AngularJS For Net Developers From Scratch

Specially designed course for Asp.Net (MVC or Web APIs) developers who want to learn AngularJS
AngularJS For Net Developers From Scratch
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Manzoor Ahmed


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AngularJS For Net Developers From Scratch

What you’ll learn

Create light weight web applications using AngularJS

AngularJS For Net Developers From Scratch


VS2013 or higher
MS SQL Server 2012 or higher


Q: Are you an Asp.Net (MVC or Web APIs) web developer and want to upgrade your profile with AngularJS?
A: You are at the right place!!
We know very well that you find many courses on AngularJS and many courses on Asp.Net. But the problem comes when you want to mix these two technologies.
Yes! We need a course that teaches AngularJS for those developers who have been working on Asp.Net technologies (MVC or WebAPIs) and want to upgrade their profile with new client side web development javascript framework i.e., AngularJS.
So, this course is for an Asp.Net web developer and it is straight to the point with less theory and more real-time implementation scenarios.


Section 1: Basics Of AngularJS

Lecture 1 Introduction To AngularJS

Lecture 2 Getting Started With AngularJS

Lecture 3 Basic Directives – I

Lecture 4 Basic Directives – II

Section 2: Modules, Controllers and $scope Service Object

Lecture 5 Introduction To Controllers

Lecture 6 Method Inside The Controller

Lecture 7 Method With Parameters Inside The Controller

Section 3: $http Service Object

Lecture 8 First Server Call Using $http Object

Lecture 9 Data Binding To List Controlls

Lecture 10 Cascading DropDownLists And Grid

Section 4: Filters – Working With Gridview

Lecture 11 Customizing Gridview

Lecture 12 Searching And Sorting In Gridview

Lecture 13 Paging In Gridview

Lecture 14 SourceCode

Section 5: Services

Lecture 15 Creating Services Using Service Method

Lecture 16 Creating Services Using Factory Method

Section 6: CRUD Operations

Lecture 17 Creating Server Side Get Methods

Lecture 18 Read Operation

Lecture 19 Fill Form On Select

Lecture 20 Delete Operation

Lecture 21 Create Operation

Lecture 22 Update Operation

Section 7: Advanced CRUD Operations

Lecture 23 Small Fix On Date Type

Lecture 24 Multi Select In Grid Using Checkbox

Lecture 25 Multi Delete In a Grid Using Checkbox

Lecture 26 Source Code For CRUD Operations

Section 8: Form Validations

Lecture 27 Client Side Validations

Lecture 28 Various Validations

Lecture 29 Server Side Validations

Lecture 30 Source Code For Form Validations

Section 9: Routing And Views

Lecture 31 Creating Directory Structure

Lecture 32 Creating Routes And Config Views

Lecture 33 Routing And Server Calls

Lecture 34 Source Code For routing

Section 10: Web Storage

Lecture 35 Run Block

Lecture 36 $rootScope Object

Lecture 37 $cookies

Lecture 38 $sessionStorage

Lecture 39 $localStorage

Lecture 40 Source Code

Asp.Net (MVC or Web APIs) Developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 21m | 2.97 GB
Created by: Manzoor Ahmed

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