Animating in Adobe Character Animator 2018 Edition

Learn how to animate characters using your video camera and microphone! No prior animation experience required!
Animating in Adobe Character Animator 2018 Edition
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Chad Troftgruben


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Animating in Adobe Character Animator 2018 Edition

What you’ll learn

Properly assemble rigs in Photoshop for Character Animator
Add tags for proper behavior tracking
Add handles for pin, draggable and physics effects
Refine rigs with customizable behaviors
Create Triggers for exposable props
Create Swap Sets for multi-phase items
Add dynamic motions with head turns and walk cycles
Record animation for export

Animating in Adobe Character Animator 2018 Edition


A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud
A webcam for capturing facial motions
A microphone for capturing mouth pose data


Note: The 2023 edition of this course is now available and features content not available in this course.Learn how to effectively rig and animate a puppet inside of Adobe Character Animator! With the use of your video camera, microphone and custom behaviors, you can create unique rigs that can be used for business presentations, entertainment and more! This tactile toolset can seem strange at first glance. But as you progress through the course, it’ll all be broken down in an easy to digest manner. Before you know it, you will be animating your own original creations!More specifically, in this course, you will learn how to:Layout a Photoshop character for Adobe Character Animator importTag layers for lip syncing and facial behaviorsAdd special handles such as draggers to allow interactivity with the mouseCreate triggers for hide-able layersCreate Swap Sets for multi-phase layersAuto lip sync in the applicationLip sync using external audioEdit recorded actionsWork with backgroundsWork with multiple puppetsExport animations through Adobe Media EncoderBy the time you’re done with this course you will have a stronger understanding of how to rig a character and animate using the Record tab in Adobe Character Animator.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What You Will Learn in this Course

Lecture 2 System Requirements for Character Animator

Lecture 3 Setting a Rest Pose

Lecture 4 Playing with the Sample Files

Section 2: Character Animator Updates and New Features

Lecture 5 UI and Interface Updates (April 2019)

Lecture 6 Turning Yourself into a Cartoon with Characterizer

Section 3: Preparing Your Character

Lecture 7 Designing Your Character

Lecture 8 Combining and Streamlining Layers

Lecture 9 Creating Independent Groups

Lecture 10 Assembling the Eyes

Lecture 11 Assembling the Eyebrows

Section 4: Rigging a Puppet in Character Animator

Lecture 12 Overview of the Rig Tab

Lecture 13 Exploring the Record Tab

Lecture 14 Tagging the Head and Mouth

Lecture 15 Placing Pins

Lecture 16 Adding Dragger Handles

Lecture 17 Rotating Limbs for Different Bends

Lecture 18 Refining Limbs with the Stick Tool

Lecture 19 Adding Physics with Danglers

Section 5: Refining with Behaviors and Triggers

Lecture 20 Modifying Universal Behaviors

Lecture 21 Creating Layer Specific Behaviors

Lecture 22 Explanation of Meshes

Lecture 23 Creating Triggers

Lecture 24 Creating Swap Sets

Section 6: Other Rigging Tips

Lecture 25 Adding Eyelids

Lecture 26 Designing a Character for Head Turns

Lecture 27 Adding Breathe and Jaw Handles

Lecture 28 Creating a Walk Cycle

Lecture 29 Modifying a Walk Cycle

Section 7: Recording Your Animation

Lecture 30 Navigating the Timeline

Lecture 31 Auto Lip Syncing and Correcting

Lecture 32 Auto Lip Syncing with External Audio

Lecture 33 Working with Multiple Puppets and Scenes

Lecture 34 Importing Image Sequences

Section 8: Wrapping Up

Lecture 35 Exporting Animations

Lecture 36 Final Thoughts

Beginners who are looking to rig and animate a character in Adobe Character Animator

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 9m | 1.44 GB
Created by: Chad Troftgruben

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