Android Studio Masterclass Conquer the Android IDE

Android Studio Masterclass: Learn Android Studio from Top to Bottom and Become a Better Android Developer!
Android Studio Masterclass Conquer the Android IDE
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Android Studio Masterclass Conquer the Android IDE

What you’ll learn

Be able to use Android Studio to aid them in App Creation
Understand how to use Android Studio to speed up their workflow

Android Studio Masterclass Conquer the Android IDE


Windows or Mac Operating System


Master the Android Studio and become a better Android Developer. 
Android development is one of the hottest topics to learn. With a single app you can create a worldwide product. With it’s fast evolution, a studio for Android development was created.This is where Android Studio came in to the picture. With time-saving features, learning the Android Studio is essential to becoming a good Android developer. There are some amazing resources out there to learn Java and XML, however, there aren’t many resources out there to teach you the this amazing software. 
In this course we will be going over Android studio. We will take it from installation, to debugging, to deployment. Note, this is not a Java/Development course, but a course to learn the Android Studio IDE. 
Android Studio Has Some Amazing Time Saving Features That Most People Never Use!! 
We will cover these tools, as well as go over other features and resources that will improve the quality of your code. 
Why is Android Studio Important? 
It’s the thing that ties Android development together. It can aid your development making better, higher quality and more manageable apps. In this course, I hope to teach you enough about Android Studio that you will be comfortable using all of it’s time-saving tools. This will speed up your efficiency and quality of code. 
Enroll Now and Learn: 
Installation JDK, and SDK SetupHandling ErrorsAPI DifferencesGradle Build File BasicsMaking a ProjectFlavors and Build TypesEmulator Creation and EditingCreating New FilesCode ManagementDebugging and LoggingGit IntegrationMiscellaneous Android Studio Features
Our 100% Guarantee
I am so confident you’ll enjoy this course, that I offer a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee through Udemy. If you’re not happy with your purchase, w have no problem giving you your money back.

Are you ready to start learning?
Remember, this is an online course, so you can take it at your own pace. Are you busy right now? That’s okay. Enroll today, and take the course at your own pace.
See you inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Install & Setup Android Studio

Lecture 2 Installation Overview

Lecture 3 Downloading and Installing JDK

Lecture 4 Android Studio Download

Lecture 5 Installing the Android SDK

Lecture 6 Creating Your First Project

Lecture 7 Attaching the JDK

Lecture 8 First Time Build Errors

Lecture 9 What If I Had an Error?

Section 3: The Android Studio Interface

Lecture 10 General Layout

Lecture 11 Project Structure

Lecture 12 Main Window

Lecture 13 Finding the Code You Want

Section 4: Building and Deploying Projects

Lecture 14 Installing New API’s

Lecture 15 Gradle Build Basics

Lecture 16 AndroidManifest

Lecture 17 Making a Project

Lecture 18 Run Configuration

Lecture 19 Creating Build Variants

Lecture 20 Flavors vs Build Types

Lecture 21 APK Location

Lecture 22 Analyzing APK’s

Section 5: Emulators & Deploying

Lecture 23 Creating an Emulator

Lecture 24 Creating Your Own Emulator Preset

Lecture 25 Emulator Features

Lecture 26 Deploying to a Physical Device

Section 6: Editing Files

Lecture 27 Creating A New File/Activity

Lecture 28 Android Studio Assistance

Lecture 29 Showing and Hiding Code

Lecture 30 Refactoring Code

Lecture 31 TODO Marking

Lecture 32 XML Editor

Lecture 33 Auto-Generating Code

Lecture 34 Quickly Lookup Documentation

Lecture 35 Find Sample Code

Section 7: Debugging and Logging

Lecture 36 Create a Debug Log

Lecture 37 Breakpoints/The Debugger

Lecture 38 Analyze Stack Trace

Lecture 39 Generate Bug Report’

Lecture 40 Android Device Monitor

Section 8: Git Integration

Lecture 41 Git Intro

Lecture 42 Committing Changes

Lecture 43 Branches

Lecture 44 Git Additional Features

Section 9: Miscellaneous Features

Lecture 45 ProGuard

Lecture 46 Generate Key and App Signing

Lecture 47 JavaDoc Generation

Lecture 48 Favorites and Bookmarks

Lecture 49 Change Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 50 Android Studio Log/ IDEA.log

Lecture 51 Invalidate Caches

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 52 Thank You!

Anyone interested in learning more about Android Studio,People who are learning Android development and want more insight in to Android Studio,Developers switching to Android Studio who want an in-depth guide in how to use it.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 37m | 1.54 GB
Created by: Kurt Anderson

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