Android Firebase Firestore Masterclass Build a Shop App

Build A Complete Android E-Commerce App From Scratch, Using Google Firebase Firestore – NoSQL Database
Android Firebase Firestore Masterclass Build a Shop App
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Android Firebase Firestore Masterclass Build a Shop App

What you’ll learn

You will be able to create an Android E-Commerce Application from scratch using Google Firebase – Firestore
You will learn Firebase basics, how to upload and download data to and from the online database, etc.
Build your own cloud apps with cloud storage, like Whatsapp, Instagram, or Tinder
Learn Firebase basics, how to upload and download data to and from the online database, etc.
You will learn Build an application with Cloud Database Firebase
You will know how to build different Firebase modules, such as authentication, cloud storage, database

Android Firebase Firestore Masterclass Build a Shop App


A Windows, Mac or Linux Computer
Basic Android Developer knowledge (e.g. completed first half of my Android Masterclass)


E-commerce is the future of commerce, and throughout this brand new course, we will learn how to build this future together. This new course is specifically designed so you can build your own Firebase e-commerce application using simple technics and an easy step-by-step guide. You probably already have some experience with Android Programming, but haven’t worked with cloud solutions such as firebase yet? No problem at all! This course is suitable for everyone with the motivation to build his own application with a cloud database. I will give you simple explanations of the complex tools and will help you with every step.In this course, you will learn how to build your own e-commerce app for Android using the Firestore database of Google FirebaseYou will build the shop app MyShopPal which is an adjustable e-commerce application that you can use to create your own store or use it as a template to create an e-commerce app for your client. The code itself is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.In this course we are covering such topics asFirebase basicsHow to upload and download data to and from an online databaseDisplaying Images from the Cloud in your appCreating User ProfilesUploading and displaying ProductsBuilding a Cart SystemSelecting images from your phoneAfter my step-by-step guidance, you will be able tobuild your own Cloud Apps. Not only Shop apps but with the Firebase skills you will acquire, you will also be able to build Apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, or Tinder We will build the application from scratch together. Starting with the login page and authentication, dashboard with your merchandise we will build the complete and finished app.30-DAY FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEThis course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Take the course, watch every lecture, and do the exercises, and if you feel like this course is not for you, ask for a full refund within 30 days. All your money back, no questions asked.ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR:My name is Denis Panjuta and in my courses, I have taught over 150.000 students how to code. I have a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance (Germany). I love teaching and creating high-quality courses. My mission is, to teach programming to over 10 M people!


Section 1: Welcome to the course

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 What You Will Build In This Course

Lecture 3 How To Get Most Out Of The Course

Lecture 4 How To Use The Downloadable Resources

Lecture 5 How The Challenges Are Designed

Lecture 6 Udemy Reviews Update

Lecture 7 Get the most from Tutorials.EU

Section 2: Setting up the Project and the first Activities

Lecture 8 Welcome to the section

Lecture 9 DEMO – Create Your Own App Icon

Lecture 10 Setup and Icon creation

Lecture 11 Setup Firebase Project

Lecture 12 Splash Screen

Lecture 13 DEMO Creating Custom Widgets

Lecture 14 Challenge – Custom TextView

Lecture 15 Using Different Fonts and Creating Custom TextView

Lecture 16 Setting up Custom Button, Prepare Login Activity

Lecture 17 Setting up the Login Activity

Lecture 18 Setting up the Register Activity

Lecture 19 Validating Registry Entries

Section 3: Firebase Authentication – Register and Login

Lecture 20 Welcome to the section

Lecture 21 DEMO – How To Setup Firebase Authentication

Lecture 22 Challenge – Firebase Authentication

Lecture 23 Registering the User and Firebase Authentication

Lecture 24 Displaying the Progress Dialog While Registering the New User

Lecture 25 Prepare Validation of Login Entries

Lecture 26 Logging in the User in the Firebase Cloud

Lecture 27 DEMO – Reset Password via – Forgot Password

Lecture 28 Challenge – Reset Password

Lecture 29 The Forgot Password Activity

Lecture 30 The Forgot Password Implementation and Test

Section 4: Google Firestore – Storing Your Data In The Cloud Database

Lecture 31 Welcome to the section

Lecture 32 Setting up Firestore

Lecture 33 Creating Our First Entry in the Firestore Cloud Database

Lecture 34 Retrieving Data from the Firestore Database

Lecture 35 Storing the Username on the Phone via Sharedpreferences and Displaying it

Lecture 36 Creating the User Profile Activity Design – Part 1

Lecture 37 Creating the User Profile Activity Design – Part 2

Lecture 38 Use Parcelable to Store More User Details on the Device via Sharedpreferences

Lecture 39 DEMO – Using Permissions In Android Studio

Lecture 40 Challenge – Permission To Store Profile Image

Lecture 41 Asking for Permissions to Store Profile Image

Lecture 42 Loading the Profile Image from Storage

Lecture 43 Loading the Profile Image from Storage with Glide

Lecture 44 Verify User Entries

Lecture 45 Uploading the Profile Details

Section 5: Uploading Files To The Google Firebase Storage – Profile Screen and Dashboard

