Animated Java Programming Language Course For Kids

Beginner to advanced level(Award systems are also included)
Animated Java Programming Language Course For Kids
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Alisia Habibi


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Animated Java Programming Language Course For Kids

What you’ll learn

Students will learn how to problem solve
Students will learn how to think computationally
Students will learn how to code with Java programming language
Students will improve their creativity, confidence and communication skills

Animated Java Programming Language Course For Kids


No previous programming experience is required


About this course:This course is unique in its nature as you will understand how to code with Java in a simplified manner with the help of interactive visual aids and animated video clips that connect with real-world scenarios. The main object of this course is to integrate Java programming language with other subject domains by developing system applications that can be modified and implemented in any subject. This animated Java course is structured to monitor your programming progress in Java by implementing final individual Java practical projects at the end of every third lesson and online quizzes. Plus feedback reports are sent out to students upon request. Finally, to keep you boosted with motivation throughout this course, award systems have been set in place which is computed after every third lesson of this course and are sent out once achieved.What will you learn and benefit from this course?The syntax and ecosystem of the Java programming languageHow to code using the Java programming languageDevelop your problem-solving and computational thinking skillsDevelop fun and interactive Java software applications, systems, and gamesGet academically assessed on your programming skills by completing various Java projects and online quizzesDesign amazing graphical user interfaces for various Java application systems.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to this course

Section 2: Lesson 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Objectives of lesson 1

Section 3: Instance variables in Java

Lecture 3 Instance Variables

Section 4: Data Types In Java

Lecture 4 String and Integer Data Types

Section 5: Scanner Class In Java

Lecture 5 User Input(Scanner Class)

Section 6: Print Statements In Java

Lecture 6 Output Statements In Java

Section 7: The Java Syntax

Lecture 7 Java Class and Main Method

Section 8: Java Project 1

Lecture 8 The Grinch Morning Routine Diary Project PART 1

Lecture 9 The Grinch Morning Routine Diary Project PART 2

Section 9: Java Project 2

Lecture 10 E-Potter Chatbot Project Part 1

Lecture 11 E-Potter Chatbot Project Part 2

Section 10: End of Lesson 1 Java Quiz

Lecture 12 Lesson 1 Final Online Quiz

Animated Java Programming Language Course For Kids(Beginners to Advanced Level)

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 1m | 1.09 GB
Created by: Alisia Habibi

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