and Github.Section 3 – Understanding Big O, Data Structures, and Writing Good Code – Learn the basics of Big O notation and time complexity and what constitutes good code.Section 4 – Android Core – Specific Android Interview Questions: Deep-dive into learning how to answer the most fundamental Android development questions and answer technical questions the right way! Section 5 – Android Application Design (System Design) – Understanding how to answer Android Architectural Design questions.  You’ll go over a few App Design Mock Interviewers so you can see how to answer this kind of question.Section 6 – Java Programming Language-Specific Interview Questions: Learn how to answer specific Java Programming language questions.  You’ll have a mental map on how what keywords you need to include when answering technical questions.Section 7 – Behavioral Specific Interview Questions & Wrap-up: Learn how to answer behavioral questions such as “Tell me your biggest weakness” and other common behavioral questions. The course also includes several resources to help you further prep for your android interview:Interactive Mock Interviews!!QuizzesChallengesList of most popular Interview Prep online tools such as LeetCode and PrampPDF documents with more Android interview questions & Answers for you to practiceTips and advice on the Android interviewing processBy the end of this course, you will have all the tools you’ll need to ace your Android technical interview for a junior position as an Android developer!=======================================This Course Also Comes With:  Lifetime Access to All Future Updates  A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section  Links to interesting articles and lots of good code to base your next template onto  Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download  A 30 Day, “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!Take this course and prepare to ace your entry-level Android developer interview and get your dream Android Development job!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The (Mental) Game Plan

Lecture 3 Important Message

Lecture 4 DOWNLOAD – Printable Worksheets & Source Code

Section 2: Initial Preparations – Your Resume/CV, Portfolio, Github and Online Presence

Lecture 5 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 6 Initial Preparations – Your Resume/CV

Lecture 7 Initial Preparations – Your Portfolio and Github

Lecture 8 [ACTIVITY] – Action Steps

Lecture 9 Initial Preparations – Research and Learn More About the Company

Lecture 10 Small Vs Large Companies

Lecture 11 What Interviewers Look for in a Junior Android Developer

Lecture 12 What to Bring with you on the Interview Day

Lecture 13 What to Expect on the Interview Day

Lecture 14 [IMPORTANT] – No Experience? – Getting the Right Experience

Lecture 15 [ACTIVITY] – Action Steps

Lecture 16 [ACTIVITY] – Action Steps

Section 3: Understanding Big O and Writing Good Code

Lecture 17 General Android Interview Questions Breakdown

Lecture 18 What Makes Good Code

Lecture 19 What’s Big O(1) – Constant Time

Lecture 20 Big O(n) – Linear Time

Lecture 21 Big O(n^2) – Quadratic Time and Simplification Rules

Lecture 22 Worst-case Scenario

Lecture 23 List of Data Structures You NEED to Know

Lecture 24 Summary

Lecture 25 Resources

Section 4: Android Core – Specific Interview Questions

Lecture 26 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 27 General Android Interview Questions to Consider

Lecture 28 How to Answer Technical Questions

Lecture 29 MOCK INTERVIEW 1 – Activity LifeCycle Callback Methods

Lecture 30 MOCK INTERVIEW 2 – Activities setContentView() Method

Lecture 31 MOCK INTERVIEW 3 – Whiteboard Problem – FizzBuzz

Lecture 32 MOCK INTERVIEW 4 – The Android Manifest File

Lecture 33 MOCK INTERVIEW 5 – Displaying Lots of Data on Screen

Lecture 34 A Note on Mock Interviews vs the Real Interview

Lecture 35 A Note on Practicing

Lecture 36 Summary

Lecture 37 Resources

Section 5: Android Application Design (System Design)

Lecture 38 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 39 Application Architecture Design

Lecture 40 MOCK INTERVIEW 6 – App Design – Talk About Your Last App

Lecture 41 MOCK INTERVIEW 7 – How Would You Design a Todo Android App?

Lecture 42 A Note on Take-home Android Projects

Lecture 43 Summary

Lecture 44 Resources

Section 6: Java Programming Language-Specific Interview Questions

Lecture 45 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 46 Java vs Kotlin

Lecture 47 MOCK INTERVIEW 8 – Java Inheritance – Override vs Overloading Methods

Lecture 48 MOCK INTERVIEW 9 – Private Modifiers

Lecture 49 Resources

Section 7: Behavioral Specific Interview Questions

Lecture 50 What You’ll Learn

Lecture 51 Why Behavioral Interview Questions?

Lecture 52 Interview Tip – IMPORTANT!

Lecture 53 MOCK INTERVIEW 10 – Tell Me About Yourself?

Lecture 54 MOCK INTERVIEW 11 – What’s Your Biggest Weakness?

Lecture 55 Questions to Ask the Interviewer(s)

Lecture 56 Wrap-up

Lecture 57 Resources – List of Fundamental Android Interview Questions & Answers

Lecture 58 Resources – Testing and Improving Your Coding Skills

Section 8: Bonus

Lecture 59 Bonus Lecture

Junior level Android Developers seeking employment,Junior Kotlin and Java Developers seeking entry-level Android Development job

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 48m | 1.71 GB
Created by: Paulo Dichone | Software Engineer, AWS Cloud Practitioner & Instructor

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