Lecture 46 Welcome to the section

Lecture 47 DEMO – Firebase Storage – Store Images In The Cloud

Lecture 48 DEMO – Using Glide To Assign Images The Easy Way

Lecture 49 Challenge – Uploading the Profile Image to Google Firestore

Lecture 50 Uploading the Profile Image to the Firebase Cloud Storage

Lecture 51 Updating the Imageurl in the Profile and Firebase Database

Lecture 52 Updating the Database About a Finished Profile Entry

Lecture 53 Creating a Dashboard Activity

Lecture 54 Cleaning up the Project and the Double Back Button Pressed Functionality

Lecture 55 Taking Care of the Different Fragements

Lecture 56 Setting up the Dashboard Fragment to Have a Settings Option

Lecture 57 Creating the Settings Screen Layout

Lecture 58 Loading the Profile Data from Firestore

Lecture 59 Editing the Profile and Loging the User Out

Lecture 60 Making the Profile Screen Editable

Section 6: Developing the Adding and Displaying of Products in a Recyclerview

Lecture 61 Welcome to the section

Lecture 62 Preparing the Add Product Activity and the Menu that Leads there

Lecture 63 Designing the Add Product Activity

Lecture 64 Let the User Select a Product Image

Lecture 65 Validating Product Detail Entries

Lecture 66 Uploading the Product Image

Lecture 67 Upload the Product to Our Database

Lecture 68 Preparing our Products Fragment and creating a Base Fragment

Lecture 69 Getting the Products from Our Firestore Database

Lecture 70 DEMO – RecyclerView – Adapter – Displaying a List

Lecture 71 Challange – RecyclerView and Displaying Products In It

Lecture 72 Displaying the Products in a Recyclerview

Lecture 73 Preparing the Dashboard Fragment

Lecture 74 Displaying the Dashboard Items

Lecture 75 Preparing the Deletion of Products in the UI

Lecture 76 Displaying AlertDialog and Deleting Product in the Cloud

Section 7: Developing The Product Details Screen

Lecture 77 Welcome to the section

Lecture 78 Adding the Product Details Screen

Lecture 79 Passing the Product ID from the Products Screen to the Product Details Screen

Lecture 80 Retrieving and Displaying the Product Details

Lecture 81 Displaying the Product Details from the Dashboard

Section 8: Developing the Cart – Including Items, Cart Overview and Details

Lecture 82 Welcome to the section

Lecture 83 Displaying Add To Card if it is not our own product

Lecture 84 Add to Cart Part 1

Lecture 85 Add to Cart Part 2

Lecture 86 Add to Cart Part 3

Lecture 87 Preparing the Cart UI and Moving to it

Lecture 88 Cart List Part 1

Lecture 89 Cart List Part 2

Lecture 90 Preparing the Cart Amount with Stock Check Part 1

Lecture 91 Preparing the Cart Amount with Stock Check Part 2

Lecture 92 Preparing the Cart Amount with Stock Check Part 3

Lecture 93 Increasing and Reducing Item Amount in Cart

Section 9: Allowing The User To Add Addresses

Lecture 94 Welcome to the section

Lecture 95 Creating the Address List Activity

Lecture 96 Creating the Add Edit Address Activity and UI

Lecture 97 Checking user Entries as well as prepare the Address Datamodel

Lecture 98 Adding Address in Cloud

Lecture 99 Loading the Addresses from the Firestore Database

Lecture 100 Displaying the Addresses of a User in a List

Lecture 101 Swipe to Edit – Address List Items

Lecture 102 Edit the Address After Swiping

Lecture 103 Swipe to Delete Addresses

Lecture 104 Making Important Changes to Cart and Address Activities

Section 10: Adding The Checkout Activity – Storing and Displaying of Firestore Data

Lecture 105 Welcome to the section

Lecture 106 The Checkout Activity

Lecture 107 Displaying Address on Checkout Screen

Lecture 108 Preparing the Checkout Activity to Display Products in of the Cart

Lecture 109 Displaying Cart Items in Checkout Activity

Lecture 110 Place Orders and Store them in the Cloud Database

Section 11: Building The Orders Screen

Lecture 111 Welcome to the section

Lecture 112 Update The Stock And Clear The Cart

Lecture 113 Displaying the Orders in the Order Fragment

Lecture 114 Preparing The MyOrdersActivity To Display Orders

Lecture 115 Displaying Order Details

Lecture 116 Creating An Entry For Sold Products In The Database

Lecture 117 Preparing The SoldProducts Fragment And Editing Our Navigation Bar

Lecture 118 Displaying the Sold Products

Lecture 119 Passing Details from The Sold Products Screen

Lecture 120 Finishing the Sold Products Details and the App

Section 12: Thank you for completing the course!

Lecture 121 Your Special Bonus

If you are Android Developer curious about Firestore,If you are beginner Android Developer looking for the next exciting project,If you want to quit your job and work as a developer from anywhere in the world, e.g. a beautiful beach, then take this course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 18h 12m | 11.13 GB
Created by: Denis Panjuta

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