Animal Reiki Certification Course

Complete Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification, Become Expert in Animal Reiki!
Animal Reiki Certification Course
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Animal Reiki Certification Course

What you’ll learn

Animal Reiki to support animals to Heal them
Perform Reiki sessions on yourself, others and on animals
Healings Animals through distance
Understand basic information about Reiki Energy & how it works with all Animals
Connect with Animals & pets using various techniques
Develop your skill to feel & send Reiki to Animals

Animal Reiki Certification Course


Open your mind and heart to Animals
No prior knowledge is required for Animal Reiki!
It will also be helpful to have at least one animal or pet that you can work with


Animal Reiki Certification CourseThis Course is About Animal Reiki where you will learn to use the power of Reiki to do reiki session on yourself, others, your pets and animals around you. You will explore the deeper meaning of animal Reiki!Animals are good for our soul. They keep us physically active. They help us to relieve stress, sadness, put a smile on our face. They teach children and adults about love, compassion, responsibility, respect. Reiki is a wonderful way to give back to our animal friends.So, if you want to support your Pets and Animals around you then this course is for you! Many people mistake Reiki as something you do. But Reiki isn’t something you do; it’s something you learn with the intent of helping others. It’s not a tool to fix problems and rid one from disease or physical pain. Reiki is aid through your own energy points to help heal animals and people alike. Along with the many benefits Reiki has on people, it also has the same benefits on animals.The Difference Between Reiki and Animal Reiki The benefits of using Reiki Healing are not restricted to humans. The Reiki that is given to humans is precisely the same Reiki that is provided to creatures. The Universe has all types of animals that can go through from sickness, anxiety, and grief. While we decide to apply the energy given by the Universe, animals are not very fortuitous.You will learn about Reiki and its history. I will guide you how to perform Reiki on yourself, with others and on animals with an emphasis on healing and harmonizing. I will explain about the sacred Reiki symbols and how you can use them in your Reiki sessions. Learn the proper method of practicing Animal Reiki sessions from start to end on different kinds of animals and practice Reiki with an animal from short and long distances.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Animals and Reiki!

Lecture 3 How Reiki Helps Animals?

Lecture 4 Performing Reiki on Animals

Lecture 5 Using Distant Attunement for Reiki

Lecture 6 Treating Yourself with Reiki

Lecture 7 Reiki Sacred Symbols

This Animal Reiki is for Energy Healers!,This Animal Reiki course is for people interested in Animal Reiki Healing Energy!,Animal lovers who wish to know more about Reiki,Animal Reiki is for all animal lovers who are seeking to connect deeper with their animal,If you love animals and want to connect with them and help them to heal themselves then this course is for you!

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Created by: Ali Haider

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