Android OS Internals AOSP Mobile ROM Development

Android Open Source Project Development (AOSP) – Mobile Development
Android OS Internals AOSP Mobile ROM Development
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Android OS Internals AOSP Mobile ROM Development

What you’ll learn

Android Open Source Project Development (AOSP)
Android Mobile Development
AOSP Build System
Android Framework
Android Internals
Android Architecture
Android OS Customisation

Android OS Internals AOSP Mobile ROM Development


Basic Programming Knowledge


Over the years, Android has captured Phones, tablets, TV, Automotive HMI, and Wear devices. It’s running on 2.5 billion active devices. Even though Android has been in the market for a long, it’s still pretty hard to find structured courses or online resources for AOSP development. That’s the reason this course is here. This course is specially designed for Developers of any level who wants to learn about developing Android OS (focusing more on Mobile devices).We have tried to make this course as compact as possible so that you could learn something new in each minute of the tutorials. On a high level, the course is structured as follows. IntroductionArchitectureDevelopment Environment SetupFolder Structure and important modulesBuild System Building the sourceProjectsAdvanced Topics (System Services, SystemUI, SE Linux, SDK, etc..)This course is perfect for those new to the AOSP world or who want to learn more about different aspects of AOSP development. This course is also essential for Android Application Developers. You can be a better developer when you know the Android OS Internals. At the end of the course, you should gain enough knowledge to create your own Android version.All the very best for your AOSP career. 🙂


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to AOSP

Section 2: AOSP Development Environment Setup and Download Source Code

Lecture 3 System Requirements

Lecture 4 Install required Packages

Lecture 5 Download Repo

Lecture 6 Download AOSP Source

Lecture 7 Build and run AOSP12 Phone Emulator

Lecture 8 Download, Build and run Android 13 Phone Emulator

Section 3: Common AOSP Commands and Utility tools

Lecture 9 Common AOSP Commands for Terminal

Lecture 10 ASfP (Android Studio for Platform Developers)

Lecture 11 AIDEGEN – Open Projects in Intellij or Android Studio

Section 4: Android Architecture

Lecture 12 Android Architecture

Section 5: Android Boot Sequence

Lecture 13 Android Boot Sequence – Closer look at Init Process

Lecture 14 Android Boot Sequence – Closer look at Zygote Process

Lecture 15 Android Boot Sequence – Closer look at System Server Process

Section 6: AOSP Folder Walkthrough

Lecture 16 Folder Walkthrough1

Lecture 17 Folder Walkthrough2

Lecture 18 Folder Walkthrough3

Lecture 19 Folder Walkthrough4

Lecture 20 Folder Walkthrough 5

Lecture 21 Folder Walkthrough 6

Section 7: AOSP Build System – Deep Dive

Lecture 22 Soong Build System

Lecture 23 Build Architecture 1

Lecture 24

Lecture 25 croot and m, mm, commands

Lecture 26 grep

Lecture 27 mod command

Lecture 28 script

Lecture 29

Section 8: Introduction to Phone System UI

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 Architecture

Lecture 32 System UI Startup Process

Lecture 33 System UI Code Walkthrough

Lecture 34 System UI Quick Settings

Section 9: System UI Keyguard Module

Lecture 35 Keyguard Intro

Lecture 36 Keyguard Implementation

Section 10: Runtime Resource Overlays

Lecture 37 RRO Introduction – How it Works ?

Lecture 38 RRO Practical

Section 11: Add New Android Application into AOSP

Lecture 39 Introduction

Lecture 40 Add a Java project Practical

Lecture 41 Add Kotlin Project Practical

Section 12: ADB

Lecture 42 ADB Introduction

Lecture 43 ADB Commands

Section 13: AOSP – Projects -Change the Boot Animation

Lecture 44 Change the Boot Animation Theory and Practical

Section 14: Add a System Service

Lecture 45 Android System Service

Lecture 46 Binder Introduction

Lecture 47 Binder IPC

Lecture 48 Add a System Service – Task Summary

Lecture 49 Add a System Service – Code Walkthrough

Lecture 50 Add a System Service – Generate the Stubs

Lecture 51 Add a System Service – Implement the code

Lecture 52 Add a System Service – Test it & SeLinux

Section 15: SELinux

Lecture 53 A Simple Introduction to SELINUX

Lecture 54 SELinux Intro

Lecture 55 SELinux HandsOn

Section 16: SDK

Lecture 56 Create an SDK

Lecture 57 Create an SDK Hands On

Section 17: SDK Addon’s

Lecture 58 Add Shared Library Addon

Lecture 59 Add Shared Library Addon Practical

Section 18: Thank You and Keep in Touch.

Lecture 60 Thank you.

Beginner in Android Development,Beginner in AOSP Development,Anyone who loves Android OS,Anyone who wants to build your own version of Android Mobile OS

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